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  1. Hey Mike

    I thought I saw your truck today parked above Sucker Gulch. Were you hunting Sucker Today? 


  2. I just enclose mine an a plastic baggie and keep it in my tee-shirt pocket. Never had a problem with it. However, I like the idea of a highly visible yellow color in case a person forgets to pick the ring back up and needs to retrace his steps to find it.
  3. Hey Craig: If you can make the monthly meeting tomorrow (Friday) in Downey, give me a tap on the shoulder and introduce yourself. I've been known to put a few folks over some nuggets now and then. I'd be glad to show you some spots. Martin
  4. Wow! Natural gold specie doesn't get much prettier than this. What a memorable find!
  5. Hey Mitchel: Suggest you remember that they don't drive on the "right" side of the roads. Kidding aside, hope you have a great trip. Please send us photos of your finds.
  6. Mmmm, yummy. Makes me hungry to get out again. My F150 gets out of the shop at week's end...Yippee!! BTW, I am attaching a summary of the Alex Quartz pocket mining piece that I wrote up last February. It only focusses on the type of pocket we as detectorists are most likely to run across. Pocket Mining Segment PDF.pdf
  7. I use my GPZ7000 almost all the time these days. Since it does not purport to discriminate, I dig them all -- or at least partially dig them all. When I get closer to the target I stick the tip my earth magnet (which is attached to the tip of my pick's wooden handle opposite from the pick head) into the loosened dirt and churn it around. Small ironstones that stick to it I try to toss into the center of a thick scrubby bush so as not to have to dig them again in the future. Larger ironstones I isolate and leave exposed on the surface after smoothing out the disturbed spot.
  8. Cool beans! I've always been fascinated regarding the oft repeated adage that, "Iron is the mother of gold." However, I've found only a few gold nuggets over the years that strongly are attracted to a magnet. Any possibility, Bill, that you found a meteorite? That really would be awesome!!
  9. I opted to take a "Nugget Day" after the post-Christmas chores were finally done and a pleasant weather window was forecast in between SoCal's series of incoming storm systems. So I charged my Walmart made in China battery booster the night before, went through my mental checklist of survival things to take (just in case) and then merrily rejoiced as I departed early to a place at some elevation that I hadn't visited for a long time. Somehow in my reverie I managed not to actually put the Walmart booster into my truck (stupid, stupid old man brain f___). As the sun was preparing for it's ev
  10. Yup, it sure is -- some forms stronger than others. We as a species are hunters at heart, albeit for different objectives. I don't know any longterm successful nugget hunters who aren't infected with some form of the madness. You've just got to have the pumped up drive that comes with the fever to WANT to experience and learn more about the arts of nugget shooting to the extent that the nuggets begin swelling your poke on a consistent basis. Thanks for joining this forum and for sharing your great moment. As for your wondering about whether your nugget has brothers and sisters lingering n
  11. One of my pitbulls brought me the skull of a bobcat once while I was detecting in the Dale. He and Lilah also eat the jackrabbits they catch. I'm still waiting for them to fetch me a nugget...
  12. Spending a day in the field with family is golden. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Nice to know that despite the battery charging setbacks you kept on trying and still ended the day with 1.5 more grams than you had before. Nice looking nugget, too.
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