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    Full time motorhome.....from Port Aransas Tx.
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    My interests vary from golf to gold. I build stuff. Have a r/c airplane I built 4 years ago. Never flown. I like to travel the southwest and dig some dirt along the way. Will add more later if anyone even reads this.

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  1. Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....I was drywash'n up at Red Mountain in a really hammered area. After dig'n for a couple hours....really easy dig'n, here come an old timer ask'n what I were do'n dig'n in a filled up hole. Couldn' t figger out why it was so easy to dig. bill "bask'n on da beach in port aransas"
  2. Grub, there are times we all make hasty decisions and forget we have friends that will miss us. Your friends on the forums are a place to turn to when we have family problems, shitty economy and other personal problems staring you in the face. I've read many of your posts and hope you will find a way to continue. You'll be missed on "my" computer. Good luck. bill "bask'n in sunny slab city"
  3. Hi all. Been a while since I've posted. Since it is so cold in Deming, NM, I decided to spend the winter at the slabs. Has anyone worked the Mesquite placers just north west of Yuma. I'm only 60 miles away and want to do a day trip over there to sample. Any input would be appreciated. bill "bask'n in sunny slab city"
  4. wyld, Now ya done went and got me all concerned bout ya again. Ya seem to be a bit on the skeered side bout them world affairs. I ain't no shrink or nothing, but I'm a think'n ya be spend'n too much time watch'n them news channels. What the hell were you talk'n bout blow'n stuff up and gitt'n lost in the desert? :grrr01: bill "stuck in deming think'n gold"
  5. Since I had recent heart surgery, my dirt digging days may be over. But, I will be able to do detecting as long as I take my time and don't pick up any nuggets over 5 pounds. My question has to do with Minelab detectors. From all I have read on this forum, I am leaning toward Minelab as my detector of choice. After some internet look'n, I noticed that the prices and the model numbers are about the same. SD2200, right at $2195, GPX 4000, right at $4000 and now the GPX4500 for just under $5000. Since the recent crash of the stock market, I'm looking more into the $2000 to $2500 price range fo
  6. Hot darn guys, that was one heck of a thread on them rattlesnakes. I ain't been a member that long, but when ya mention "kill", here comes people climbing out from under rocks, outta the wood sheds and out from under that old pick'em up truck just to make a point. I seen a sad side, by attitude. I seen a good side, by experience. I seen a learning side, by knowledge. All in all, I have learned more about rattlers than I had expected or would ever want to learn. The way I see it, we got some of the most knowledgeable, experienced old prospectors with an attitude that I ever seen. What a bunch o
  7. wyld....I understand what you are trying to bring across :confused0013: ....the value of precious metals, such as gold and silver coinage, is much more than the stamped value set by the FR. As a matter of fact, I think everyone knows that. But the issue is "what is the value of one dollar", whether paper or coinage. A silver dollar melted to 1 oz. precious metal, has a value of right around $14, but that same silver dollar still has a monetary value of exactly "one dollar" buying power. As far as paper being on it's way out....that will never happen. Paper was used before the United States was
  8. Pay no attention to Billy Bob, he probably didn`t even notice that the bank gave him several 90% silver coins in change and with the dime being worth $1.25 melt and a quarter being worth $3.13 melt value, this would really mess up his mind. Just joshin BB....... laught16.gif ;).gif Jim Ok Jim, ya got me a thinking that maybe all that change I got from the bank could be worth a bunch more if'n I was to melt it down. When I was a young feller, I use'ta melt lead what I picked up from the tire shop to make fish'n sinkers. Now, if I recall, it cost something like $2 worth of propane to melt 5# o
  9. Now Wyld, ya done went and made me disagree at ya again. After read'n what ya said, I went downtown and got me a handfull of change for a $10 bill (paper). Then I took it back home and commenced to count'n what they gave me. There was quarters, nickels and dimes and all that change (coinage)added up to exactly $10. I don't reckon I'm gett'n what ya mean. :grrr01: bill "stuck in deming'
  10. Going back in me memory banks, where I keeps my mothballs, sometime in the 60's, I'm think'n, some fellow come up with an engine that was getting 60+ mpg running on regular gasoline. Well, from what I recall, the engine rights were bought up for a considerable fortune, and Ford Motor Company shelved that engine never to be seen again. I tried the water injection method and from memory again, that didn't do nothing but rust my mufflers. When I worked for The University of Texas, all new service vehicles were required to be propane/gasoline. That didn't work either. The way I see it is that no m
  11. Hot dern Greg....that was awesome. Yeah, blow something slap up. :angry-smiley-010: :whoopie: Final score 187,700 and an hour of wasted time. bill "stuck in deming"
  12. Chuck, I don't stay any longer than I has to in Port Aransas. Last trip was only a couple days on the island and 5 weeks on the mainland playing golf and soaking up the tornadoes, rain and wind. :Huh_anim]: But that was 3 months ago and now everything is back to normal....hurricanes. Got a 2 month release from the doctor today and guess where this old fart is headed. Yep, Port Aransas. I'll be back in Deming by early Oct. and should have everything packed up and ready to head west into Az. and southern Ca. Grounds should all be cool and dry by then and if'n I can ever find that Bill fe
  13. Oh yeah, forgot to mention...the username...yes my last name is Luckey With a name like Luckey, I would think your user name would be LuckyLuckey I guess I've been here long enough to say "Welcome Luckey". bill "stuck in deming"
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