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    I am a geologist/geophysicist by education and a dredger and detectorist by heart. Recently moved from NC to Colorado with my job. Looking forward to finding lots of Rocky Mountain Gold!!
  1. Thanks for the info John! Will check out that sight for sure. Unfortunately, I believe all states are moving the way of California as far as dredging goes......at least the western states (including CO). I bet within 10 years you won't be able to dredge in any waterway in the west. Just a matter of time! Thanks again for your reply.
  2. Ron, Tried to send you a PM but it said you "couldn't receive it". Thanks, Robert
  3. Jason, Would love to meet you on the dredging river this summer. I have two dredges a Keene 3 1/2" Hibanker Dredge Combo and a Keene 4" over/under sluice floating dredge that was new in 2009 before CA closed down dredging. Only been in the water about 60 hours. I am a serious dredger! Love it! I enjoy detecting and nugget shooting, but am a much more experienced dredger. Is that a pic of Red Mountain? I will be crossing that pass on my way to Grand Junction tomorrow. Then back to Denver on Wednesday. Robert
  4. Ron, Great to be back online! I missed you guys! That was a huge move from NC to CO, but we are almost settled now. Bought a 60 acre ranch in the foothills near Kiowa. I do need some Colorado maps! I will PM you to see what you have available. Great hearing from you! I am glad to be back on the forum. Robert
  5. Totally understand! Was more interested in a county or a district. But hey, I don't blaim you for not sharing. Colorado is a big state.....just trying to narrow the learning curve a little...... Would love to do some dredging out here, and may join a club or two this summer, once I get my dredges back from CA. I have been told that there is still a lot of gold (mostly fines) up on the hillsides in some areas, but need a system that recircs water to process. I would love to detect some of the mine dumps here, but would have no idea of where to go, as there are sooooo many in so many different areas of the state. It is very overwhelming! Not even sure how to go about diseminating the information to even know where to start. Ever detected any dumps out here?
  6. Jason, geophysics is a great field- NC State University (1988). Practiced as a geologist for about 15 years before changing careers some years back. Still love geology as a hobby, and particularly gold prospecting. Am in a great state now for geology and hopefully for some gold too! How about PM me with some of those "few square miles" that are inaccessible legally (general locations and not necessarily specific spots). I will work on getting some permission as I have a ton of contacts with my job out here now. I travel the entire state twice a month meeting with my agents from the plains to the Utah border and everywhere north and south in between. In Durango tonight. Do you live in Colorado?
  7. Jim, GOOD gold in Northern CA....No Doubt! I have brought my share back to the Carolinas over the years. Kind of boycotting CA now that it looks as if dredging will never return. Sucks! Plus, lot easier to drive a couple hours into the CO mountains than 23 hours to the South Fork of the Salmon River.
  8. Good afternoon all, Glad to be back on the nugget shooter forum after about a year's absence. I took a promotion about this time last year, with my job and packed up and made a HUGE move for me and the family from the Carolina Coast to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It has taken me most of a year to get my family out here, to get settled personally and on my job, buy a house, and get ready to do some prospecting here in Colorado. Also, the great thing is........I am closer to Arizona and my claims in Northern CA from here as well!!! Just wanted to say "hello" after quite an absence, (glad to be back with you guys!) and ask if any of you have any experience or ideas for nugget shooting locations here in Colorado??? All thoughts, ideas, or just a hello, will be appreciated! Look forward to hearing from you all................ Thanks, Robert
  9. Hey John, I have all three coils for the GBII, but only have the stock coil for the LOBO ST. I was thinking small coils for the bedrock cracks, as there is exposed bedrock all along the area I will be detecting. Does the large coil work well on the GBII???? Any suggestions for that coil's usage? Thanks, Robert
  10. Thanks guys!!! Can't wait to report back in a few weeks! Hopefully I will have some nug photos to show you! Since I can't dredge my claims now, this will be strictly a beeping trip. In three full weeks of beeping, I should be able to get a good idea of what both of those detectors would do in a side by side comparison. Talk to you in a few weeks............. Robert
  11. Getting ready to head out to northern CA to try to put a few nuggets in the poke. Bought a new Tesoro Lobo ST to take on the ride. Anyone have any suggestions to shorten the learning curve on this particular machine. Good starting point for settings, etc.? I have had a GB and now have a GBII, but wanted to try the Lobo ST in a side by side, in the gold fields test comparison with the GBII. Terry, I had sent you a PM......Any ideas to make this thing purrrrrrr??? Northern CA, South Fork of the Salmon region is where I am headed for a few weeks. Thanks in advance! Robert
  12. Yo Robert...Do you still have the NF 20" coil? Is it a mono? Cheers, Unc

  13. Looking forward to hearing the reports on the new detector John.....and some photos of some nuggets!!! Yeah, the batteries supplied by the companies are sometimes not so great. I like the idea of being able to use 9volt batteries though. I can pack quite a few of those in, not much weight and they don't take up much room in the backpack.
  14. Jim, Thanks for the input! That sounds like a perfect detector for packing in. I am sure it is just as good on batteries as the GBII also. There's nothing like packing in and staying for a week or so at a time, in a location very few people are dedicated enough to get into since the old timers packed mules up in there during the gold rush. I am a dredger and a hard rock prospector though, and am just looking for other options to pick up some nuggets with a detector this summer (assuming dredging stays closed). Who knows, might even find a nice hidden qtz vein up in there that the old timers missed.......you never know. Thanks again! Great to hear from you. Robert PS My geology degree (actually geophysics) is NC State University 1988.
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