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  1. Yes Steve. Nice combo pieces have become harder and harder to obtain.
  2. I do believe it is pikes peak. I need to check my paperwork. I am a collector. I haven't had the great opportunity to go on any digs yet. I have been collecting for about 20 years now. I am obsessed with minerals. Have a true love . Here is another photo I just snapped quickly of some nice colorado amazonite. The color is not nearly as intense, but nice crystal structure. By the way Steve....my wife picked me up 2 gallons of distilled water. thank you much
  3. Thanks alot guys. It is my best amazonite crystal that I have. I appreciate the nice comments on it. That piece from Brazil has awesome color as well.
  4. Thanks so much Steve. This pic is my best piece. Nice lines and excellent color. Amazonite is one of my favorite minerals due to the feldspar microline and color. This piece is around 3.5 inches long
  5. Hello. Can anyone suggest the safest way to periodically clean Colorado amazonie crystals? I like to leave them out and I get alot of pollen and dust over them. Is hard water ok to rinse over them or is there a safer way? I am mainly worried about the color fading from improper cleaning. Thank you for any help Mike
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