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  1. Flyinjeff

    Birthday Wishes

    Happy Birthday Bill. May you're day be a great day.
  2. Flyinjeff


    New president for the WSPA David Zirklebach (David Z) 714 420-6890 picobusman@yahoo.com
  3. Flyinjeff

    Spring Nugget Season Gone!

    Bummers Uncle, Thanks for the maps. Hope you be ready for the fall hunt. I did a three days Gold Basin trip last week . We got a .6 gram nugget and two little 5&6 gram meteorites. There are diggings everywhere . Take care of your self and get well soon. Jeff
  4. Flyinjeff

    We need your prayers

  5. Flyinjeff

    TSA and Li-Ion

    Gaine, You must carry your batteries in your carryon bag. It must be in a proctective container to prevent shorting out. I've done it alot and no hassel so far. Good luck on your hunt in Alaska. Jeff
  6. Flyinjeff


    :icon_mrgreen: Went to the Eight Pound Patch on Monday and walked around the claim from the SW post. I did a complete circle in five hours and found alot of bullets and casings. No gold. Its 1/2 mile walk in from the boulders blocking the road. The gate at the claim was open with a rope holding it shut when I got there but when finished and was leaving the gate was locked. I had to climb over the metal gate to get out. Nice weather, clear and 80 deg. Happy hunting. Jeff
  7. I tried to go to the outing on Friday after some detecting on the Z Bar & More claim. But the big mistake I made was doing a left turn out of the claim and thinking it would be a shortcut to the outing. I went about two mile and the Jeep Liberty couldn't go any farther. The road was to rough and had to backtrack all the way back to Cleator. I didn't want to try the right way, it was getting to late. Hope everyone had fun. Jeff
  8. Flyinjeff

    What's the temperature around Cleator

    Walked around for six hours and found nothing. Nice weather and quite. Temperture was a very comfortable 80's. This building was just east of Z Bar claim. Jeff
  9. Flyinjeff

    Z Bar & More AZ.

    Well, I went out to Z Bar & More yesterday and walked around for six hours, mostly to the south side of the claim and about 3/4 's of a mile west. Nothing found. Temperture was around 78 in the morning and high was 91.
  10. Flyinjeff

    What's the temperature around Cleator

    Thanks Bunk. Going there on Friday and maybe stop by the outing on Monday to say hello. Jeff
  11. Hi everyone, Like to know what the temperature is running around the Z Bar & More claim. I was thinking about going there on Friday. :confused0013: Doing a one day trip. Mahalo Jeff
  12. Flyinjeff

    Welcome New Member #105

    Welcome Randy. I'am originally Kekaha, and now living in Mililani. Jeff , WSPA #70