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  1. This same thing happened to my GP Extreme. I bought it off a guy as not functional - with the symptoms you describe. As I just posted in another thread, I found some very helpful guys on Geotech1.com to help with suggestions. With my GP I had an intermittent coil cable connection at both the coil and connector. This likely caused the failure as I've had it re-occur with flakey coils I've bought off Ebay. Then I found intermittents with the ribbon cable that connects the two pcb's. Last but really first were the fact that the front end RX fets were shorted. I had to find alternates as the or
  2. I bought a GP Extreme that was dead from an AZO forum member for $350. I posted queries on www.geotech1.com about the issues I saw and got some great help from several guys on repairing it. It took me several weeks of effort to get it working. Several issues - coil, coil cable, ribbon cable between the pcb's, and some bad fets in the front end of the RX section caused by the bad coil things. Check on geotech if you want to try and get it working yourself. Otherwise, I'll give you $350 for it and see what I can do. I am in Orange County,CA - I'd be willing to take a quick look if you bring i
  3. Hi Mitchel, I was testing my 8" mono (above) on a GP Extreme. I've been to Franconia 3 times but sounds like you've spent much more time there than I. I originally used a GM2 and a Tesoro Tejon. I also have used a survey pin detector (magnetometer). I found a ton of mangetite, bullets, metal, etc. but no meteorites. The survey pin detector seemed like an awesome tool as it ignored the bullets - and found magnetites easily. I would think if the meteorites where there I'd have found one but it likely just comes down to location. I don't have means to go too far off the beaten track. All
  4. Hmm I hope this doesn't come up as a double reply as I did reply once but the com link was marginal. I did eventually buy a used 8" mono coil and it works great. Finds little tiny slivers of bullets 6" deep that sound like hard targets. If there is any gold there this setup should find it but I have yet to be successful - my suburban lost a fuel pump 8mi. out in the desert and we never got to the claim area that was another 2 miles...
  5. I've read that - there is a similar discussion I have on geotech about it. That is why I went on a buying mission on ebay last year. I don't have any friends with minelabs to test my coils so I tried to buy mono's. One coil I got was a 14" eliptical mono that supposedly is really good - but it doesn't register my nugget. I always bring test targets and try them first to be sure I will find what I want. I didn't think of trying a gold chain - I tried the GP at Corona del Mar and I think it detects better than the Surf PI Pro - but the Surf PI will miss this nugget too. The coil and timing
  6. I just returned from a trip out to Randsburg CA. I brought my GP Extreme with several coils, a Goldbug 2, and a GMT. I also brought a small nugget - about 5mm across and fairly thin. I don't have a scale to know its weight. The GMT and GB2 detected it just fine but the GP Extreme didn't make a response at all - with any of the several coils I brought. I purchased several coils off Ebay: 3-11" mono's, 2-18" mono's, a 14" eliptical mono. I had repaired this detector myself - originally the connectors on both ends of the stock coil were flakey, short in the cable, and flakey ribbon cable in
  7. Today's email is from a different name - Sandra ANDERSON! Why in caps I have no idea. That's another clue - poor spelling and cap when not needed. I'm going to keep this going as long as it goes or until I really get bored. It seems what is needed here is some sort of autoresponder software that just keeps stretching threads out with these scammers so that they don't know what's worth responding to and they give up. Has anyone any knowledge of just how the international world plans to deal with these guys and shut them down?
  8. I have been trading emails with this "gal" for several days now. She doesn't give up. So far here's her personal life story so far: The detector sold on ebay that had the same exact photo was a 2nd one.... She can't give me her phone number because she is deaf and doesn't have one. I asked how then she uses a metal detector. She says it is her boyfriend's. I say just give me your phone number or location and I'll come meet her. She says she just moved to Oregon. I ask where she says Portland. I say great - I'll have a friend in Portland meet her and pay for it. She says she wants to use Frei
  9. I only found one set on their website and it got a bad review.... What about chaps vs guards? I would guess guards are much less of a pain to use/wear... The review mentions preferring snaps to buckles for attaching them.
  10. Ok, I see snake guards and snake chaps for sale from Cabela's etc. What do you guys recommend and why? Do they strike higher than the shin guard type? Here in OC I can't seem to locate much. Turner's has some guards for $70 but not chaps. With the bifocals I wear, it is very possible for me to walk right on one of the darn buggers unless I look down low enough. Barry
  11. Can someone give me a little snakes101- When are they most prominent (now?) When are they hibernating? Been thinking of going to the Stanton GPAA thing at April 10. Will snakes be an issue there too?
  12. Hi all, I've spent a little time going through what I brought home, segregating the material by streak on a ceramic tile as well as by the material's attraction to a magnet. Of the strongly "magnet attracted" I categorized the stuff into 3 piles - no streak, reddish brown streak, and greenish brown streak. Some of this can be definitely counted out because of planar surfaces. I thought I read that reddish brown streaking material is hematite. Here is the thing: like I said in another email, I had gathered material a few miles from Canyon Diablo years ago that I had thought meteoric - heav
  13. Someone wrote me, upset that I posted the question about collecting in this area. The followup answers were excellent and helpful - I won't go there to collect. If you guys are really upset about these posts feel free to just erase the whole topic. I just feel the best way to enforce laws is to make people aware of them...
  14. So why are they so easy to buy and so common? Were they "commercially harvested", collected years ago by someone who had a clue to their worth, what? There must be a story there. Also, why the anal take on people going out on desolate land and picking up rocks. Why is this land so much more special than other areas? Here in CA it has been getting that way, but take a look at how many people go out to Glamis on weekends to drive their ATV's or whatever. Or boats on Havasu. Collecting meteorites in that area seems much more low-impact in comparison. As you say, they are common and cheap.
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