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  1. azdigger fish from where look like good eating size I hope I can get a few next week renegade Bob
  2. A10 check out the gold cube I hear they work real good on fine gold I watched a guy work one for clean up it did recover very fine gold good luck renegade Bob
  3. I think you can get a trip permit I got one in Oregon to move a MH it was good for 21 days you might check it out could save you big bucks not having to buy plates for two states good luck
  4. David did I miss some thing? What book? thanks renegade Bob
  5. I done the same thing quad set for 90 days after putting a new Walmart battery in it was dead took it back to Walmart they said no replacement because no warranty on motorcycle batteries. That was $75 down the drain renegade Bob
  6. Roundhouseman I am with Mike waiting for info on who does the modification on the Gold Bug Pro and what is done thanks Renegade Bob
  7. Relichunter2 I was using an etrac with the stock coil I was learning how it works and what numbers to dig and what to pass the gold coin was about 6 inches deep and read 7-26 for numbers sure glad I dug that one renegade Bob
  8. well guys I do not post much but had show off my first gold coin a 1869 gold sovereign detected in my back yard where I have detected too many times to count in the last 20 years will try to post a photo if I can renegade Bob
  9. I agree we should be thankful for everything we have and do not take anything for granted I lost my only son in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago so do not pass a chance to tell someone you care about how much you care we have much more to be thankful for that we never think about hope everyone has a great thanksgiving renegade Bob
  10. thanks Skip just want to keep the business in the family if possible someone might know someone that needs some work thanks Renegade Bob
  11. Hi Guys I follow the forum daily but never post now I would like to find someone that can help me build a shop I have a house in Dewey I am getting ready to move into when my wife retires I need someone that does footing and concrete slab and someone for building the shop is there anyone from this area into this kind of work thanks Renegade Bob
  12. I have been looking for detecting boots someone told me Walmart has 100% metal free boots for $39 you might want to check them out I am next time I go to the store Renegade Bob
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