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  1. Use a 12 volt battery and connect the charger to the battery and let it run all night. I use this process all the time on my old engines to clean the rust off of parts. It will only take the rust, not the good metal. Mark
  2. OK, here are a couple more pics from our setup. Of course, this year with all the streams drying up we might be using a shop vac. Mark
  3. Thanks, I do like going Easter nugget hunting. I was using the GPX 4000 and the Blitz 14 x 9 coil. This ground is a bit hotter than what I have been hunting and the 4000 grumbled about it some. But I didn't try to tune it in any better. Hope to give it a go this weekend and see what else is hiding there. Mark
  4. Got out for a short hunt with Big Ed in a new area, and found some gold. One of the small ones was a sun baker, my first. The big one was the last to be found, down about 8 inches and weighs 4.7 dwt. Happy Easter. Mark
  5. Have done it with as little as 3 foot drop with good results. Mark
  6. Deer season is almost here, it's a new target to sight your rifle in on. Mark
  7. He should wipe all finger prints off of it and put it on a local game wardens truck. That should keep him on a wild goose chase until the warden finds it and pays him a visit. Mark
  8. First, I am very sorry for all who are affected by this fire and for their loss. This fire is a real beast from everything I have heard. We are so dry up here in Trinity too. I fear we may be next. Mark
  9. Another thing you can do for a test nugget is to mount the nug in a fiberglass tube, like an old tent pole or fishing pole. I use the tent poles and epoxy the nug in one end. This way its just a matter of pushing the pole in the ground at an angle to get the depth you want without disturbing the ground. You can strap them to your detector and take them with you in the field. And the Eureka Gold is a very good detector, it will find gold, just have to put it over a nug. Riverman
  10. One other thing my buddy tried today after getting another sample was to hit a chunk of the metal against a grinder and the piece got hot really quick. Copper is a very good conductor of heat whereas gold isn't and would not get hot as quickly. It also looked copper in color where it was ground. I hadn't thought about acid, I think my buddy may have some nitric acid. Looks like the only way to get a larger sample is going to involve a generator and a impact drill, this rock is very hard and dosn't have any cracks in it. Riverman
  11. The rock the copper was found in is a purple color with quartz shot all through it. The quartz dosen't run in veins like it would in sedimentary rock, rather it runs every which way as if the rock was broken into chunks and the quartz filled in the cracks between the chunks. Another way to decribe it is a well marbled piece of beef on a larger scale. The copper is in lumps as large as two or three dwt each. And it is a copper color just like pure copper. Except there are spots where it looks more like gold in color, especially in the filaments that connect the lumps. I know gold and copper can
  12. While out detecting today I got a very loud signal that seemed to be all over the place. After scraping all the dirt off the bedrock and washing it down with water, I saw what looked like copper in the rock. A couple of light hits with the pick it only dented and looked even more like copper. So I chipped out the chunkes I could see. There was a whole lot more still in the rock the detector could hear, (sounded like a car door or something). When I got home we looked at the samples through a 30x pocket microscope and there seemed to be gold in some parts. Is it common for gold and copper to mi
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