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  1. Welcome, Isn't Michigan where the beautiful copper nuggets come from?
  2. I usually use the app I hike to see my location GPS on topos while off roading or roaming around the desert detecting. Here in Arizona you had better not be on State land detecting, seems to be just short of a hanging offense. Is there a I phone app that you can use, that like I hike that shows your position relative to state land boundaries. I have the ASLD parcel viewer on my phone but it is just a guesstimate as far as your where your actual position is. Thanks Bob
  3. Wonderful another Eco crackpot in office. I can not print what I really think, but I bet our recreational mining will be hit hard by this administration.
  4. looks like northern Nevada area. Unusual classification screen. Have not seen one like it before. Wonder if they used that above the fabric of a dry washer for a second classification. looks to light and weak for the hopper. Too many fragments, especially if it is shale or schist would get stuck between the wires. Interesting!
  5. Hi Slim, have not been to the Dale in a few years. Moved out of Comiefornia to North of Prescott AZ. About 10 miles East of Chino Valley about a month ago. High desert Pinion and Juniper country, Deer, Elk, Antelope and Javelina about 4700 ft. love it here. finally sold the vineyard and I am retired now. Have a lot of gold areas within a hours drive from our ranch. Researching open ground in and around the gold districts right now. One more trailer load from Paso Robles and we are done. Working on fencing the ranch and doing home and barn repair. soon I will be a full time prospector. Thanks Bob
  6. Hi Slim, Last time I saw you was in the Dale, many years ago. You would think after all these years swinging a coil we would have found something like that. Even a blind pig finds a acorn sometimes.
  7. Read the ICMJ article on Tracy-Stone Manning. To quote Senator Barrasso It is not clear that her radical views have changed. BLM's work is to important to be led by someone who covered up for eco-terroists, lied to the senate and supports extremist views most Americans find reprehensible. The senate must reject this nomination. Ten Republican senators on the Senate Energy and National Resources Committee asked Biden to withdraw the nomination. No withdraw from Biden. I cannot express my opinion without getting political, but I don't think she gives a darn about miners rights.
  8. Nice one Bill, get it while you can the monsoon is coming back. Should get enough to move some gold around. Wednesday looks to be the best chance
  9. Love to hunt mushrooms, Used to hunt them every fall in Ohio. Good score there Bill. Did not know they were around Flagstaff. The monsoons have been great.
  10. Hi Chris, looks like you did very well. Beautiful place and beautiful gold. you can't beat that.
  11. Honda or Yamaha, Only ones that hold up to heavy use, Daily driver. The ranchers and vineyard owners used to buy Polaris when the first came out but not anymore too many problems. I have a Honda 450 foreman with 48000 miles on it and 2 Yamahas with over 23000 miles. No major problems.
  12. I remember a article in good old Desert magazine showing someone with a large collection and the process to carefully dig them out.
  13. Happy Birthday Roger, been a long time since we hunted together. Hope you are well. Bob
  14. Always wanted to put on a ADOT jumpsuit and detect highway 95 by Quartzite.
  15. Probably no gold left on them. Most of their claims have been worked to death.
  16. It is petrified wood. Don't think it has much value other than being a cool find. Valuable petrified wood has a lot of colorful agate that replaced the wood and is hard enough to polish. Wood also can show the original grain and tree rings. You may find some like that if you keep looking in that area.
  17. I don't think they have killer bees in the ridgecrest area. You could have just gotten too close to a hive or been in the bees path flying back to the hive. Once the bees scent mark you as a threat they will come at you like that. Have my own hives, once putting mite strips in the hive with no protection on I got stung and marked on the neck with pheromone My nice little domestic bees came at me and chased me into the house. while in the upstairs bath they kept fly at the screen trying to get me. Even the next day had to stay away from them or they would go at me.
  18. Looks old, but I don,t think it is fossilized. Use a bic or fireplace lighter and try and burn a broken end. If it smells like burning bone it is not fossilized at least that is what my geology teacher told us years ago.
  19. Thanks for the information. Will check them out.
  20. Great Discussion, I am in the market for a new scope the scope on my Winchester .06 has rattled apart from quad hunting pigs in the back country
  21. Nice Buck, Now that's hunting. So much more skill is involved when you hunt archery.
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