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  1. Hey grubstake I beat you to 71 by 6 days. Have a great birthday! Bob
  2. That is some nice looking iron rich dirt with a sprinkle of quartz. Good eye Cowkiller!
  3. Witching with copper rods worked for me one time. Had a leak in a 4 inch line and the water was coming up through a gopher hole about 12 feet from where I thought the line was. I had put the line in about 25 years ago. I thought the line ran under the middle of the road. After witching it I found it was about 8 ft away from the road middle. Dug down and found the line right where the rods crossed. I had forgotten I moved the road over when we put the vineyard in. Worked for me. Bob
  4. Working at a large vineyard removing grape leafs with my machine. A guy came in to the lot I park my tractor in. He was hired to locate the water lines before they started construction on a winery. He witched them using copper rods. Put flags along all the lines running through the lot, There were quite a few. I asked the owners how well he did, they said he located everyone and did a great job. Bob
  5. Quartz and Rhyolite, wasted your money on a diamond detector.
  6. Have not seen you for years. Last time was out at the Dale with the WSPA. Happy Birthday!
  7. That is way cool! Wonder what kind if hacksaw blade he used to cut the blank?
  8. My prediction is mostly intuition. Geopolitical uncertainty will certainly cause investors to choose gold as a safe haven. I do think that $1800.00 a ounce is very possible this year. Just my opinion. We will have to wait and see. Bob
  9. The possibility of conflict with Iran is going to drive gold prices way up this year. Hang on to your gold it will break the $1800.00 mark. Unfortunately fuel prices are likely to rise. Bob
  10. Sorry It was sold a few weeks ago. been out detecting for awhile. thanks, Bob
  11. So sad, sorry to hear about your friend Bill. Hope and pray he recovers. Bob
  12. Are you using Lidar systems to analyze areas?
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