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  1. It is petrified wood. Don't think it has much value other than being a cool find. Valuable petrified wood has a lot of colorful agate that replaced the wood and is hard enough to polish. Wood also can show the original grain and tree rings. You may find some like that if you keep looking in that area.
  2. I don't think they have killer bees in the ridgecrest area. You could have just gotten too close to a hive or been in the bees path flying back to the hive. Once the bees scent mark you as a threat they will come at you like that. Have my own hives, once putting mite strips in the hive with no protection on I got stung and marked on the neck with pheromone My nice little domestic bees came at me and chased me into the house. while in the upstairs bath they kept fly at the screen trying to get me. Even the next day had to stay away from them or they would go at me.
  3. Looks old, but I don,t think it is fossilized. Use a bic or fireplace lighter and try and burn a broken end. If it smells like burning bone it is not fossilized at least that is what my geology teacher told us years ago.
  4. Thanks for the information. Will check them out.
  5. Great Discussion, I am in the market for a new scope the scope on my Winchester .06 has rattled apart from quad hunting pigs in the back country
  6. Nice Buck, Now that's hunting. So much more skill is involved when you hunt archery.
  7. You could be right up around $44.00 right now I hope it does. There are no other real investments right now but gold and silver. Practically no interest on bank money, soon they will be charging us to keep in the bank. If the dems get in stocks will go down and gold will go up like our taxes.
  8. Well early in the year I said gold would hit $1800.00 dollars a ounce we made it. How much higher do you think it will go.
  9. Hi Dave, I have been up in that area before. I recognized one of the mountains in the video. Have not found any placer gold up there yet. Lots of silver mines. We have a friend that has a ranch there that we visit sometimes my wife goes horseback riding with them. You did well Congratulations.
  10. Hi Bill, I do not understand how you can capture the moonlight during the day without capturing hot sunlight also.
  11. Have a friend with a large ranch in Arizona that was bringing alfalfa in to our area to sell as feed. He was sued because the alfalfa killed several horses. It was determined that the hay had blister beetles in it that is what killed the horses.
  12. Unfortunately some areas of the desert are getting like a Mad Max film. We have the Apple and Lucerne valleys here in Kalifornia that are becoming a waste land of robberies.
  13. Happy Birthday Bill. Today is your lucky day, hope you find a lunker nugget.
  14. WTF, Gold and Diamonds. Strange no indicators in the creek and why are they digging when the gold is all over the ground. But you know that is probably the way it was when the 49er"s first hit the mother load. Got to be fake, but fun to watch.
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