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  1. Beeper Bob

    Hard Lesson Learned For A Little Nugget

    Never had a jump start pack that worked correctly. Even new and fully charged they will not start my diesel engine. Bob
  2. Beeper Bob

    Arizona Quad Title

    Thank you Joe for the information. I have a copy of the Title and registration application. According to the DMV website and the AAA that should do it. Will tell them Arizona has no engine number on their titles. Thanks for your help!
  3. Beeper Bob

    Arizona Quad Title

    Purchased a Like new 2008 Grizzly 700 Quad with only 1300 miles on it from a prospector who moved here from Arizona. Kalifornia is giving me a hard time with the registration. Have the plates, application for registration, vin numbers and the loan papers that confirm he paid it off but not the title. Crapyfornia Dmv Wants a engine number from Arizona also. Do any of you ATV owners know if your pink slip or title has a engine number on it? If so he will have to get a duplicate title from the Phoenix DMV . Thanks, Bob
  4. Beeper Bob


    Around here in central Kalifornia most of the vineyards do not Polaris any more. We run them 8 hours 6 days a week Polaris belts do not last. Most are using Yamaha or Honda. My buddy in Idaho runs a Can Am and loves it He rides mountain trails not dirt roads he is very happy with it. Bob
  5. Beeper Bob


    Great to hear you are okay John. Do you know if Ray Mills Made it through okay? Bob
  6. Beeper Bob

    GPZ7000 Strikes Again

    The 7000 and you make a great team!
  7. Beeper Bob

    Hand tools for moving large rocks.

    I still have my boulder strap, purchased at Keene years ago. Pretty strong a 2000lb come-along was ruined, handle bent. Had to by a 5000lb one and a pulley system to move the boulders in Piru Creek by Hardluck camp.
  8. Beeper Bob

    Happy Birthday Flakmagnet

    Happy Birthday David, I have your folding chair from the Dale encampment,
  9. Thanks bill, I am also using the NF 14 elliptical now. Will borrow A 8inch Mono from Dennis and test it out.
  10. Beeper Bob

    Buyer beware

    Can't believe they can get away with this! https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Upgrade-Underground-GPX5000-Gold-Detector-Ground-Metal-Detector-Gold-Material-Finder-Metal-Finder-Gold-digger/32846601891.html?src=google&albslr=221699546&isdl=y&aff_short_key=UneMJZVf&source={ifdyn:dyn}{ifpla:pla}{ifdbm:DBM&albch=DID}&src=google&albch=shopping&acnt=708-803-3821&isdl=y&albcp=653153647&albag=34728528644&slnk=&trgt=61865531738&plac=&crea=en32846601891&netw=g&device=c&mtctp=&gclid=CjwKCAiArOnUBRBJEiwAX0rG_SDC18kzISOlbB2nH3FYelJcLZaOOHFdiYlLf58OeIIqPtrQ8xpDwRoCOb4QAvD_BwE
  11. Hi Bill, Just curious what coil are you using on your GP 3500. Thanks, Bob
  12. Beeper Bob

    Southern ca gold

    Lots of mines by Acton, Red Rover mine largest producer in L.A. county. Check out Soledad canyon. Found a interesting one lots of iron stained quartz off a old barely there road on the Palmdale side of Mt. Gleason years ago when you could 4 wheel on the roads in Angeles National Forest. Bob
  13. Beeper Bob

    New Spot -- New Nuggs

    Nice Martin, the new spot has already proven itself. Hope you do as well on the return trips Bob
  14. Beeper Bob

    Is this a tooth?

    Does not look like a tooth to me and I have several. Could be bone piece, take a lighter to it and see if it smokes or burns if it does it is not a petrified piece.