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  1. All I can say is: WOW! Aloha and stay well, Stan aka Kaimi
  2. Aloha, Now this ticket agent should get a couple of days off. People like that passenger need to be put into their place and she did it with some class and humour. Hopefully he has learned a lesson in humility, but I doubt it seriously! One of these days he is going to mouth off to the wrong person and then BAM he will be looking up at the ceiling wondering what the hell just hit him. Hope its a cute, petite 5'0" women with a black belt in karate. Now that would be worth seeing on youtube. Aloha and stay well everyone, Stan aka Kaimi
  3. Aloha Don, I don't know about me getting all them symptoms if she is wearing a leather dress BUT I do know I love the way they hug them curves. IMUA!
  4. Aloha Don, This one is just toooooo funny. Oh the power of suggestion! Aloha and stay well , Stan aka Kaimi
  5. Aloha Don, Will do once I figure out how to forward it. Or you can do it for me when you check your PM as I will send you her email address. Thanks for the info. Aloha and stay well, Stan aka Kaimi
  6. Aloha y'all! Wheeeee doggie! Man, after listening to a couple of these hits I just had to pour myself some good old Smokey Tennessee White Lightning Moonshine mixed in my pineapple juice. Now that was a smooooooooth "pineapple express". Now its time for a nap! Aloha and be safe out there. Stan aka Kaimi
  7. Aloha Don, Good one! Now what would happen if he ran out of chips? Aloha, Stan aka Kaimi
  8. HMMM! One shot, one knock out! Musta been in the sniper company! Awesome video. Aloha and staya well, Stan aka Kaimi
  9. Aloha guys, It sure looks amazing that a dog that size can crunch themselves up into a small package. Musta been the booze! Aloha and stay well, Stan aka Kaimi
  10. Aloha Don, I have read several articles written about this dog and its courage. It is amazing that this dog actually knew what she was doing at the time. My wishes go out to her for a long and healthy life with her owner. Aloha and stay well, Stan aka Kaimi
  11. Aloha Homefire, That horse looks like it belongs in Vegas alongside all the limos we have here. Nice one! Aloha and stay well, Stan aka Kaimi
  12. Aloha Don, You are such a softy! Well, welcome to the group my friend!! I still miss my last dog even tho it has been at least 10 years. I made a promise to him that he would be my last one and it is one promise that I have a hard time keeping. But his Hawaiian registered name was "Hanau iliokeiki" which means "last puppy dog" so it is appropriate that he stay my last dog. Aloha and stay well. Stan aka Kaimi
  13. Aloha Don, Holy Criminiy! Man, if I was in line behind this guy I would have bailed and been back home before the smoke cleared. That was totally awesome. Now that is what I call "Shock and freaking awe". Aloha and stay well my friend. Stan aka Kaimi
  14. Aloha Don, Now that is sooooo wrong I dont even know what to say! Aloha and stay well, Stan aka Kaimi
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