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    Geocaching, metal detecting for gold,hidden caches, and meteorites. Taking pics of the Desert during Sunrise/Sunset is also a passion of mine.

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  1. Aloha Rick, Glad to hear that you are out and about nowadays. Remember to stay safe out there and find sa couple of honkers wile you are at it. IMUA!
  2. Aloha, Glad to see that Franconia is still giving up meteorites and irons. Aloha and stay safe out there. Stan aka Ka'imi
  3. Aloha everyone, Glad to hear that Richard and Dave are hosting an outing at gold basin this year. I wish you all a great and safe outing. I sure miss being able to drive cuz if I could I would make it out there just for the chance to meet up with some old friends once again. Stay safe and have a cold one for me. Aloha, Stan aka Ka'imi BTW, the Nevada dmv people must have something wrong with them cuz even tho I am legally blind they renewed my drivers license. DUH!
  4. Aloha everyone, Well, Sue and her son stopped by my place and picked up the detector with the two coils and I even threw in my walco pick with a HONKER rare earth magnet to snatch up them spacerocks and irons I know they will run into. Yep, that detector has its own built-in pointy finger. They just need to trust their instincts and follow them. If you guys see them out there I hope you will lend a hand and maybe a pointy finger or two. Many happy wishes go out to everyone hunting and just remember to stay safe while doing so. Aloha! Stan aka Ka'imi PS: Has anyone seen my 1992 blue jeep lately. I sold it to another forum member way back and sure hope that it is helping them get into some great spots.
  5. And if you both have a GMT just think of the possibilities of learning from each other. Got your check and look forward to meeting up with you again here in Vegas. Got my niece to put everything together in a pile right by the door. Also located a couple of casino chips with small gold nuggets I used as a throwdown along with a couple of meteorite fragments that you both can use as throwdowns. My wishes for good luck are also going out to you. I think I have a topo map laying around somewhere and if I can locate it I will also throw that in too. Aloha and look forward to seeing you both. Stan aka Kaimi
  6. Aloha you guys, Remember to go low and slow and ALWAYS dig every target. You never know what you will find out there. Good luck with your hunt and remember to stay safe. IMUA!
  7. Aloha, Hell, I remember also using little balls of c4 to heat my spam. Only Hawaiians in nam ate that stuff. Man, with rice and eggs it was the bomb. IMUA!
  8. Aloha Grubstake, Us old timers are like them timex watches. We take hits all the time BUT still keep on going. My prayers go out to you and your family and hope you have manymore years of enjoyment with the grandkids. Hopefully some of your tenacity will rub off on them. Amen and Imua! Aloha, Kaimi aka Stan
  9. Aloha Grubstake, TIA'S are nothing to joke about my friend. I had one while in the hospital a couple of years back and lost my voice for a week. This last one about two years ago took away my peripheral vision on my left side. You need to get your doctor to put you on a good blood thinner like Plavix so that you have a fighting chance against any future TIA'S. Good luck and get in to a doctor really soon for a follow up. Aloha, Kaimi aka Stan
  10. Wheeee Doggie! Just came in 3rd place on the final table for the 110 token Matrix MTT tournament online. Got me 490 tokens and ended up 3rd out of 125 players. MAN, my butt is numb from all the sitting. BTW, I have been back to my local spot nearby and I guess they really cant say anything about my Visual impairment. DUH! One of the other players is an Attorney and pulled me over to the coffee shop and wanted to represent me if I got hassled anymore. BAZINGA! Man, am I having fun or what! IMUA!
  11. Aloha and Happy Birthday Mike. Hope you have a great day and don't get hit with too much of a sugar rush with all the cake. As usual tho, be safe out there and have fun. IMUA!
  12. Aloha you guys! Ahh the fond memories of hunting out in the fields and just walking all over them spacerocks. Unfortunately that is not going to happen any time soon I guess. Had a stroke about 2 years ago and lost my peripherial vision on my left side, So I decided to stop driving and sold my blue jeep to another forum member. BTW, I believe I still have that little handmade pottery piece. Great times were had by all that weekend for sure. Aloha and stay safe out there, Ka'imi aka Stan
  13. WOW! I had some time tonite, so I decided to browse thru the archives and found this post. If this the couple who gave me a small piece of pottery that they made I still remember them. We had a great time out there in the heat. Hope they are doing some beeping and finding some good items out there. Aloha and be safe out there y'all. Stan aka Ka'imi
  14. Aloha guys, Well, I showed up today with my notarized letter from the Doctor and only the poker manager wanted to see it to make sure it was all legal. BOOYAH! Won a couple of good hands then lost a couple of smaller hands. In all I walked away with $368.00 during about 3 hours of play. Some of the guys just don't learn as fast as others. As far as I am concerned, it is not all about the money but being able to work my mind/brain. And if you believe that garbage then I want you to join our table. Aloha everyone and as always "Be safe out there!" Imua!
  15. Aloha Mike, None of the above. Had a minor stroke 9/12/12 and I lost my voice, feeling on my left side and vision in my left eye. Thank God my voice came back with a vengeance and so did most of my feeling in my arm and leg. BUT my peripheral vision on my left is gone. BUT the rest of my vision is very slowly coming back and a snails pace and for that I thank God each morning. My doctor cant explain why this is happening and I really don't care how, just that I did not end up totally blind. Everyday is a challenge I kind of take on full bore and refuse to give up. My niece says that I used to travel at 99mph all the time but I now travel at 5mph. Family! Only she could get away with a comment like that. Aloha to all the meteorite hunters I have encountered in the past and as always "Be safe out there and take care of each other!". Aloha, Stan aka Ka'imi (pronounced Ka E Me!
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