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  1. Wheeee Doggie! Just came in 3rd place on the final table for the 110 token Matrix MTT tournament online. Got me 490 tokens and ended up 3rd out of 125 players. MAN, my butt is numb from all the sitting. BTW, I have been back to my local spot nearby and I guess they really cant say anything about my Visual impairment. DUH! One of the other players is an Attorney and pulled me over to the coffee shop and wanted to represent me if I got hassled anymore. BAZINGA! Man, am I having fun or what! IMUA!
  2. Aloha guys, Well, I showed up today with my notarized letter from the Doctor and only the poker manager wanted to see it to make sure it was all legal. BOOYAH! Won a couple of good hands then lost a couple of smaller hands. In all I walked away with $368.00 during about 3 hours of play. Some of the guys just don't learn as fast as others. As far as I am concerned, it is not all about the money but being able to work my mind/brain. And if you believe that garbage then I want you to join our table. Aloha everyone and as always "Be safe out there!" Imua!
  3. Aloha Mike, None of the above. Had a minor stroke 9/12/12 and I lost my voice, feeling on my left side and vision in my left eye. Thank God my voice came back with a vengeance and so did most of my feeling in my arm and leg. BUT my peripheral vision on my left is gone. BUT the rest of my vision is very slowly coming back and a snails pace and for that I thank God each morning. My doctor cant explain why this is happening and I really don't care how, just that I did not end up totally blind. Everyday is a challenge I kind of take on full bore and refuse to give up. My niece says that I used to travel at 99mph all the time but I now travel at 5mph. Family! Only she could get away with a comment like that. Aloha to all the meteorite hunters I have encountered in the past and as always "Be safe out there and take care of each other!". Aloha, Stan aka Ka'imi (pronounced Ka E Me!
  4. Aloha guys, In my situation I am legally blind due to the fact that I have no peripheral vision. It is like looking at the world thru a toilet paper tube held up to my right eye. Sounds crappy,no pun intended, BUT it sure beats being totally blind. I thank God each day for that fact. Imua!
  5. Today I was asked "very quietly and politely" not to come back to my favorite poker room,which is only a 15 minute walk from my apt. complex, unless I changed my "attitude". Seems that a couple of players didn't think I was "really" blind. So, on Friday I have an appt. with my doctor to get a letter stating that I am "Legally blind". Guess all them "Is my blind/ante in?" and other blindman jokes were getting to them. Really? I guess if you lose three nice size pots in a $1-$4 game you tend to lose your humour. Go figure! Anyone out there have any blind man jokes I can use at the table next week when I return with my notarized letter from the doctor? Yep, I am even getting it notarized just to prove a point. Stay tuned for chapter 2 of this hilarious episode. I figured at this point in my life if I cant make people laugh and forget about their own problems then what else is there. IMUA and "I.m ALL in!
  6. Aloha gang, Good to hear that once again the Gold Basin Outing is being held. I wish you all a good time and hope you guys and gals find some good stuff out there. May your packs be filled with nothing but space rocks and nuggets. Aloha and as usual stay safe. Aloha, Stan aka Kaimi
  7. Aloha, Gold Bug 2 because it is light but my GMT sure found me a LOT of meteorites, irons and even some gold to boot. Right now it is just gathering dust since my stroke. IMUA!
  8. Aloha Dean, I too used to rny GMT at the 10/10 setting and eventually got it to the point I could rune it down to a setting that I was comfortable with in the end. You need to make sure you use your headphones and get your ears "trained" to hear that short/sharp zip zip of the detector. Once you get used to that sound you will almost be able to predict what you are swinging that coil over. In the end I had my GMT settings at 9/7 gain/sat if that helps. Of course these settings were primarily for gold basin and Franconia. Good luck out there and show us some pics of your finds. Aloha and stay safe out there, Stan aka Kaimi
  9. Aloha Dave, What can I say but HOLY MOLY! Did you run into a bunch from the GSSN club. I was supposed to go out with one of their members but am recovering from a flu shot, which gave me the flu of course. So I will be telling him that we definitely need to go out there and hunt at some of my old haunts. Nice going with the nugget and of course the meteorite is just another bonus. WTG! Aloha and stay well out there, Stan aka Kaimi
  10. Aloha everyone, First of all I want to offer my condolences to RB and his family. It is especially hard when something like this happens to you during the holidays when families should be getting together and enjoying each others company. My prayers go out to you and your family. Now as to the rest of you guys and gals: Well my wishes go out to you all and here is hoping you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Hannukah Too. BTW, did you know that both holidays are falling on the same day. Pretty rare event so enjoy them both. To the few "special members" who I have had the privilege of hunting with I offer you a special thanks for your friendship during my years of hunting. But now I guess I must say that it looks like my hunting days are finally going to be just memories that I will always enjoy and treasure. It was a great run while it lasted and those memories will always be there for me to look back on and cherish. Mahalo for the friendship and companionship. As always: Happy hunting and always be safe out there.. IMUA! Aloha, Stan aka Ka'imi
  11. All I can say is: WOW! Aloha and stay well, Stan aka Kaimi
  12. Aloha, Now this ticket agent should get a couple of days off. People like that passenger need to be put into their place and she did it with some class and humour. Hopefully he has learned a lesson in humility, but I doubt it seriously! One of these days he is going to mouth off to the wrong person and then BAM he will be looking up at the ceiling wondering what the hell just hit him. Hope its a cute, petite 5'0" women with a black belt in karate. Now that would be worth seeing on youtube. Aloha and stay well everyone, Stan aka Kaimi
  13. Aloha Don, I don't know about me getting all them symptoms if she is wearing a leather dress BUT I do know I love the way they hug them curves. IMUA!
  14. Aloha guys, I saw my first flash flood out at Gold Basin and being from Hawaii I was amazed and spellbound by how much debris was whipping past me as I sat up on the ridge overlooking a drywash that I had just crossed about an hour earlier. Lucky for me I was in a rush to meet up with someone and took a short cut or I just may have been stolling along in that wash without knowing what was coming. After that incident I very seldom walked in washes. I can see how someone would be taken by surprise and drowned in all that debris. Aloha and stay safe everyone, Stan aka Kaimi
  15. Aloha Don, This one is just toooooo funny. Oh the power of suggestion! Aloha and stay well , Stan aka Kaimi
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