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  1. Probably youre best bet would be a prospecting bud and a set of really good tires,keep the cash in your pocket for a rainy day,remember you cant call the cavalry in because most likely no cell service where youre goin,be careful out there regards and happy hunting.
  2. The battery is worht a few and you might have a diamond in the rough,good luck.
  3. Probably was a homeless person was there about one month ago and many use that parking lot-mall to sleep and whatever else the homeless do.
  4. heard it was so hot in yuma today someone saw two chickens on the side of the road and they were pulling each others feathers out
  5. Thanks for the info on North Central AZ. looks like its Prescott and south,appreciate the info.Happy Hunting and Regards Phil
  6. Hi All Was looking for prospecting information on Flagstaff,Winslow,Holbrook and area's below Route66 on the internet and cant find much besides petrifide wood and probably a few ghostowns along the little colorado.Are there any of the clubs with claims up that way or should I stick to more traditonal places with gold history,any help would be greatly appreciated.Regards Phil
  7. Hey Bedrock Bob Read your post and your helping the newbie to wear off(audubon feild guide to rocks and minerals)Goldfinger had posted links to a few mineral charts that helped also,thanks to you guys we can work smarter not harder.Regards Phil
  8. filldtank


    Hi Garimpo Hows it goin? Did you get appt for your install yet?
  9. Hi Garimpo No payments filldtank here,got our eye open for a shell and we got two tanks might be room for a third,the clocks been around a few times on the 1991 but she's tight,replaced alot of parst and had brake problems thats how we got her,brake chatter and poor braking,what a job.Regards Phil
  10. Hey Garimpo Hope all is well and hows the Toy? We've been busy workin on an f350 one ton and its ready to go to California(3000 miles from Pennsyltuckey) the only thing is that its 2 wheel drive and we're thinkin about throwin a strait axle under the front and get a transfer case to fit the 7.3 diesel and convert it.Any ideas? Regards Phil
  11. Hi Adam No big mines but plenty of quarries,boulders and bedrock(shale)and not much mineralization,a few natural caves for the bats. The one piece almost looks like volcanic but hard to tell,thanks for your help-Regards Phil
  12. Hey Bill how you doin,still got the Harley? My son figured how to get you a few more better pics,maybe it will help,also threw in a little bit of alaska.
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