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  1. ZMD


    The last couple of nuggets I did squeeze from there were very close to the surface too, Adam. Good to see that the gold is still coming, thanks Bill. With the price of gold where it is, probably prudent to lay low...
  2. ZMD


    It is cleaned out for me. I have been living with the skunk there the last several trips. Sure has been rough....
  3. ZMD


    Is anyone still hunting around LSD? I have not seen any recent finds from the area?
  4. Good job on the finds! Chasing the skunk away is always okay!!!
  5. Nice find, Uncle Ron!!! :whoopie:
  6. I need some help. My Dad is visiting me in AZ and I would like to take him prospecting. He has a GB2. Can anyone point me in a direction to find some tailing piles where we would have a "reasonable" chance at finding gold? I am a new member of the Roadrunners. I am not asking about anyone's "secret spot," but any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance...
  7. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family...
  8. Absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing!
  9. Congratulations of the fantastic nugget find!!!
  10. Nice looking gold....thanks for sharing
  11. Excellent finds! Keep up the good work! :whoopie:
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