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  1. Ok, I have been watching this thread and it is starting to go south. This thread started out, the way I see it, as a land access issue. It is not about filthy brown or filthy white.

    This is all about losing access to allmost all of the Gadston purchase. Now I don't like the way the Fed. govt. is handling this anymore than the next guy. We all have our own thoughts on a cure for this problem, my best advice is to write your congressman, a LOT.

    We do need to lay off the politics here on the forum.

    I double dog dare anyone to come up with a good gold related story to share with the rest of the forum! Thanks,


  2. Chris, I used to really like going down south but to me its just not worth the chanch of running into trouble. Teri and I went down to Ajo last Jan., won't do that again any time soon! It does suck and your right, people better wake up!

    Steve, Where did you see that one?


  3. Bunk

    Cool looking Copper Nuggets :thumbsupanim , not trying to get all your secret spots just interested in vauge locations and general area you found those beauties at..Leave in March can not come quick enough for me to grab my detector and the old lady and start swinging low and slow... :brows:

    Good Luck



    Tim, Those would be from the E. Bradshaws.


  4. I am sure there is a time and place to use this feature with a 4000 but you never hear anyone talk about it. I don't think Minelab put it on there for no reason at all. Anyone ever use it? What do yall think?


  5. Hello All,

    Gary and I got out for a hunt yesterday and we got onto a new patch late in the day and ran out of daylight when the nuggets were popping out without alot of trash targets.

    Gary got the 4 at top and the 8 at the bottom were mine.


    WOW! You guys are my heros. Thats some good looking AU.


  6. Bunk,

    I have heard that the new RR claim near Bumblebee is good . I will heading north for a weeks dredging on Saturday and will try to stop and bend your ears for a few minutes.


    Max, That would be great. Where you going dredging?


  7. We are heading out tomarow eve. Going to be a little warm in the desert so this W/E so we are going to try our luck around Bumble Bee. I am thinking about camping close to the water hole between Bumble Bee and Cleator just off the main road, not for sure, depends on where my rig fits. The "Great Pumpkin" is hard to miss, so stop by for a beer if you are in the area. All are welcome!!


  8. I have not done much book learning on this subject. In my travels I see things and wonder. In traveling down I-17 are places that look good for prospecting but the land is covered with lava, for lack of the proper word, and in some places it sure looks to me like theese later "lava" flows really changed the landscape like some of the places in CA. I think what I am wondering, has anyone found a place like this, in AZ, where they have found gold in a aceient stream that was covered with lava?

    This is a yes or no question, I am not asking for anyones seceret spot. Thanks, Bunk

  9. Sorry to hear this also, Bunk. I hope they catch them.

    The watch he had in his hand, and didn't take (thank goodness), was that the

    gold pocket watch you detected a while back? (I think that was you, wasn't it?.... :shrug:)


    Thats the one!


  10. Bunk

    You did report this incident to the Police? Let me guess that the trailer was not processed. Now you don't find prints everytime. When you do and if they were arrested before, bingo! Other things can be left behind. Footprints, tire tracks. Had one idiot drop his tool on the ground. His name was engraved on the tool. :rolleyes: In a lot of areas the Police will just sluff you off. We don't do that here. If I was out that way I would do it for you and just turn anything over to the local PD. You do need to report the gun's so the serial numbers can be entered on NCIC. You never know when they will show up.

    This was reported to the MCSO and they took prints, pics. Just have to hope for the best. This will not scare us off, just going to change how we opperate a little. I am sure we will pick our camp spots better and keep a sharper eye on the people that come into our area.

    Anyone that has seen my rig can tell you that it really stands out and looks like we are made of money to the common crack head and this time he made out like a bandit, so to speak..... I am sure that is what lead to this attack. There is nothing I can do about our apperance of affulance, just got to be more careful, and that goes for any body that ventures out in the back country. I went and got a safe for the house and looking into some type of secure lock box for the toy hauler, My, how times are a changing!! Thanks to all!


  11. Bunk

    A safe is a good idea. One of those BIG HEAVY older safes. Do not buy the big new Walmart type safe (Century).

    Over the years I picked up a lot of skills dealing with the theives. Couple months ago a good friend Joe passed away. One of the guys at work called and told me his wife needed help. Joe had all his important papers in a big Centry safe and no one had the combination. The funeral could not proceed with out those papers. I jumped into my old pick up loaded with every tool you could ever need and rushed over. The safe was in a very small closet bolted to the cement floor next to the hot water tank. I looked at the asssembled family and said "you got to be kidding me". I retrieved a heavy hand sledge, crow bar and 2 large chisels. Without rushing it took me 90 seconds to open the safe. Bolting it to the floor only gave me leverage.

    On a burglary case the owner (a jewelry Mfg) had a small high quality safe bolted to the bedroom closet wood floor. The bad guy did not find that. I told the owner he was a idiot. You could pry the safe off the floor with a pry bar in 15 seconds and off you go with untold riches.

    It's not so bad when they just take your stuff. A resident was on vacation and found his home was entered while he was gone. The guy that broke in was a sick crap. Or I should say he crap on the floor right where the home owner would step as he entered the house. A month after I had processed the crime scene the owner called and said he had a photo of the actor. He was very upset. When I arrived he handed me a photo of a big black ass with the home owners tooth bush sticking out. This sicko took the tooth brush, stuck it up his ass and took a picture with the victims camera. Then put the tooth brush back in its holder and the camera back in the bedroom. A month later the victim had the film developed. For a month the victim was brushing his teeth with that tooth brush.

    Yes there are worse things than just having your stuff ripped off.

    Bunk, get a hand engraver and put your name and phone # on your Oh! buy a new tooth brush. You never know.

    stuff (not your guns :arrowheadsmiley: ). That's what a serial number is for.

    Oh! buy a new tooth brush. You never know.

    Frank, A big thankyou on the advice, new tooth brush coming up!!

    On thinking about this, anyone that camps out that way should really be on the look out as this morron did pretty well off of me and could be looking for more easy targets in the area.


  12. Stupid is not the word for this guy! He opened the cigar box with my nuggets, didn't take, had my watch in his hand, threw it aside, what luck for me!!

    In 38 years of cruising the deserts we have never had an incendent like this. I am off today to buy a safe for the house and some type of secure lock box for the toy hauler.

    Does any one here engrave belongings with ident. marks? If so how do you go about it?


  13. My wife and I made our first desert trip this last W/E to LSD. The weather was great, did not find any AU.

    All was great until the last day. Terrie had been doing homework and I talked her into going for a ride before we loaded up.

    When we returned our trailer had been broken in to.

    They got both of our computers and my GUNS! The good part of this is we did not come home to soon and have to look down the barrell of my own gun!

    The point of this post is BE Careful out there!


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