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  1. Hey Bill, you were right, it ain't easy hosting a big outing. Sure glad you got to hunt down a couple nuggets this year. I know I can speak for Frank also, and it was our pleasure to host the Gold Basin outing this year!! WOW, Where do I start! A good time was had by all and lots of nuggets were found, at least 20 that I know of including a few REAL nice ones. Meteorites too, I found my second, 116 grams! The weather was a little windy but we did have few real nice days, calm and warm temps. As allways, folks jumped in and helped out when and where needed. THANKS guys and gals!!

    The coin hunt was a success although we did make some mistakes everyone went away happy. This was the first time Frank and I have ram rodded a big outing and we both learned a lot. The #1 prize, an X terra30, donated by Rob's Detector Sales, was won, by Mike C, congrats Mike!

    I really want to thank all that donated prizes and effort to make this a really great outing!!

    I will add more and pics later, I need to get the Mothership and the Great Pumpkin cleaned up and ready for the next adventure. Also, we had one winner of one of Uncle Rons gold maps that did not get on the list to be sent this map, if it was you, send me a PM and we will get that out to you.

    Thanks a bunch to all that joined in on this adventure, we will do this again!

    One more thing, you don't have to have a bunch of prizes and a huge outing to have ave good time in the desert and if Frank and could put this together, anyone can, Post an outing today!


  2. Well, Frank (SGTFDA) and I will be coming up Friday with the Rhino in tow. Can't wait to meet you all and hopefully learn a thing or two (other than the fact that a VLF is crap in most of AZ).

    Thanks for the "directions" Frank! I'll bring the spot light... just in case :stupidrb:

    Glad you both can make it! Look foward to meeting you both.


  3. Hey everyone, Like Bill said this just about prospecting and camping out with like minded people and no hype. Outings are a lot of fun, and a great way to meet new friends and see old friends, it don't matter who gets the ball rolling. All of the forum owners have really banded together to make this years outing a great one.This is a FREE outing and ALL are welcome, we just want everyone to have a good time. Frank and I decided to ram rod this years outing just because Bill was busy last year and we really like outings. October outings are something that all desert rats look foward to after a long hot summer.

    It was at my first Nugget Shooter outing four years ago, that Frank and I meet and became lifelong friends and hunting partners. This can happen to you...

    Just remember folks, with the power of the internet and the many gold forums, ANYONE, can throw an outing! Try it sometime.


  4. Hi from Prescott, AZ. I'm new to detecting (and Arizona - just retired here) and hope to spend lots of time nugget hunting. I recently purchased a Tesoro Lobo ST and would like to join up with other members to learn the ropes of nugget hunting. When I'm not busy being a wife and a mom, I'd like to be out there hunting and learning. Any advice or words of wisdom would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    I have to second what Bill said about the outing, bring the family, it will be a good time! Also, I live in Chino, so if I can give you a hand, don't be shy! I have a few friends that also run a Lobo ST that might be able to help you out.


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