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  1. Jim,

    I am sure there are lots of drywashers out there that are not in use. One of reasons is, drywashing looks easy but the truth is it is a lot of hard, dirty work! There are lots of ways to work cleaner but you are going to come home TIRED and DIRTY, if you are doing it right. After some people try drywashing a few times they have had enough. As for a number, who knows. I do know drywashing is very popular here in AZ.


  2. I live in Southern Neveda, no stranger to the heat. I'd like to travel somewhere cooler for the summer months. Any clubs that have claims or areas that would be worthwhile for dry washing or detecting. something within a days drive would be perfect, I still have to work, so I need to do the weekend thing. THANKS!

    Rudy, The days drive is what makes it hard. You could do the very early AM thing and go to Gold Basin.


  3. Way to go on the gold nugget Bunk. Post a link

    to the video. I would like to see it regardless

    of the laguage (as long as it is not in the

    mexican language!) Hope to see you up at Rye

    Patch again this year.



    We were able to make it silient but it lost some clairity in the up load.


  4. "Losing access to almost all of the Gadsden purchase"?

    We are talking about Buenos Aires? Get real. That park was shut off as a staging area for a battle and to insure that the Militia did not interfere with Chapo Guzman's drug trade. the Gadsden purchase is a huge swath of land that is many hundreds of times the size of Buenos Aires.

    I have reams of good gold related stories and I absolutely refuse to share them with people who insist on calling me names, harassing me, and lying constantly about the issues.

    If you remember correctly I used to share a nice long story every month with this group with lots of photos. They were enjoyed by all except a few vocal idiots who just would not stop the BS and insisted on making personal insults and lying about me.

    Now all I share is BS. It is funny how that works, huh?

    Bob, All I have ever done here is try to keep the peace and premote all aspects of gold prospecting. Ok, most of the Gadston purchase was an exageration, but the way I see things the outback all accross S. AZ is not safe. I am sure not all feel the way I do. I do belive that the border needs to be secured one way or another but harbor no ill will towards the mexican people in general, but they must imigrate legaly. It is a real shame that the little kids cought up in this are the ones to suffer the most, the way I see it. If I have ruffeled feathers here, sorry.

    On another note, I got a 2.5dwt nugget recently, my buddy that was with me got me on video but we have not figured out how to clean up my potty mouth so it is postable on a public forum.


  5. Ok, I have been watching this thread and it is starting to go south. This thread started out, the way I see it, as a land access issue. It is not about filthy brown or filthy white.

    This is all about losing access to allmost all of the Gadston purchase. Now I don't like the way the Fed. govt. is handling this anymore than the next guy. We all have our own thoughts on a cure for this problem, my best advice is to write your congressman, a LOT.

    We do need to lay off the politics here on the forum.

    I double dog dare anyone to come up with a good gold related story to share with the rest of the forum! Thanks,


  6. Chris, I used to really like going down south but to me its just not worth the chanch of running into trouble. Teri and I went down to Ajo last Jan., won't do that again any time soon! It does suck and your right, people better wake up!

    Steve, Where did you see that one?


  7. Hey Rudy, another thing to remember, some areas, around Rich Hill is one of them, even if you screen down to 1/4" you will end up with lots of 1/4" dirt clods. These "clods" can hold an amazing amount of gold! Do your best to get it crushed down before you run it.

    I seen a guy this last winter that had a rotary cement mixer and some old mill balls and was crushing all his material before he ran it through his dry washer and was doing VERY well.


  8. I'm wondering what is a good light weight shirt to wear in the desert that give good coverage to prevent excessive water loss and breathes well. I'm hoping not to have to pay through the nose for $40 shirts.

    I like to wear light cotton in light colors and drink a lot of water. Losing that water in the form of sweat is what is going to keep you cool. This works pretty good until the humidity picks up in a month or so. Drinking lots of water is the key to life with our summer temps here in the AZ desert.


  9. I travel the back country and have thought I am fairly well prepared. My "FAK" is very basic, my knowlage is a little ahead of my kit. I was at a trade show this last week with my wife and saw some really cool compact kits for not a lot of money.

    It kinda made me think about up dating it. I get around the back country in a Rhino and camp in a fifth wheel so it is not like I don't have the room. I was thinking a small one for the Rhino and a bigger one for the trailer.

    What do you all carry and where? Thanks, Bunk

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