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  1. Hey everyone, Like Bill said this just about prospecting and camping out with like minded people and no hype. Outings are a lot of fun, and a great way to meet new friends and see old friends, it don't matter who gets the ball rolling. All of the forum owners have really banded together to make this years outing a great one.This is a FREE outing and ALL are welcome, we just want everyone to have a good time. Frank and I decided to ram rod this years outing just because Bill was busy last year and we really like outings. October outings are something that all desert rats look foward to after a long hot summer.

    It was at my first Nugget Shooter outing four years ago, that Frank and I meet and became lifelong friends and hunting partners. This can happen to you...

    Just remember folks, with the power of the internet and the many gold forums, ANYONE, can throw an outing! Try it sometime.


  2. Hi from Prescott, AZ. I'm new to detecting (and Arizona - just retired here) and hope to spend lots of time nugget hunting. I recently purchased a Tesoro Lobo ST and would like to join up with other members to learn the ropes of nugget hunting. When I'm not busy being a wife and a mom, I'd like to be out there hunting and learning. Any advice or words of wisdom would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    I have to second what Bill said about the outing, bring the family, it will be a good time! Also, I live in Chino, so if I can give you a hand, don't be shy! I have a few friends that also run a Lobo ST that might be able to help you out.


  3. It hit the $1300 mark and will go back down a little after all the selling. I had some stuff bought at $240. Sent it in Mon. I'll use that to buy a beater 4x4. Then I'll find more gold and sell when it hits $2000. If I take the money out of savings my wife will be in line for her cut. A $3500 truck will cost me $7000. So Selling $3500 in gold I get $7000 as I saved the wife's cut. Casino AZ will be out that $3500. As you see it's not just the price of gold. There are other factors at work. For me gold is at $2600.

    Frank, Did you ever sell used cars? I have allways liked how you explane things.

    Gold may be $1300 but diesel is $3. I wonder how it compares to how things were in the 1930's? It's still big money for pretty yellow rocks.


  4. As gold prices slowly creeps upward to 1300.00 an ounce I have been getting my plans together for the upcoming season. Have done some research on new areas to try and have areas listed to work with the drywasher that produced lots of small nuggets and tested good for fines.

    Starting the season with a real solid plan for gold recovery and prospecting leaves little time for wondering where to go and changes the outlook to hoping I have enough time to go all the places I have planned.

    Heck this year just 3 grams of gold a day will be pretty good wages my friends...

    Hope you are as excited to get out this year as I am!

    Bill, This is going to be a great season, come on cool temps! I have also have been looking at new areas that I am real excited about!

    Now is the time when all the research over the long hot summer, pays off. Its not hard to make 3 grams a day if you work smart insted of hard, Wishbone, told me that. Real glad to see you back at it!


  5. Glenn,

    I find it funny that you're asking people that you know have a terrible case of GOLD FEVER this question, the answers here are to be predictable!!!

    That being said and I having GOLD FEVER as bad as anyone I say go on the trip, you may never get another chance like this, Talk to your daughter I sure she will understand, and want you to go!!


    Boy, thats the truth! At least I didn't tell you to take the gun outside and shoot one time and come in and tell everyone that Santa, just commited suicide.


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