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  1. I got out over the W/E for some drywashing before it gets to hot. I had some new folks interested in learning the ropes and these guys were a real pleasure to work with! Everyone got a little gold. I really want to say THANKS! to

    Chris, Zak, Doug, Larry and Larry and Greg. You guys really moved some matieral and put Ol Yeller to the test! I really look foward to our next trip! Here are some pics...








  2. Hey YF, I hunt the Bradshaws quite a bit in the summer months. PNF, generaly allows detecting as casual use. This is the PH# 928-443-8000. There are a lot of claims but both Roadrunners and GPAA have claims up this way. There is allways the public panning area below Lynx Lake. Trash, seems to be part of the charm of the Bradshaws, both moderen and old...Still pleanty of gold, you just have to work a little harder at it these days. Have you tried out around Rich Hill? The Weaver club is cheap to join and has some pretty good claims. Bill is throwing a outing at Gold Basin later this month, allways a lot of fun. Hope this helps.


  3. Hey Max, I know Beercan, he helped me track down my sister when she was living in Puertecitos.

    Bill, While Mexico is not for everyone, I think you will have a great time! I used to go down there a lot and never had any trouble. I have always said, if you go down there looking for trouble, you will find it, if you go and just be respectful,

    the chances of trouble are minimal. The east coast of Baja, is a lot different than Sonora! Have fun and take lots of pics.


  4. Hi all:) Real life intervened in '91 or so and sold all my stuff. I'm back with an sd2200 and a MXT...and having fun around Yuma. Havent found any gold yet but wondering WHY!!?? I ever gave it up. Been ghosting this forum awhile and seems like a good crew here...besides I wanna see the pics lol. Was very sorry to hear about Daryl of Reno prospectors supply passing on...he was my first mentor in metal detecting and and very patient with me when I asked for advice. This was back in the late 80's.

    Once you got the fever, you got it, welcome back! You could meet lots of the folks here on the forum if you were to host a campout/get together in the Yuma area. Allways liked the Yuma area.


  5. The thing with drywashing, you are not running the machine all day. Where we work, we have to throw a lot of rocks to work up some material to run. Even if you have bank run material, you have to stop and clean up often. We run ours on a real small car battery and it lasts for days.


  6. Zurdok,

    Just where are you at in Baja? I would like to hear more about prospecting in modern day Mexico. I have heard that some of the gold fields are untouched, as far as detecting goes. Did the miners you talked to say what kind of gold was in your area?


  7. Gripper,

    Even you could do some research and find a place to claim. I don't get to use my claims everyday, as much as I would like to, but I do work them. It is a real thrill owning your own mining claim and if you had one that was a good producer, you would not want to be jumped, I am sure. Have you ever thought about asking the claim owners permission to hunt the claims you are interested in? I allow some folks to hunt my claims, if they ask. Most folks are good about allowing access to privite claims, if you are nice about it and fallow the rules.


  8. Rodwelder,

    My advice would be to go take a few samples and pan them out. Have you heard of any gold in your area? From what I have heard, the gold in the midwest, is fairly small, so pan it out carefuly. Welcome to the forum!


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