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  1. My wife might also come so that makes a possible "4" total for me. She will know for sure by Wed. Bunk
  2. LB Dave,Thank you for your willingness to help the club! Were all in the same boat here, I am just like you mentioned in your post, to say I don't know anything is an understatement! It will be a learning experence for all of us. Again, Thanks for steping up! Bunk
  3. Slim, is right, We really need a couple more members to help us out with this this year! Some new blood and ideas will push the WSPA to the next level! This could not be that hard to donate a little time for the club for one year. One of the reasons I decided to run for President is it was myself, Bill and Denny on a camping trip to Yuma that the idea of the WSPA got started. I really beleave in this club and I have met some really good people and we have some real good claims with more to come. The people that have served the last two years are tired but they really beleave in this club also and have said that they will be availble if anyone needs advice. I will also help any of the officers with any thing that I am capible of. There has to be a couple more people out there that are willing to help us out with this! Thanks, Bunk
  4. Dick, Yes it was at my first Nugget Shooter outing that we met. We will also be traveling Hwy 62. My wife and I went that way last April and it was a very pleasent drive. I know what you mean about JohnB, but thats just JohnB, gotta love the guy! We will be leaving early AM on the 13th, Can't wait! See ya there. Bunk
  5. Hi Dick, I met you at Gold Basin 3 years ago when I first got my Xterra. Glad to you can post now, I am sure you will have some good info for the WSPA members. Its a shame you don't have time to swing that 4500 and that sounds like a real deal for some one in the market for one. See ya in a couple weeks at the if I can. Bunk
  6. I tried to find this claim today with no luck but I was in "Great Pumpkin" and it is not real good for running the desert. I did really like the area! On a bad note, I just got my 4000 back from minelab and it is still giving me trouble! Really sucks, they had it for a month last time. I gess I will get good with my Xterra. If any of the Prescott folks would like to plan a trip down there, let me know. I am kind of thinking about camping in the area over Thanksgiving. I will have my Rhino back and it willbe a lot easyer to get around. Bunk
  7. My son and brother will be coming with me = 3. Bunk
  8. Bob, sure glad you are willing to stay on!! Anyone else willing to give up a few hours a month for the club? I think "Bunk&Dunk has a real ring to it! This is going to be a great year for the WSPA. Bunk
  9. Jim was one of a kind! He will be truely missed. My heart goes out to his family. It would sure be nice if some one would go out and find a nice hard rock pocket in Jim's memory this season. Bunk
  10. I would like to run for president of WSPA this year if I have the confidance of the membership. This post is the place for your comments, pro or con and don't worry I have thick skin and no one will hurt my feelings! Alittle about me, I panned me first gold in 1980 and moved on to dredging and dry washing over the next 15 years. I lost interest for a few years and in 2006 decided to get back into prospecting but only with a metel detector. It took me about 6 weeks to find my first nugget. Gold fever never goes away and I can't think of one of my hobbies over the years, and there have been lots of them, that I have enjoyed as much as prospecting. I will do my best for the WSPA. Anyone can feel free to call me if they have ANY concerns or comments that they don't want to post. Thanks, Bunk 928-830-5350
  11. Denny and all members,I have been trying to come up with ideas to get more of the members envolved, don't really know where to start and I for one am open to any and all ideas from any of the membership. I would hate to see it come to bribing members with offers of pay, nuggets or the like to get them to volentear for a club that we are All members of and All benifit from. I have talked to all the current officers and understand the need for reorganization of WSPA so one person does not get dumped on and day to day opperations are more simplifide. With all that, I will run for president this year if the general membership thinks I can handle the job. This will a totaly new experiance for me as I have no experiance with this sort of thing and my computer and spelling skills are limited at best. All I can say is I will do my best to leed this organization and get the needed changes done. Bunk
  12. Mike, My dads family is from Main and Mass. But that has nothing to do with my cooking,I raised two kids by my self and I had to learn to cook good stuff. Funny, my daughter calls me up all the time asking how to fix this or that. You move out here and we will do a trip and I will make a batch of chowder for you. Bunk
  13. How about a head count for this outing? I am planing on making a pot of clamchowder and will have no room for leftovers but want to make pleanty for everyone. This will be a "rough it" trip as I will not be bringing my toy hauler. Bunk
  14. Boy, ain't that the truth! I was in a lot better shape back then and hiking over hill and dale was not half as rough as it is today. Bunk
  15. Ok, looks like we are going to go with a 4 person committee. Would anybody like to nominate someone for one of these offices? Bunk
  16. Max, That would be great. Where you going dredging? Bunk
  17. We are heading out tomarow eve. Going to be a little warm in the desert so this W/E so we are going to try our luck around Bumble Bee. I am thinking about camping close to the water hole between Bumble Bee and Cleator just off the main road, not for sure, depends on where my rig fits. The "Great Pumpkin" is hard to miss, so stop by for a beer if you are in the area. All are welcome!! Bunk
  18. Come on people,I am not really a lepper although I feel like it lateley since I am trying getting a committee together. I need some help with this. It really is time for some of the members to take leadership roles to help push this culb forward! All the guys that got this started are tired and want to enjoy the club like the other members have since the founding of this organization. They have put in a lot of time and effort to make the WSPA what it is today,almost 5000 acres to date. I beleive in this club and hope the other members do also, it takes a lot of work behind the sceens to make this all happin. Lets all try to help out where ever we can! Thanks a bunch! Bunk
  19. Bunk


    It is by Morristown,AZ. LSD= Little San Domingo Wash. Bunk
  20. Silm, the existing officers have allready put forth way more than there share to get this club up and running. Its time for some of the other members to step up and keep the ball rolling. I am thinking that with your computer savvy you would make a good secertary, what do you think? Bunk
  21. I have not done much book learning on this subject. In my travels I see things and wonder. In traveling down I-17 are places that look good for prospecting but the land is covered with lava, for lack of the proper word, and in some places it sure looks to me like theese later "lava" flows really changed the landscape like some of the places in CA. I think what I am wondering, has anyone found a place like this, in AZ, where they have found gold in a aceient stream that was covered with lava? This is a yes or no question, I am not asking for anyones seceret spot. Thanks, Bunk
  22. Thanks Gene! Ok we have 3, I know out of 100 members we have to have a couple more that will step up to the plate and help me out on this. Bunk
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