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  1. The thing with drywashing, you are not running the machine all day. Where we work, we have to throw a lot of rocks to work up some material to run. Even if you have bank run material, you have to stop and clean up often. We run ours on a real small car battery and it lasts for days. Bunk
  2. I will have a sign-in/liability release that needs to be signed by ALL that are in on the coin hunt. Bunk
  3. OK, We have 140 prizes so far, silver coins, gold nuggets, meteorites, and other real cool stuff! Bring your metal detector and come out and win some of these prizes. A great week end will be had by all! Bunk
  4. Our friends from MinerDiggins have provided us with this very cool map! http://www.minerdiggins.com/images/Outing.jpg
  5. Rick, Like Frank said, we are not planing on a group cook out. Trying to keep things as simple as we can this year. Bunk
  6. Uncle Ron, Yes, still 29-30-31. Hope to see you there! Bunk
  7. I have had several folks ask about GPS cords for the camp spot on the Bahde claims, can someone help us out with this? Bunk
  8. Get your gear packed! Tell your friends! Come out and have a good time! Bunk
  9. Frank, Did you ever sell used cars? I have allways liked how you explane things. Gold may be $1300 but diesel is $3. I wonder how it compares to how things were in the 1930's? It's still big money for pretty yellow rocks. Bunk
  10. That does look like a cool place! Did you get a chance to "look" around for your favorite rocks? Bunk
  11. Sick em, John! Now I understand how you ended up in jail in Oman. Bunk
  12. So, here in AZ, would that be intervolcanic activity that covered up the old rivers? Being self taught is rough! Bunk
  13. Chuck, Thats a nice nugget! To bad about the sad day you have to remember it by. Bunk
  14. Just before the new ML's came out, I was told it was not. Bunk
  15. I have seen lots of animals come running out of adits, would not want to be in there way. Bunk
  16. Bill, This is going to be a great season, come on cool temps! I have also have been looking at new areas that I am real excited about! Now is the time when all the research over the long hot summer, pays off. Its not hard to make 3 grams a day if you work smart insted of hard, Wishbone, told me that. Real glad to see you back at it! Bunk
  17. Glenn, I hope you have a great trip! Things like this don't come along very offten. Bunk
  18. Boy, thats the truth! At least I didn't tell you to take the gun outside and shoot one time and come in and tell everyone that Santa, just commited suicide. Bunk
  19. Glenn, If it were me, I would have make that trip. Like you said, it is a once in a lifetime trip. You could do xmas a little early for the kids. Sounds like you have a cool wife! Mine would also be good with a trip like that. Hope you find some gold! Bunk
  20. PS - Here is my submission for "Hermit Pick Girl 2011" :hahaha: Terry, Don't tell me that, you know I have "photo shop". Bunk
  21. Looks like you had a Great pay day. Did you run that wet or dry? Also, what was the size of the matieral that went into your mill? I have thought about useing a small mortar mixer on a drywashing opperation to chush the clay balls. Bunk
  22. Terry, How deep was that? Just something about gold in quartz, real pretty! It won't be long now,and you won't have to sweat so much for the gold. Congrats on the find! Bunk
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