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  1. As things have turned out I will not be able to make this trip. Be safe and find some gold! Bunk
  2. Will I have any trouble getting the Great Pumpkin pulling a 12' quad trailer with my Rhino on it into the camping spot? Bunk
  3. I am going to try to make it out for a couple days. This will be last chance to get out for a while. Bunk
  4. Anyone notice on one of the other forums that Bob Dansi has a line on some claims for sale at the top of rich hill? Did not mention a price. Bunk
  5. As much as I would like to, I will not be able to make this trip. Maybe this spring. Bunk
  6. I found a old cable rig dozer here in Chino. There has been some talk of getting some patented land to do some pushes on and this dozer might work for a project like that and the price seems pretty good to me...$5000.00. It is a INT. TD6. It starts on gas then you switch it over to diesel after it warms up. It started right up and looks to be in pretty good shape considering it is a 1946 when went to look at it. If ihere is any interest in this machine I will go take some pics of it. Bunk
  7. That is a good one for sure! It must be a remote location or it would not still be there. I found a 3 stamp on Lynx creek about 10 years ago that had burned down and all that was left was the iron. Was out that way last week and the only thing left now is the concrete foundation. Bunk
  8. I thought it was cool also, and I know the old timers looked for vegatation anomaleys to make some good strikes in days gone passed and I have heard of horse tail being something to look for when you are looking for gold. I was just trying to be funny. The new age forest service treats you like you commited murder if one blade of grass is harmed in the presuit of mining activities up here around Prescott. I found a spot last year that the scrub oak had been pruned a long time ago so it could be metel detected and I am sure if the forest service found this spot there would be an investagation as to who did it. I did find 3 small nuggets at this spot. Bunk
  9. I can see it all now... The forest service pulls me over with a load of horse tail in my Rhino and says whats up.. I tell them I figure I have about 1oz. of gold in this 500# of horse tail... I just hope JohnB will bring me some cigs while I am weaving baskets in the looney bin.. Oh never mind, they don't allow smoking in the looney bin any more! Bunk
  10. Found these two guys drying out in my back yard this AM. All was well until the vulture moved a little too close and then the hawk flew off. Bunk
  11. Gold Basin nuggets from last year... Bunk
  12. Is it Oct. yet? Come on cool weather. Bunk
  13. No bites,no gold and the tall grass was hard to deal with. I did have a good time and want to thank JohnB for taking the time to show me around. The weather was great. We had to leave earlyer than we planed due to family matters at home. Looking foward to next time! Bunk
  14. Help me out here guys, thanks. Bunk
  15. Anyone know of a Frys or Safeway on the e. side of town that I won't have to much trouble getting the great pumpkin and trailer into? [ 52' ] I will be stoping at triple T to get water. Thanks, Bunk
  16. John, I been taking vitiams all week that are garentied to build your blood up. Also been main lining Deep Woods Off with extra deet, should be all right! Does it look like any rain out that way? See you Sat. Bunk
  17. WTG, Ron! I hope I can get back into what I want to do instead of what I have to do real soon, no nugs for me since Nov. Bunk
  18. Steve, This will be for my new house in Riverside,AZ. As I am working shift work at the mine and am gone at all hours of the day and night I need to be able to keep not just my detectors but other valubles secure. I have been working on this place for the last 3 months and just got moved in last week. The last 2 days have been the first time I have been able to relax since I started this project, this house is 100 years old and nobody has lived in it for 15 years, quite a job! Bunk
  19. Anyone use these to keep your detectors from walking off? Also, where do you get one at a good price? How big do you need? Bunk
  20. Well I am feelin lucky, will send a check tomarow. Bunk
  21. Bill, Hang in there! I been in the same boat kinda. New job, mother in law about to pass on, wife taking care of mother in law and not around to give me a hand remodeling 100 year old house. Not to mention brother and sister in law in the mitst of a nasty divorce that we are trying hard to stay out of. No nuggets since Nov.! Things gotta get better soon, I hope. Bunk
  22. I have been real busy with no time to get out but I would be glad to sign if needed. I also would like to see more claims any way possiable. Bunk
  23. Bunk

    Big Toad

    Rich, We had blast today! No yellow but still a golden day out riding around with my grandson! Jake had a good time and wants to go again. I would like to do an outing down there before it gets to hot, April some time? I saw some really cool spots to camp that would acomadate many rigs. Bunk
  24. Bunk

    Big Toad

    Rich, I looked for your phone #, could not find.My grandson and I are going to try to find this. Will be traveling by great pumpkin and my rhino. If you see an old fart and a 14 year old looking lost, stop and say hi. I will have my phone. Bunk
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