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  1. I will take the job of forming a committee, I still need a couple volinters, Help a brother out!Also, if anybody wants to run for office or wants to nominate someone post up your thoughts Here! Bunk
  2. Hey Roger, What does this job entail? I have no experence with this sort of thing but would be glad to help. Bunk
  3. Bunk


    Thats the one! Bunk
  4. Hey John, Good looking nugget! My next trip to the desert I am going to try that claim. Did you happen to notice a good spot fairly close by that would work as a camp spot for a large fifth wheel,34'. That has to be my kind of place as you allready got pics of my long lost relitives! Thanks, Bunk
  5. Bunk


    This was reported to the MCSO and they took prints, pics. Just have to hope for the best. This will not scare us off, just going to change how we opperate a little. I am sure we will pick our camp spots better and keep a sharper eye on the people that come into our area. Anyone that has seen my rig can tell you that it really stands out and looks like we are made of money to the common crack head and this time he made out like a bandit, so to speak..... I am sure that is what lead to this attack. There is nothing I can do about our apperance of affulance, just got to be more careful, and that goes for any body that ventures out in the back country. I went and got a safe for the house and looking into some type of secure lock box for the toy hauler, My, how times are a changing!! Thanks to all! Bunk
  6. Bunk


    Frank, A big thankyou on the advice, new tooth brush coming up!! On thinking about this, anyone that camps out that way should really be on the look out as this morron did pretty well off of me and could be looking for more easy targets in the area. Bunk
  7. Bunk


    Stupid is not the word for this guy! He opened the cigar box with my nuggets, didn't take, had my watch in his hand, threw it aside, what luck for me!! In 38 years of cruising the deserts we have never had an incendent like this. I am off today to buy a safe for the house and some type of secure lock box for the toy hauler. Does any one here engrave belongings with ident. marks? If so how do you go about it? Bunk
  8. My wife and I made our first desert trip this last W/E to LSD. The weather was great, did not find any AU. All was great until the last day. Terrie had been doing homework and I talked her into going for a ride before we loaded up. When we returned our trailer had been broken in to. They got both of our computers and my GUNS! The good part of this is we did not come home to soon and have to look down the barrell of my own gun! The point of this post is BE Careful out there! Bunk
  9. Thanks for all the input, it has made for some real interesting reading! I gess what started this is I was thinking about All that volcanic cap in the area between Cordes and Black Canyon City. It must be covering up some good gold areas. When your self taught, you don't learn if you don't ask questions. Bunk
  10. Anyone know of a good example in AZ? Story in the Nov. issue of LT talks about the ancient rivers in CA and I really don't remember a topic about Az and ancient rivers. I saw a place in the Bradshaws But it was more of an up lifted creek, not very big. Bunk
  11. We made it home Mon. Just wanted to say thanks again to all who put this together! Can't wait to do it again!! Bunk
  12. Fred, I asked Bill a month or so ago and he said end of Oct. or first of Nov. Bunk
  13. Hey Shep, I was wondering about this also since my 30 year old son will be traveling with me, I think, he could get his kitchen pass revoked between now and then. Also I should be leaving Chino 9/12 in the early AM. and dont really have to be back until 9/24. I am planing on dry camping a few days and then moving to the campground when everyone else arrives. The Great Pumpkin should stand out pretty good so I will be hard to miss where ever I camp. Bunk
  14. What kind of weather can we expect for this trip? Cool days and crisp nights would be nice! Bunk
  15. Chris, All i can say is WOW and thank you! I am pretty sure i will be able to make this trip. No nugs for me since last Oct. Mamma has been calling me a "no nugget finding slug" and I would really like to make her eat those words! Bunk
  16. Bunk


    Bob,John, I will get a hold of Gene today, Thanks,Bunk
  17. Bunk


    I know of an old nugget patch that has been claimed by several people over the last couple of years and since it is almost filing time I would like to try to claim it if it is avilable, anyone want to give me a hand? Bunk
  18. Hey Chris, Is there a ph# to reserve an RV spot if I can make it? Thanks, Bunk
  19. Hey John, Could you explane the "as we know it" in your post as your pointy finger SEES it. Thanks, Bunk
  20. I might be able to make this, still a little far out to say for sure. Bunk
  21. Cool! can't wait! I have had a very full dance ticket the last year or so, not much time to get out. Bunk
  22. Will there be a outing this year? Bunk
  23. Thanks guys!! Been an interesting one for sure. I should be on the road but that is another story. nobody should have yo go to a funeral on there birthday! Bunk
  24. Teri and I went for a long ride yesterday and did not see any claim markers out this way. I am sure there must be some gold out in this area. It might be a interesting area for claims for the club. I know it is not much but just keeping an eye out for new areas as that is about all I can do for the club right now. Bunk
  25. I wish I could have made it! Sounds like it was a good time for all! The weather has to have been better than it is here in Indiana, I should be able to head west soon, wish me luck, pulling a trailer on snow and ice is going to be a new expierince for me. Bunk
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