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  1. Roger, Does that mean that the format would be like the nugget shooter forum? Bunk
  2. I will put up some signs to the camping area. Also, does anyone know what the roads are like since the storms? Bunk
  3. Members, The gold basin outing is coming up, I am planing on being up there about the 20th and staying about 10 days. This is a great area for both meteorites and gold. Whos in? The weather should be great but no promises. Bunk
  4. Bunk

    " Ol Yeller "

    It is a very good machine. Only got to go one time before the wet weather hit but it really got the AU! Bunk
  5. Tim, Those would be from the E. Bradshaws. Bunk
  6. I got into a gully last W/E that was loaded with copper nuggets. It was fun digging them as this drainage had them top to bottom, all targets were copper. Bunk
  7. I am sure there is a time and place to use this feature with a 4000 but you never hear anyone talk about it. I don't think Minelab put it on there for no reason at all. Anyone ever use it? What do yall think? Bunk
  8. I have known Ralph for the last 3 years and he will be a good addition to the club. Bunk
  9. If you are an officer or on the board of directors could you please send me your contact info. E-mail, phone# and mailing address. Thanks,Bunk calvinbunker@yahoo.com
  10. Thats a nice one! Can you say if that came from a spot that was chearned up by the recent storms? What I meen is, do you think that nugget was on the move last week? Bunk
  11. Bunk

    8# patch

    I am going to try to get down there this W/E and take some pics. I am sure some one can turn a nugget here if you put in the time. I have heard that the gate I am talking about leads to Angel's original ranch. I plan on getting a hold of him to see about putting our own lock on the gate. Bunk
  12. Just to let everyone know, the large boulders blocking the road by Millers wind mill have been removed.At the gate at the end of the road there is a sign that says No Trespassing, and another that says State Trust land. I will be checking on this. I was told by a member to just climb over the fence, I am not real comfortible with this, but will try to get more info. You can see the WSPA claim post from the gate. Bunk
  13. Steve is good people in my book, welcome back. Bunk
  14. I did not see Roger's post this AM. There WILL be a password change on 2-1-10. Bunk
  15. Mike, No pass word change as of yet, Mabay after the end of the month when we see who is in and who is out for the next year. If you have any trouble call me. 928-830-5350. Bunk
  16. Well, getting elected president was easy! Now is the hard part. I would really like to find some high country claims in the Bradshaws. Ya it is my back yard, but my reasoning for this is, it is not to bad for temps in the summer time for AZ and I am sure there has to be some good ground availble. If the price of AU continues to rise, any availble land won't last long! Now I have no expierance at doing the research but have the means to do field work and time to go to PHX to file. This is an area that I do half way know the history of and there is still pleanty of gold to be had. What I am asking is for ideas for any potenial areas that we as a club,could do some reasurch and get some more claims in the high country of AZ. I am more than willing to learn if some one is willing to teach. We could have an outing and brain storm ideas, don't forget, I most allways cook at outings, and make all that wanted to be apart of this, contribute to this effort. I am not to picky, as a claim that would be good for dry washing, dredging or nugget shooting, would be good in my book. Let me know what you all think and if you have a spot that deserves another look post it up or if you don't want to post you can call me or PM me. If in we were to do this, Cleator would be a good central location. I also know of a place on the Mayer to Goodwin RD that would work. Lets work together to get a place to hunt in the summer! Thanks, Bunk 928-830-5350
  17. Well, first of all I want to thank all the officers that got the WSPA started!! You have all worked hard and done a fine job. I will do my best and am looking foward to working with Bob,Terry and Joe and Yvonne to take the WSPA into the next year. Thanks for the oppertunity to help out. Bunk
  18. I would stay down south if I were you, it was 15F here this AM, only37F at noon. Bunk
  19. I want to thank the members that have stepped up and are willing to help with the running of the club for the next year! It looks like we are all a shoe in in this election and I am looking foward to working with all of you. Bunk
  20. WOW! You guys are my heros. Thats some good looking AU. Bunk
  21. I might be able to make it, just have to wait and see what kind of drama is going on at the time. I have allways wanted to checkout that area! Bunk
  22. Terry, Thanks for stepping up. I am sure we can work around your time out of the country. Thanks again, Bunk
  23. Hey All, We be outta here! See yall there, drive safe! Bunk
  24. Martin, I will bring my vaccume so there will be a blower available. Also my son and brother will be glad to provide labor. Bunk
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