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  1. Ok, I have been watching this thread and it is starting to go south. This thread started out, the way I see it, as a land access issue. It is not about filthy brown or filthy white. This is all about losing access to allmost all of the Gadston purchase. Now I don't like the way the Fed. govt. is handling this anymore than the next guy. We all have our own thoughts on a cure for this problem, my best advice is to write your congressman, a LOT. We do need to lay off the politics here on the forum. I double dog dare anyone to come up with a good gold related story to share with the rest of the forum! Thanks, Bunk
  2. Chris, I used to really like going down south but to me its just not worth the chanch of running into trouble. Teri and I went down to Ajo last Jan., won't do that again any time soon! It does suck and your right, people better wake up! Steve, Where did you see that one? Bunk
  3. Terry, We could talk about it but I have an awful lot on my plate right now. Bunk
  4. Wow, thats crazy. I guess they don't have cattle guards in Kenya. Where did you read this? This is something everyone in the west should know about! Bunk
  5. The new forum don't like me no more either, I will check into it. Bunk
  6. Members, The WSPA forum that has been hosted here on the Nugget Shooter since our founding will close on 4-15-10. If you have not allready done so, you need to get regestered on the new site. Thanks, Bunk
  7. Bunk

    New Forum

    Harry, I don't know what happened. Try it again please. Bunk
  8. Bunk

    New Forum

    I hope this works... http://wspainc.com/ Bunk
  9. Members, You need to get signed up on the new forum as this one on the Nugget Shooter site will be closing soon. Thanks. Bunk
  10. Remember to bring some wood! Pickins are kind of slim in the desert out there. Bunk
  11. My count is 19. Any body else going? Bunk
  12. One more thing, We need to have release forms filled out and signed by any and all guest that you might bring. I will have forms with me. Thanks. Bunk
  13. Members, We really need that head count ASAP. Also has anyone heard from JohnB? He seems to be MIA lately. I really like to watch his pointie finger in action! This is shaping up to be a good trip! The last weather report was good but this is still a ways out, Be prepared for any thing, I have seen a couple of lite "breezes" out there that were quite interesting! As allways, remember to bring some fire wood. I will be there 3-20. Bunk
  14. These are the signs that will lead to camp, the easy way. Bunk
  15. my self and two guest, I think, I will know for sure at the end of this week. Bunk
  16. Members, We need to know how many people are going to this outing. Please include any guests that are coming with you. Bunk
  17. Welcome! See you a Gold Basin. Bunk
  18. Thanks guys! I would have rather been camped out but I spent the week in Vegas with mama. Had a good time but sure would not want to live there. Bunk
  19. Fred, Very kind of you for the chili offer. Can I offer the use of my kitchen? I am sure as the time gets closer there will be much more interest in your chili. Bunk
  20. Do you think UFO sightings will up in the area where this is being tested? Bunk
  21. Billy has my vote. Prospecting with kids or grand kids is the greatest! Bunk
  22. Thanks Gene, Us living close by it will be easier to put our heads together. Hope I learn something, see you tomarow. Bunk
  23. Roger, I think a fresh start would be just fine. Bunk
  24. Chris, Thank you very much! Bunk
  25. If anyone else that has paid up and not receved the new pass word, please let us know. Bunk
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