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  1. I have to second what Bill has to say. I also tried being a full time placer miner in the mid 90's. It was one of the most fun times in my life but no real money in it. We ended up with a couple of ounces for six months work, even at todays gold price, that would be pretty slim wages. I still like to dink around drywashing but I really like wondering the deserts with a detector. Bunk
  2. I sent them a e-mail this AM about the cost, Will report when I hear from them. Bunk
  3. I have never heard of "gold shooters" either, is that an AZ club? Might also want to look into Weaver mining dist. Pretty good claims and cheap, $35 a year. Bunk
  4. Ron, That is a real nice one! Have you found many like that, with so much color? Bunk
  5. Slim, I know I have heard the four colors thing also. My grand father told me about visual anomalies, he was a hard rocker and was always looking at the vegitation that was growing. Bunk
  6. I like to hunt by color, the last nugget I found was on a bright red hillside with alot of quartz, ironstone and greenstone. This hillside just looked different than others in the area with no signs of metal detector activity. We did find a couple recent dry wash piles but no old ones. This method works for me. Here is a pic. Bunk
  7. I got the visual! I can't wait to meet you, I can tell, you will be fun to be around! Did they dig up your yard? Bunk
  8. This is going to be the camp fire story for years to come! Bunk
  9. Hey Frank, Thats Great! Is that your first AZ nugget? And Bill, its good to see you still have the touch for spreading the FEVER, I am sure Frank will not even think about the heat now! Congrats on the nugget Frank! Bunk
  10. It would be interesting to see just where this is going to be. Some of the Kingman folks should check this. Bunk
  11. Frank, All I can say is, WOW! So, is the PD going to dig up your whole yard? Bunk
  12. Welcome back Bill, Now go get some gold. Bunk
  13. Hey Fred, I know you took some pictures... Glad you had a good time. Bunk
  14. I would still like to fix it for you, it gets me away from the computer! Bunk
  15. Hey Shep, Bring that pick with you to RP and I will put a new handle on it for you. Bunk
  16. Why do you think you need different coils? What is not working for you? We will all need more info to help you with your question. bunk
  17. What detector are you running and what do you hunt? Bunk
  18. Jason & H20, I have also used one the last four years and like it for the same reasons as you. I have tried a few others and they are just to heavy for me. At under 3# it is a breeze to carry around all day and it will really dig a hole fast! Well now Joe's been way too busy for pick production and has graciously allowed me to "pick" it up, so I am building the Hermit Pick now.
  19. If you have used a Hermit Pick, could you post your likes and dislikes about this pick. Thanks, Bunk
  20. Garrett, Still a little hot to get out much but when it cools off I am sure you will enjoy your new 705. Keep an eye out for the outing coming up this fall. This link is for the Finds Treasure forum, they have a section for the Xterra metal detectors. It should help you get started. Bunk http://www.findmall.com/
  21. I had to watch it twice, first time I got to looking at the gravel bars in the creek,the fever I guess. That is a cool clip. Bunk
  22. Frank, You know you can count me in, Gold Basin is one of my favorite places in OCT. Bunk
  23. Yes it is, its the one Teri has around her neck these days. Bunk
  24. We were able to make it silient but it lost some clairity in the up load. Bunk
  25. Bob, All I have ever done here is try to keep the peace and premote all aspects of gold prospecting. Ok, most of the Gadston purchase was an exageration, but the way I see things the outback all accross S. AZ is not safe. I am sure not all feel the way I do. I do belive that the border needs to be secured one way or another but harbor no ill will towards the mexican people in general, but they must imigrate legaly. It is a real shame that the little kids cought up in this are the ones to suffer the most, the way I see it. If I have ruffeled feathers here, sorry. On another note, I got a 2.5dwt nugget recently, my buddy that was with me got me on video but we have not figured out how to clean up my potty mouth so it is postable on a public forum. Bunk
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