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  1. Hard for me to say during the week as I never know when I have to be up at 2-3 AM for work. Bunk
  2. Blake, I will be glad to help you out! Give me a call some evening and we can talk it over. By the way, I can cook and I was told I have 10 more chances to get it right. Bunk
  3. I voted yes because Rob has allways treated me good, and even though I am new to the nugget hunting sceen, I think every one deserves a chance. The rules of the club are pretty streight foward and I don't see a reasonble person would have any trouble flowing them, and if they can't play by the rules then there are allturnitives. Bunk
  4. I don't see much on this trimmings post. Some ideas- Bagged salad and dressing A few large cans of ranch beans Potatos I have the meat covered And will be making salsa and providing chips for the Sat night meal. Bunk
  5. Keep in mind I am also making a double batch of El Bunko salsa and bringing chips for sat night. Gold miners can't have to much food,something about camping out that makes you hungry and everything taste good! Bunk
  6. Roger, I changed My sig. Is that what you need?
  7. All good. I will make sure you get it.
  8. Nope, the meat and salsa and chips will be on me. I will just need a solid # of people by 3-4-07 so I know how much to bring. Bunk
  9. I will be there Fri. AM and was thinking About doing some kind of rotiserie meat for Sat. evening for anyone that wants it. I just don't want anything to go to waste. Ask Bill or Denny, I can cook. Bunk
  10. I need a head count for the GB outing. I am thinking about cooking some meat for everyone Sat. night if I can find something on sale that would work for the # of people present. Bunk
  11. Thanks Roger, I will be there. I will bring the nuggets I have found since the first of the year since it was at Gold Basin that I found out I have not got over the "fever". Bunk
  12. I say total- 1000 grains biggest- 240 grains Bunk
  13. Bunk


    I gess it was not a fluke findind those 2 nugs at New Years, I found 2 more this W/E at Rich Hill. Bunk
  14. WOW, very interesting! You learn something new every day! Bunk
  15. Well, just how many members are we up to? Bunk
  16. I see no issues with this rule, as a working stiff that has 8-10 days at best, to prospect a month. Bunk
  17. I would be interested in this. I need to know a date a few weeks out and how much of a drive it will be before I could commit. Bunk
  18. My first idea for this would be next years membership in WSPA. How about a metal detector? it would not have to bought until all tickets have been sold. How about a couple of tickets on the Verde Canyon or Grand Canyon RR Or dinner for 2 some where. The possibilitys are end less for a high return with out much cash outlay, I would buy tickets on any of these. Bunk
  19. I think some thought should be given to some fund raising activitys as money never seems to go as far as you think it will. Raffels have allways worked good in past ventures that I have been involved in. Auctions are another thought. Bunk
  20. Ready to help where ever I can. Bunk
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