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  1. I can see it all now... The forest service pulls me over with a load of horse tail in my Rhino and says whats up.. I tell them I figure I have about 1oz. of gold in this 500# of horse tail... I just hope JohnB will bring me some cigs while I am weaving baskets in the looney bin.. Oh never mind, they don't allow smoking in the looney bin any more! Bunk
  2. Found these two guys drying out in my back yard this AM. All was well until the vulture moved a little too close and then the hawk flew off. Bunk
  3. Gold Basin nuggets from last year... Bunk
  4. Is it Oct. yet? Come on cool weather. Bunk
  5. No bites,no gold and the tall grass was hard to deal with. I did have a good time and want to thank JohnB for taking the time to show me around. The weather was great. We had to leave earlyer than we planed due to family matters at home. Looking foward to next time! Bunk
  6. Help me out here guys, thanks. Bunk
  7. Anyone know of a Frys or Safeway on the e. side of town that I won't have to much trouble getting the great pumpkin and trailer into? [ 52' ] I will be stoping at triple T to get water. Thanks, Bunk
  8. John, I been taking vitiams all week that are garentied to build your blood up. Also been main lining Deep Woods Off with extra deet, should be all right! Does it look like any rain out that way? See you Sat. Bunk
  9. WTG, Ron! I hope I can get back into what I want to do instead of what I have to do real soon, no nugs for me since Nov. Bunk
  10. Steve, This will be for my new house in Riverside,AZ. As I am working shift work at the mine and am gone at all hours of the day and night I need to be able to keep not just my detectors but other valubles secure. I have been working on this place for the last 3 months and just got moved in last week. The last 2 days have been the first time I have been able to relax since I started this project, this house is 100 years old and nobody has lived in it for 15 years, quite a job! Bunk
  11. Anyone use these to keep your detectors from walking off? Also, where do you get one at a good price? How big do you need? Bunk
  12. Well I am feelin lucky, will send a check tomarow. Bunk
  13. Bill, Hang in there! I been in the same boat kinda. New job, mother in law about to pass on, wife taking care of mother in law and not around to give me a hand remodeling 100 year old house. Not to mention brother and sister in law in the mitst of a nasty divorce that we are trying hard to stay out of. No nuggets since Nov.! Things gotta get better soon, I hope. Bunk
  14. I have been real busy with no time to get out but I would be glad to sign if needed. I also would like to see more claims any way possiable. Bunk
  15. Rich, We had blast today! No yellow but still a golden day out riding around with my grandson! Jake had a good time and wants to go again. I would like to do an outing down there before it gets to hot, April some time? I saw some really cool spots to camp that would acomadate many rigs. Bunk
  16. Rich, I looked for your phone #, could not find.My grandson and I are going to try to find this. Will be traveling by great pumpkin and my rhino. If you see an old fart and a 14 year old looking lost, stop and say hi. I will have my phone. Bunk
  17. Thanks All! Hope I can get out tomarow and find a nugget. Today my daughter is going to wine and dine me. Bunk
  18. It won't be long and the heat will be on us! Anyone want to do a day trip this Sun? I am working B shift this week. Give me a call, 9AM to 2PM. Bunk 928-830-5350
  19. Thanks for all the well wishes! My family is real good to me theese days. Tracy has been bugging me to get out and find a nugget as she has not seen a new one since thanksgiving just not much time lately with a new job and mama coming down on the W/E's. I do have a spot to check out today in the area of my wife's family ranch. John B, I don't know why you could not see the "Great Pumpkin" unless I was at work, I am right off the Hwy. just before the Mini mart, Horseshoe DR. Blake, I hear your father in law went to work for the new Carlotta mine up near Globe. And yes I have been to the area
  20. I got a new lap top for my birthday! Now since I am living in the wilds of Dudleyville, AZ, I can stay in touch on line! Thank you very much Teri and Tracy! Dad, AKA, Bunk
  21. Yep, its like this place is stuck in time, not much has changed since I left 13 years ago. Bunk
  22. Yep, same PH#, it is my Cell. Bunk
  23. Well I have relocated to Dudleyville and am going to have W/E's off for the next 3 weeks or so before they throw me to the wolves and shift work at the mine. I can't do anything this W/E as mamma is coming down to inspect my living arangements, but I sure would like to get down to Greaterville or some place next W/E. anyone want to go? I have not found a nugget since Thanksgiving and I am in need of a gold fix in a bad way! Bunk
  24. Well Sean, he must like you, he never let me have a taste of dino pooo. Bunk
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