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  1. I am kinda tied up in Nov. I might be able to make the first or second W/E but after that I will be a no show. Bunk
  2. This sounds great to me!! I can't wait till the weather cools off a bit, it has been in the very high 90's here in the Prescott area. Bunk
  3. When you head out of Mayer towards Goodwin, just as you get into the national forest there is a REAL big wide spot on the right that you could park 20 large motor homes. I have stayed at this spot myself. Bunk
  4. Well I don't know $hit from wild honey when it comes to the cyber world. If it makes it easyer for you, its all good with me. I have to get Mamma to help me down load any thing you send as it is. I am sure nothing will change for me. Bunk
  5. I would like to do something like this in the Prescott area! I all ready have a couple of spots that I am working on. Prescott people give me a call, if you are interested. 928-583-0453, evenings. Bunk
  6. Bunk


    It is allmost an ounce, It is from the Bradshaws and was only about 3" deep. I was useing a 3500 with a 8" mono. Bunk
  7. Bunk


    Well I have found a nugget every month since the first of the year. And I don't even have a pet rattlesnake to lead the way. This one is my best yet. I did about 4 hours of research last night and only had about 2 hours to hunt this morning and it payed off!! Bunk
  8. I am going to have to pass on this one due to some family issues that have come up. Bunk
  9. It should be high 80's to low 90's. Bunk
  10. With a boiler close by, I would bet your arstras are for water storage. As we all know, water don't grow on trees in AZ! Bunk
  11. Well there is no way I would try to get my rig up there! I will still be down for this trip but if the camp spot is not a place I can get my hauler to with out a major problem everybody has to cook for them selfs. All is cool with me if we camp at the claim, I will just ride my rhino up there and rough it. Bunk
  12. Ifin The camp spot is a place I can get my 21' toyhauler in, I would be down for this! Bunk
  13. Bunk


    Jim, I have total trust in you and your abilty to be a great claims director. Bunk
  14. Bill, I will not be able to help this Sat. as it will be a work day to make up for the day I was out sick 2 weeks ago, sorry. Bunk
  15. I also think this is a good idea! Yes. Bunk
  16. Do we have a plan for this trip yet? I was wondering if there is a motel close by. I hate to haul my toy hauler that far for one night. Bunk
  17. Early May? Count me in but remember I only have weekends to devote to prospecting. Bunk
  18. I would be interested in going also. Would this be a weekend trip? And I can get by with my limited spanish. Bunk
  19. I do feel like I am learning how to do this! I am really looking foward to hunting the Dale with you. You have to know it will envolve a killer steak dinner! Bunk
  20. I got 3 more this W/E at Rich Hill. Pics coming soon. Bunk
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