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  1. Thanks All! Hope I can get out tomarow and find a nugget. Today my daughter is going to wine and dine me. Bunk
  2. It won't be long and the heat will be on us! Anyone want to do a day trip this Sun? I am working B shift this week. Give me a call, 9AM to 2PM. Bunk 928-830-5350
  3. Thanks for all the well wishes! My family is real good to me theese days. Tracy has been bugging me to get out and find a nugget as she has not seen a new one since thanksgiving just not much time lately with a new job and mama coming down on the W/E's. I do have a spot to check out today in the area of my wife's family ranch. John B, I don't know why you could not see the "Great Pumpkin" unless I was at work, I am right off the Hwy. just before the Mini mart, Horseshoe DR. Blake, I hear your father in law went to work for the new Carlotta mine up near Globe. And yes I have been to the area around the depot but need to explore it further. Largo, Yep still have the watch, would like to sell but can't find enough info to know what it is really worth, so I have not tried very hard. Bunk
  4. I got a new lap top for my birthday! Now since I am living in the wilds of Dudleyville, AZ, I can stay in touch on line! Thank you very much Teri and Tracy! Dad, AKA, Bunk
  5. Yep, its like this place is stuck in time, not much has changed since I left 13 years ago. Bunk
  6. Yep, same PH#, it is my Cell. Bunk
  7. Well I have relocated to Dudleyville and am going to have W/E's off for the next 3 weeks or so before they throw me to the wolves and shift work at the mine. I can't do anything this W/E as mamma is coming down to inspect my living arangements, but I sure would like to get down to Greaterville or some place next W/E. anyone want to go? I have not found a nugget since Thanksgiving and I am in need of a gold fix in a bad way! Bunk
  8. Well Sean, he must like you, he never let me have a taste of dino pooo. Bunk
  9. My grandkids panned up a little color out of the creek but was wondering if anyone has detected that area? Bunk
  10. Better than that, still holding, going to get new ones in the AM. Bunk
  11. I will do that!! Bunk
  12. Is there anyone on here from the Kearny or Globe area? Bunk
  13. Anyone ever had a looksy around this area? My brother worked for a underground mine in the area a few years back and I remember some workings but never got a chance to check it out. I am soon to move to the Kearny area and it is not to far away, thanks. Bunk
  14. Mine is a Minelab 8" round super gold search. Bunk
  15. Been real busy since last W/E but just wanted to say thanks to all for a real good time and help with my flat tire! John B, those were the best skunk road kill burittos I have ever had, if those are on the menu next time I may not tell you if I find a nugget next time, I never knew Skunk was so good! Sean, a big thanks to you for the ride and conversation to and from the claims! Can't wait till the next one. Bunk
  16. I use a 8" mono all most all the time and like it real well. It is real lite and fits under and around the heavy brush that I hunt in. Bunk
  17. I love it when a plan comes together!! I have to be in Kearny for an interview monday morn, so I will be able to make this trip. See you there! I am hoping I can catch i ride from Amado as the Great Pumpkin will hate me forever if I drive it to the claim. Bunk
  18. Don, Its not that it is big piece, it just takes some of us a while to think about all of your great finds! I want to be just like you when I grow up!! Thanks for the pics. Bunk
  19. I can not vote in this poll. For one, I do not understand any of this. For two, if I had a claim or if I file on one in the future, I would just donate it for the good of the club, gold has no real money value to me, I just like hunting for it. $135 a year is not very much money! Bunk
  20. I have been reading and re-reading all this stuff for the last couple of days. I think it is all good as far as I am concerned, now I don't know anything about filing claims but would really like to learn. I would be glad to sign on any claims that the club needs me to and i don't need the discount on the membership. $135.00 a year is chicken feed when you take into account what we all spend detectors,coils and related stuff not to mention fuel to run around to all these places. All the latest gizmos are not worth a hoot if you have no place to use them! Just my thoughts. Bunk
  21. I need a Big Toad, John has been bagging on me for the last year about the fly $hit nuggets that I find. Thanks John, I can't wait to get down that way and "mow" that grass down! Bunk
  22. I have been quiet on this but have been reading it all... I don't really like going by my self either and my wife would no sooner pick up a detector than go to the moon. I don't see the harm in taking a friend along but I have avoided asking anybody to go with me due to the rules if I go to a WSPA claim. The people I would take with me that are not members would never even be interested in prospecting if I did not take them. Some of the places I have traveled in the back country I know I should not go by my self, with that I would also like to see a rule change and not be held to the 3 day rule. I am getting to know more and more of the WSPA members so this might not be much of an issue in the future but I still think a rule change would be good. Bunk
  23. 2 of us spent about 5hours here on the 16 july and another 5 hours on the 22nd.
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