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  1. I Will be making a pot of bacon and beans. Will also roast a pork loin.
  2. Teri and I will be there.
  3. For the folks that have never been to Gold Basin, I made up these signs to help get you to camp. Remember this is dry camping and you must bring all your needs. also there is no fire wood to be had in the area, so if we all bring a little we should have pleanty. Make sure a respond to the poll as that is how we will plan for enough chow on Sat evening. So far the long range weather is looking real good, highs in the mid 80's and lows mid 50's, we are still a month out so this could change.
  4. I will be making a pot of beans and bacon on Sat. Also, FrankC and I hold the Goldenrite claim up there and all will be welcome to hunt that claim during the Outing.
  5. Great idea, I can see how that would help a lot. Would you like a new pick to try it out on?
  6. So looking foward to this! Gold Basin outings are always a hoot! I will be cooking a big pot of bacon and beans.
  7. Got this last week with my CTX. Stock coil about 10'. I thought the history was pretty cool. http://www.allpar.com/cars/adopted/chalmers.html
  8. These are some of my finds from this summer. This spot is very trashy and has been well hunted over the years but it had never seen a CTX. Can't say enough good about this machine! I just got access to a new 10 acre chunk of private land that should keep me busy for a long time. Bunk
  9. After a long hot summer I am starting to get out again. Anyone ever found anything from Az Smelting Co? I have not heard of this Co. The second item looks to be a money clip. Tag found with Explorer se pro and the clip with Xterra 705. Bunk
  10. Congrats Teri! I knew you could do it! Bunk
  11. Coin hunting is a lot of fun if you have some "old" places to hunt. Prescott being a old town, it is very trashy in some my better spots, the Etrac/Explorer machines having the abilty to look through the trash is the only way to go. Just like the gold machines they do take a while to learn. I had the 70/705 pretty well figured out and found my first silver this last fall, 1903 dime and a 1924 quarter, and while I still love to hunt the nuggets, coins are a blast when I can't get down to the desert. Bunk
  12. Howdy All, I took a lot more interest in coin hunting this last summer with a Xterra 70and a new 705 and have made some pretty good finds. This winter, I moved up to a Explorer SE Pro as my coin and relic machine. Wow, what a difference! I only have 20-25 hours on this machine so far but I can tell I am really going to like this machine once I learn all the ins and outs. I have mostly been hunting parks and ball fields while I am in the training mode but I do have some really trashy spots that I want to drop back to once I figure it all out and get a smaller coil. So far, I have only been using the factory presets but do look forward to playing with some custom patterns especially the ability for this machine to “learn”. I am planning on a couple of beach trips this summer and I expect it to excel on the beach. These are my finds so far. Bunk
  13. I have been hunting with Frank for several years now and he is one of the most determind hunters I have ever met. With all the deep trash he has dug in the last couple years, he totaly earned this one! Bunk
  14. Hey Rockhunter, The tokens were in use from about 1935 until just after WW2, the law was on the books till 1954. Patrick, You got that right! While I was detecting, I had a guy stop by and give me permission to hunt his yard and this place dates to 1901, I have not found out what was on this property before that, but I will! Bunk
  15. I been doing some coin hunting at a spot I have been looking at for several years and just recently got permission. The property has history going back to the 1860's and I am sure it has never been detected by the kind of stuff I am finding. The first time I went, I found my first tax token and a bunch of clad. Well I picked up one of the new Coiltek 15" WOT for my X70 and when I went back yesterday I got three more tax tokens and a silver tie tack, not to mention a bunch more clad! So many targets, so little time! I can't wait to get through this top layer! Bunk
  16. I was just told that the Weaver office has moved to "down town" Congress on Hwy 71. Bunk
  17. Hey Bill, All the folks at this years Nugget Shooter outing are also welcome to hunt the "Goldenrite" claim that is held by Frank C and myself. Bunk
  18. Bunk

    New PI

    Hi Reg, I remember that day well at the 24K and I was not able to hear those nuggets, must have been someone else. I was fairly new at that time and was running a 3500. I Was very surprised at not being able to hear them for the size they were. The things you learn along the way! Thanks everyone! Bunk
  19. Hi Rick, You goin to be in the same area? I might be able to make it over there about noon. Bunk
  20. Hi Rick, Glad I was able to help you out! If you can find bird shot, you can find a nugget. I was impressed with your machine being able to hear those small targets. When it cools off a bit we will try a little desert hunting. YF, Thanks for the kind words! I do enjoy helping folks out. Bunk
  21. Would anyone that is new to detecting be interested in little mini outings on Wednesdays at Lynx Creek? I would be glad to show up with some test nuggets and advice for the new folks if there was some interest. I am no expert but I do like to share what I have learned and I like to talk about prospecting in general. The weather is nice here in the Prescott area this time of year so it might be a nice break for the folks that live in the hotter country. Send me a PM or post here. Bunk
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