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  1. Remember to bring some wood! Pickins are kind of slim in the desert out there. Bunk
  2. One more thing, We need to have release forms filled out and signed by any and all guest that you might bring. I will have forms with me. Thanks. Bunk
  3. Members, We really need that head count ASAP. Also has anyone heard from JohnB? He seems to be MIA lately. I really like to watch his pointie finger in action! This is shaping up to be a good trip! The last weather report was good but this is still a ways out, Be prepared for any thing, I have seen a couple of lite "breezes" out there that were quite interesting! As allways, remember to bring some fire wood. I will be there 3-20. Bunk
  4. These are the signs that will lead to camp, the easy way. Bunk
  5. Fred, Very kind of you for the chili offer. Can I offer the use of my kitchen? I am sure as the time gets closer there will be much more interest in your chili. Bunk
  6. Roger, I think a fresh start would be just fine. Bunk
  7. Roger, Does that mean that the format would be like the nugget shooter forum? Bunk
  8. I will put up some signs to the camping area. Also, does anyone know what the roads are like since the storms? Bunk
  9. Members, The gold basin outing is coming up, I am planing on being up there about the 20th and staying about 10 days. This is a great area for both meteorites and gold. Whos in? The weather should be great but no promises. Bunk
  10. 2 of us spent about 5hours here on the 16 july and another 5 hours on the 22nd.
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