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  1. I Will be making a pot of bacon and beans. Will also roast a pork loin.
  2. Teri and I will be there.
  3. For the folks that have never been to Gold Basin, I made up these signs to help get you to camp. Remember this is dry camping and you must bring all your needs. also there is no fire wood to be had in the area, so if we all bring a little we should have pleanty. Make sure a respond to the poll as that is how we will plan for enough chow on Sat evening. So far the long range weather is looking real good, highs in the mid 80's and lows mid 50's, we are still a month out so this could change.
  4. I will be making a pot of beans and bacon on Sat. Also, FrankC and I hold the Goldenrite claim up there and all will be welcome to hunt that claim during the Outing.
  5. Great idea, I can see how that would help a lot. Would you like a new pick to try it out on?
  6. So looking foward to this! Gold Basin outings are always a hoot! I will be cooking a big pot of bacon and beans.
  7. Congrats Teri! I knew you could do it! Bunk
  8. I have been hunting with Frank for several years now and he is one of the most determind hunters I have ever met. With all the deep trash he has dug in the last couple years, he totaly earned this one! Bunk
  9. Hey Bill, All the folks at this years Nugget Shooter outing are also welcome to hunt the "Goldenrite" claim that is held by Frank C and myself. Bunk
  10. Bunk

    New PI

    Hi Reg, I remember that day well at the 24K and I was not able to hear those nuggets, must have been someone else. I was fairly new at that time and was running a 3500. I Was very surprised at not being able to hear them for the size they were. The things you learn along the way! Thanks everyone! Bunk
  11. We have 4-5" of snow this AM... Bunk
  12. We lost a great prospector and friend. He will be missed by all. RIP, Bob. Bunk
  13. Hey Jim,Here is the the link for the Quartsite culb. As for camping, Dome Rock would be his best bet. http://www.quartzsitemetaldetectingclub.com/index.htm Bunk
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