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  1. A little gold from our last hunt.
  2. Happy Birthday , Grubby and many more. Take Care, Chuck
  3. mariposagoldbag By the description you gave (just south of the Schroeder Mine on Saxon Creek) sounds like you might be on the Golden Madria claim,if you are above the Golden Madria you are on another claim.As for history not much written about Saxon. You will find a little in this link. http://www.mariposar...t/whitlock.html Chuck
  4. Hi, Jim No, the weight of the rock was just over five pounds.It has 109 grams of gold in it. Take care, Chuck
  5. Found with a GMT, it was only five inches below the surface so the signal was very loud. Luck on your next hunt, Chuck
  6. Went out detecting for a few hours yesterday and came home with a little gold. Luck on your next hunt, Chuck
  7. Sundays hunt was a little wet but all went well for all. Lots a luck on your next hunt, Chuck
  8. Ya, that's my youngest son with the Golg Bug on the dump.
  9. Hello, Paleface This rock came from an old tailing pile we are working. Some hot rocks mixed in with the quartz, and a lot of squar nails. Threshold volume was soft ( a loud hum drives me nuts ) ,auto track on , signal boost off ,with the standard DD coil, swinging it as close to but not hitting the ground. Photo of dump attached. Take care , Chuck
  10. The weather was nice,85 degrees. Had to get out and do some detecting,only had a few hours but came home with a nice specimen. For those interested I was using the GMT. SAT. at 7, GAIN at 7. The signal was faint with one bar on the graph. At about 10 inches in depth the ID said METAL TO CLOSE TO COIL with a loud scream. I knew it had to be a shovel or pick head. Dug about 4 inches deeper and removed two more rocks from the hole, then the signal disappeared. Picked up one rock and nothing,picked up the second rock and it screamed. Washed off the clay and this is what it looked like. Total depth 14 inches,not bad for a GMT.
  11. Here's another one for your picture album. Good luck on that new patch. Chuck
  12. Like John said you are required to file notice of intent or an affidavit of assessment work with the county the claim is in by December 30 . Also some county will req. you to pay an unsecured property tax. Chuck
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