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  1. Old story or a new one...I love it! Congrat's LuckyLundy
  2. BB, Leave no dink behind!!! They all add up, just a little slower than the fat ones. To you continued success! LuckyLundy
  3. BB, Great hunting, there's always gold to be found in old patches if you take your time! WTG LuckyLundy
  4. Their Service Department is clueless...Customer Service is the gold standard of any good company! LuckyLundy
  5. Martin, If that leg was better I'd take you for a little hike to try your luck! C'ya Saturday! LuckyLundy
  6. My tackle box of coils is filled with Commander Coils and I'm looking forward to different designs and lighter weights sometime in the future, I hope? LuckyLundy
  7. I have several old patches and all models of the Minelabs swing on them. Seems everyday is a different day, same ground with new nuggets. When I work old patches, you have to drag your coil extra slow and checkout every noisey spot. Using different brands of coils, sometimes using less gain are a few of my methods with my GPX 4000. Most important is a positive mind set and holding your mouth correct!!! Russ, WTG and keep them nuggets popping! LuckyLundy
  8. Frank C, Your day is coming...keep digging them targets, one has to be your 1 oz'er! Until our next hunt. LuckyLundy
  9. Martin, Hey you can use your Super GoldSearch Coil on your GPX 4500. It's a great coil and my old 8" Mono, has added a many a nugget to my pokes. Until our next hunt! Rick
  10. As many of you know my Wife Robin joined the 1 oz Nugget Club last Summer, with a very nice 21.4 dwt'er (photo below). She really didn't want a big nugget ring that El Dorado (Steve) is famous for crafting for the men folk. So Steve, e-mailed me a few photo's of Lady nugget ring's he fashioned and Robin, started to get a few ideas! With only 1 visit to Steve's house, they figured a battle plan and Steve set to work on her 1 oz Club Ring. Steve, knows Robin well and he fashioned for her the most perfect Lady's Nugget Ring filled with her Birth Stone and gold that she detected. Today, we wa
  11. Fine looking gold, great shooting! LuckyLundy
  12. Ted, There's plenty of room in the poke for them dinks. They fit nice around them fat ones hogging up the poke bottle. Keep swing'n and good job! LuckyLundy
  13. Mike, Yep, every nugget doesn't give the text book sound. Matt, is correct..."Dig them all and let the scoop sort them out". Good digging! LuckyLundy
  14. Allen, Steve had a great time working on your ring and even turned down a couple of hunts with me. He really puts his all into his craft and your ring brought the best out in him. Last month, I was at a Reno Casino with my Bling Ring playing Texas Hold'em and a guy down the tabled asked if that was a Super Bowl Ring...I'm sure you'll get the same reviews. LuckyLundy
  15. Adam, Hey great hunting,keep it up! LuckyLundy
  16. Jim, You have to be in the Gold Zone to have your best chance of finding a nugget(s). All goldfields, will have their own geo features to learn and to expand that goldfield zone. There's a ton of miles to hike and as many skunk days involved for that new virgin patch. To the Victor goes the Spoils. My first nuggets was from Lynx Creek, AZ dredging back in 1979. Until our next hunt! LuckyLundy
  17. Ron, You know they like company! WTG!!! LuckyLundy
  18. Dave, Great looking color! I'm sure there is more around waiting for you to find it. LuckyLundy
  19. Adam, Nice gold and they all add up, WTG. I've had a couple of the donkeys scare the heck out of me humping them dry washes! You have a great Holiday. LuckyLundy
  20. Sport, Plenty of rain in our neck of the woods. Get some rain gear for yourself and a trash bag for your control box, it beats staying home! LuckyLundy
  21. sweendog, Save your money and get yourself a used GP Extreme or GP 3000. They will run circles around the hot ground vs a VLF machine. LuckyLundy
  22. I love the Weatherman's forecast! I need a few days to rest my bones anyways! But, I'll need a boat to get to our patches when it's all over. LuckyLundy
  23. Vic, Yep, your going to have to hop on the Bee Line and head down the hill. Rye, Sun Flower, Sugar Loaf Mnt, 4-Peaks all hold some color, you'll have to do your hiking and homework though! Good luck! LuckyLundy
  24. Harry, If the wind isn't blowing to loud you'll love them and your Wife can hear where your at! Talk to you soon, Rick
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