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  1. All the edge of the nugget finder coil is what makes it desirable. When you can bump a clump and get the signal, well that beats all other coils... They have discontinued the Nugget finder coils for the EVO that is just not the same.
  2. Just Sayin The 7000 is heavy and takes work but still the technology far exceeds the 6000. I have seen the 7000 machine pull nuggets out of hammered ground. The guys who swing it pay for the equipment they use but benefit from the technology. The Minelab 6000 would probably not be valuable in the Mother Load of California due to the trash...not many machines are. The gold on the benches is deep and in a hard pack very difficult to detect. The gold in the streams is contaminated with lead trash to the lowest point. Always the new Mine Lab lays the claim to being the cutting edge greater than all others. Finds gold the others didn't find yata yata... Some Truths for those of you looking. The Equinox is better than the Gold monster.. The Gold Bug still produces as much gold in shallow ground as either the Equinox or the Gold Monster. Bottom line any gold metal detector put over gold will hear it. The 6000 seems to be more apt to hear all and is not able to discriminate which should be an expectation for a 2021 detector. This results in making you dig a ton of small trash targets. If $6,000 dollars and a ton of trash target suits you then make the investment. I see this detector in the $4,000 range by this time next year and Minelab releasing it's sequel by Christmas 2023 but I am no salesman
  3. I agree but digging tiny trash may not always be productive. So be sure you clean the spot before you bring in the 6000
  4. My skin is wrinkled from the many years in the sun. 1971 to 2021. Arizona outdoors is amazingly beautiful in every way but always takes planning. I personally don't wait for the weather to cool down to detect, and feel like I earn not only the nice winter days, but the cool breeze in the summer that utilizes the sweat from enduring the desert heat. In my mind it is always cooler outside in the digs then in the city. The technology of the world has come a long ways since I made my living as a carpenter in Arizona. The wetted neck wraps, hydration fluids, knowledge of the right foods to eat in the outdoors have really made a difference between now and then. Then I had youth now I have knowledge. My dad always told me if you feel thirsty it is to late. You need to hydrate your body before you need it.
  5. Just swing and dig one of them is bound to be gold
  6. Bob https://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/fishing/game-fish/regulations-specific-waters/ Please show where in the New Mexico game and Fish Regulations it references Spear or Bow fishing acknowledging that it is legal.
  7. Obviously a good question but spear fishing is a different illegal method of taking Game fish than bow fishing. Bob admitted to spearing this bass in his post on this forum.
  8. Here is a question for Bedrock Bob. The Fish in you Avatar was legally taken by your own account (Speared) why do you persist in pimping it?
  9. While we always compare our knowledge of what the geological formations of value look like here on earth. Here is a thought: What we have seen in this video is probably not gold but could be veins of a much more valuable mineral. Maybe a single gram of it could provide the energy (Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Possibly Hydration) to a large vehicle or house hold for more than a year? Energy is always going to be a driver for value. The value of gold is an earth property but mainly due to it's rarity. Other commodities are far more valuable to the quality of life. Just a thought
  10. Grubstake Quartz is not a necessity for Hydro Thermal infusion. Gold can travel as a liquid with other minerals...even on earth
  11. I get my second shot tomorrow which is great. I work for a large manufacturing company and so many of my colleges have put their feet up by their pools, "Working form home" Being at work every day though out this flue seeing that folks go down and return has been an experience. I believe if you are a leader you lead by example first. I also feel blessed by God to have skirted this contagion. All that said I believe this is practice for the real thing.
  12. Bob Some faith without being cynical would go far. It seems on most subjects you are the naysayer. I am not sure that you believe in the gospel. ( God so loved the world that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross so that we could be forgiven for our sins) But if you do believe please curb your conviction of others and their responses to your post. If you do not it is clear of your motivations are not disguised as being from a man with faith.
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