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  1. Sonoran Dave That is a really nice VW Bug build!
  2. Big mining is to blame. And they have all the time and money to buy the rights to destroy even the most pristine environment. Sad because eventually they will grease the right palm and off they go.
  3. Don't you think the price of gold is relative to what you can buy with the price of gold. $2,000 is equal to what you could buy when gold was worth $20 dollars an ounce depending on where you were
  4. Here was my point. We get a lot of rain in the summer down south and most of the gold is in the clay. So when you get a target in mud/clay you don't want to use a scoop like that, (adding water and using like a gold pan). You would waste a lot of time on each target. The regular scoop is better for mud because the target won't get hung up in the caked mud behind the riffle. I might buy one at some point but it is a tool and each tool has it's place. This tool is probably not the best choice for mud and metal detecting.
  5. I guess you don't metal detect Doc.
  6. Probably won't be so hot in the mud or wet ground. But it's a good idea. I think the old tome prospectors used their scoops for testing
  7. Nice Finds! I gotta say that is a priceless expression on the lizard he is looking at you like what the heck.
  8. Tom Thanks for sharing and that is a great idea of a way to display you collecting. I'm curious about the orientation of the horse shoes? I was always told that that if you don't hang then with the ends up, your luck will fall out.
  9. I would challenge each of you on the thread to list the actual people you know that have been infected for this reason The numbers are screwed and we are being manipulated by the media and those of us that have a reduced sense of reality are in parallel
  10. Luke I really think that line is blurred. What the true numbers are have been monetarily tainted by those entities that will benefit from the numbers.
  11. It was Mt Lemon and only on the north side at 9,000 feet
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