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  1. It looks like an awesome day! I'm glad that the shirt worked it's magic on your day!
  2. I'd like to have one and send it in to get it modified https://detectormods.com/forum/ "All detectors can have increased performance by replacing the input Field Effect transistors with lower loss types that have recently become available. The SD2100 to the GPX5000 can have variable frequency added, this makes a very big difference in regards to the size of the gold, the depth and type of coil that you are using. All detectors can have a variable gain board added that greatly increases the sensitivity and also allows for correct ground mineral reduction so that gold targets can be distinguished in noise ground or in noisy electrical environments."
  3. garikfox 97 degrees is not as deadly as -0 but either can be managed with proper clothing, shelter, food and drink or even time of day, however I think you would stand less of a chance making it back in -0 That is just my opinion. I don't have a season. I hunt through summer and dress plays a large part. The new Camel packs can carry all you need for those days. I have a 4 liter and fill it with ice and water. On the really hot days I will carry an extra bottle of water. I like to bring a piece of fruit and some nuts sunflower seeds or pistachios something like that. An orange is awesome on a hot day. Costco sells a six foot umbrella for 20 bucks if the sun is the issue. My point is don't let circumstances rule your choices life is short.
  4. Garikfox I have to say if you heard the buckshot you will hear gold. The next thing you need to do is get your coil over the gold.
  5. Very funny I remember way back in the day...trading a plastic skate board and a PT-19 trainer airplane for my 1st Little John Moto Cross bike frame. That was 1976 hard to believe what evolved out of that and skate boarding. By 1978 I was riding a G & S board with Kyptonic wheels bailing pools. I always tell my kids that I am the reason they created the no skate boarding laws and hung the signs.
  6. No one has tried the large coil. I believe it will serve you well in the area you are hunting
  7. Sorry all. Spiders are my Kyptonite. I was bite on my lower calf by a brown recluse when I was 6 years old. It really did a number on me physically as well a physiologically. I was in my 30's the last time I woke up in the middle of the night and tour the bed apart looking for the spider that was only in my dream.
  8. Why would you dredge up this 10 year old thread instead of starting a new one?
  9. Adam I'm very interested I will trade my GB2 and some cash....?
  10. Gold Placers and Placering in Arizona "A person not in robust health or one who has not sufficient funds to finance his entire trip runs a splendid chance of starving to death If he tackles placer mining in Arizona"
  11. Hey Mike

    I thought I saw your truck today parked above Sucker Gulch. Were you hunting Sucker Today? 


  12. That is one heck of a small mouth!
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