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  1. Boy I bet that thing makes a racket
  2. Man that is figuring it out. Do you have any production pictures or finished product?
  3. Thanks for the for the information I'm moving on the information Morlock provided. I have posted this on Rob's forum also
  4. Thank you for your reply I truly appreciate your impute and I'm looking for more. sorry I do not Face Book and Don't feel that hitting this specimen with a hammer is an appropriate direction. I would like to see if anyone could direct me in the chemical treatment of the specimen including the vessels needed and possible amounts of hydrochloric acid. I understand the plastic aspect of the acid but don't understand if I just submerge the specimen in hydrochloric acid and wait a certain amount of days and ? Pour the liquid out and wash with water? These are the questions I am looking
  5. Hey I'm looking for direction on how to dissolve the rock from around my Specimen I have had this thing a long time and think I'm ready to change it's appearance. It's Specific Gravity shows 2.36 oz of gold I have posted the picture before but here it s again. I'm hoping to get enough information to free the specimen I believe it is wire gold. When and if complete I will share the results with everyone Thanks in advance
  6. I would say that it is a lot like fishing. 80 % of the fish are in 10% of the water. That said someone that is very skilled can find that 10% of water and consistently make it pay. And in fishing as in gold mining the 10% moves around. So figure out where they are Or in the case of gold where it is and how to catch it and you have it nailed...
  7. Nice gold Deep hole. Good thing it wasn't a lead solder dot can.
  8. WLTDWIZ I realize my question may be ignorant but how does this set up keep the gold and concentrates from being rolled out the front of the mixer? Thanks
  9. Welcome Best of luck to you. The weather is as good as it gets. My old fishing friends use to say "God never takes away from your life the time you spend fishing So Fish all you can" I think the same is true with detecting.
  10. Doug I would suggest that you join the GPAA I know they have claims around there even if only for a month. You can use their data base on line research the locations of their claims and jump right in. I hope this helps
  11. Very nice. The rest of it may still be on the bank slightly above. Good Luck I hope you find more!
  12. Just my two cents This would also pertain to culverts. They are particularly popular to mine. That said there is not a public right of way police. I would say that this would go pretty much un noticed by any public law enforcement agency unless perhaps you were tearing the place up.
  13. Thank you guys It's been fun getting all this gray!
  14. Sounds like you might want to consider a crusher too
  15. It's disappointing that you moderate and stop any sort of political dialog and yet you make a comment

    1. Au Seeker

      Au Seeker

      I moderate any personal attacks or any post in violation of forum rules and any replies to such posts, not on topic dialog, etc.,  most of the time I never comment if ever, but the one time I do you complaint??

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