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  1. fishing8046

    Golden Valley man dies in flooded wash

    That water isn't that deep....or moving that fast. I can make it. It will kill ya if you're not patient cautious and smart.
  2. fishing8046

    100 year old artifacts?

    Quick Story I'm a southern Arizona guy. I first started metal detecting with my children in an effort to get them interested in the outdoors...6 hours on the boat didn't work. I had recently got my 1st detector and I thought we would try an area near Mamouth Arizona. History said it had one on the largest and best-producing gold mines of the late 1800's with a cable trolly pulling water from more than 3 miles from the San Pedro river up and down the hill. There is a road to the west called Willow Springs road. Anyway, the detectors is new the kids are loving the new adventures, we drive in on the road and I notice a few white quartz stringers of disseminating white quartz on the surface a few 100 yards off the dirt roadway. So we park the truck off to the side of the road and hike the short distance with the detector in hand. Back then I always carried a 5-gallon bucket. We messed around there and detected the surface quartz exposure a bit. We were there less than a 1/2 hour. There was a bit of traffic on the dirt road. I have never been to Willow Springs but it is a destination for the off-roaders. The kids at my side (7-year-old girl and the 9-year-old boy) detecting looking at rocks, I look up at the truck and there is Fish and Game truck and a Forest Service truck. The officers are out of their vehicles looking at my truck and me and the kids about 100 yards away. I feel the pressure of their presence and start to walk up to the truck. As I get close to the truck I hit the button to unlock the truck and let the kids get in. The officers yell for us to stop ( freeze ) freaking my kids and myself out. The officers ask yelling do you realize you are on state trust land? I can arrest you! Metal detecting is against the law, illegal! He then moves up close and takes my detector from my hands. I didn't know what to say. My kids were so scared. I told them to get in the truck. I was a bit confused. They asked to search me and my vehicle. They told me they were looking for antiquities that I may have dug up. I consented knowing that we had done no wrong and they continued to terrorize my children for about another 20 minutes at which time they gave me back my new detector and a pamphlet about Arizona State trust land where it clearly states you can not use a metal detector. Anyway
  3. fishing8046

    Falcon md-20

    I have a slightly different opinion than the rest. The MD-20 has been a valuable tool for me in that when I hunker down on a relatively small area where I can sit down, it enables me to gather the fine gold in a pan without much effort. I have found gold I would not have otherwise, maybe just because I was closer to the ground and slowed down. The original reason I bought it was for the kids. It was fun using the GB2 detecting with them and putting a little flag on a signal and letting them recover the target. I would find a few targets and they would work them.
  4. fishing8046

    Hurricane Coming To AZ

    Promises promises
  5. fishing8046

    The targets I dug today

    Luke that is a great looking days work!
  6. fishing8046

    Some Gold !

    Way cool! Are these detected or sampled and panned? Very nice work!
  7. fishing8046

    Some gold on an ugly quarter

    Very nice gold Luke wat to go. Quick question...How are the weeds out your way? I am having trouble finding the ground as of late, even the bedrock is growing summer grass. Just curious?
  8. fishing8046

    "One for Wednesday"

    Very lovely bedrock for sure!
  9. fishing8046

    Gold is Not Where You Find It

    If Doc only gets skunked 1 out of 20 times he goes out I would say he is hunting some pretty good ground. Personally, I will go in stretches where I find gold in that ratio until I have cleaned the area out. Then it's back to hit and miss for a spell searching for the gold, that is where you find it.
  10. fishing8046

    Coarse Hillside Specimens

    Very chunky I would like to see a photo of it cleaned up. Is it in a matrix?
  11. fishing8046

    Fridays humidity

    Very Nice gold. Kinda of curious what the color of the ground was?
  12. fishing8046

    Finally, A Gold Post !

    Adam Very nice....Question do you go back in there with your hoe and pull the rocks out of the way...or do you think you got it all?
  13. fishing8046

    Equinox gold

    Very nice bc53981 That is definitely a nice one from down there! Those roads down there have to be pretty washed out. We have gotten some serious Monsoon movement this year.
  14. fishing8046

    Butterfield Stage Route .KMZ

    The Chiricahuawa Apache Indians were fierce warriors. Several years back on the old Ghost towns forum someone posted the accounts of the Salerio mine master from 1864. It is south of Tucson and north of Nogales. It went something like this. The mine master writes in his journal Last night the dogs were barking. I feared it was Indians. When I went out in the morning I found bear tracks in the wash. It went on to say that 9 people were ambushed and murdered by the Apache Indians near Tubac. Then about 3 days later the mine master writes. The dogs were barking last night but it was not like they were barking because of the bear. They were terrified In those 3 words, it became apparent to me that the Chiricahuawa Apache was terrifying not only to humans but to every living thing. Within a few days of that post, the Chiricahuawa Apache ran everyone out of southern Arizona and chased them all the way to Yuma.
  15. fishing8046


    They look more realistic in the upper than the lower