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  1. fishing8046

    Isn't this a Gold Forum??,..

    Here is a picture of a few.
  2. fishing8046

    Travel Channel Producer

    I hope you don't run into this guy down that way. Just joking This is an old photo of a fierce Chiricahua Indian with his weapon ready to sneak up on you, but the reality of surviving in that are in the 1800s was more than challenge for all who attempted it.
  3. fishing8046

    Snakes and headphones

    Have any of you ever noticed that Horned Toads and Lizards the slower less troublesome reptilian creatures react to your metal detector as if they can hear it? I believe that I avoid contact with Rattlesnakes ( I have never seen one detecting) by just swinging the coil. The electromagnetic pulse produced by the machine notifies them that they need to vacate. The exception to this rule is the colder months when they are slow to react. However, the danger is far less when it's colder. Just sayin
  4. fishing8046

    Clanton Gang Loot/Hideouts/Skeleton Canyon Treasure

    That is Desert Pilots back yard if anyone here has an idea about that area it's him.
  5. fishing8046

    Beeping the Arctic

    It is a cycle of the earth that has been going on forever.
  6. fishing8046

    Field Trip Report !

    Very nice. I can't wait to see what you guys do when it is a bit dryer.
  7. fishing8046

    Could this be a 20K find?

    Here is a partial of both sides. This specimen is riddled with gold. The next thing I should do is put current through it. Would you crush it?
  8. fishing8046

    Could this be a 20K find?

    gold 1-13-19.html gold 2 1-13-19.html
  9. Thank Doc it is spot on
  10. fishing8046

    Could this be a 20K find?

    Ok complex math problems are not my strong suit so I decided to start over. Dry Weight 540g and Wet Weight using distilled water 358g 540 - 358=182 540 divided by 182 = 2.967032967 2.967032967 - 2.63 = 0.337032967 0.337032967 x 182 = 61.339999994 61.339999994 divided by 25.97 =2.361956103 2.36 onunces of gold 73.4639206705 grames of gold
  11. fishing8046

    Could this be a 20K find?

    I finally did the specific gravity test on this specimen and come up with 18.7529842126 The dry weight is 504 The wet weight is 205 The specific gravity is 335 What do you think? is there 583.274067963 grams of gold in this specimen?
  12. Kevin 

    I had missed visiting the site for a few days.

    Thanks for your efforts in finding Chris. I hope all is well and whatever the case he was not in danger and he returned unharmed. 


  13. fishing8046

    Got a specimen

    Hey Geo Jack I was in Folsom last week and noticed more than a few housing subdivisions being cut out of the host rock and hill sides. Is there an effort to detect those areas?
  14. fishing8046

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    Send it to Fisher
  15. fishing8046

    Power of the Super Detector 2200V2

    "Old tech still finding nuggets .136 of a gram from yesterday" That is what I'm talking about! My question would be, how deeps was that piece of gold? Every time I find a piece of gold I know that it is not alone!