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  1. Nice Finds! I gotta say that is a priceless expression on the lizard he is looking at you like what the heck.
  2. Tom Thanks for sharing and that is a great idea of a way to display you collecting. I'm curious about the orientation of the horse shoes? I was always told that that if you don't hang then with the ends up, your luck will fall out.
  3. I would challenge each of you on the thread to list the actual people you know that have been infected for this reason The numbers are screwed and we are being manipulated by the media and those of us that have a reduced sense of reality are in parallel
  4. Luke I really think that line is blurred. What the true numbers are have been monetarily tainted by those entities that will benefit from the numbers.
  5. It was Mt Lemon and only on the north side at 9,000 feet
  6. Went to the mountain down south near Tucson and there was still snow with temperatures in the low 60's
  7. Nice Nuggets I'm curious how close together they were?
  8. That is an awesome story and much appreciated. Men of that caliber are so few and far between it is a true pleasure just to know that it was posted on this site and I had the opportunity to read the adventure. Thank you I look forward to part 2.
  9. That good stuff! Thank you for posting
  10. Thanks Anthony I have sent you an email to get this moving forward
  11. Luke could you [post a link to the video you posted so that it can be shared?
  12. Thanks Luke, those are some beauties. It seems we share less and less these days. I can't think for all of us but can't thank you enough for letting us be some small part of you hard work.
  13. I can not stand fear mongering and could not take one more of Bob's prepping post. There are so many possibilities that the time has come to put you faith in God and have faith that you have lead the life that will be good enough to grant you access to Heaven. I posted that post just to flush you all out. Trust and have faith remember this life is temporary. Live you life for the next and quit scaring the crap out of other people. I was out prospecting yesterday and guess what I saw...Cows! yes cows, they are still growing livestock nation wide chickens, pigs, lamb, vegetables every thing that it takes to substain the entire population of the United States of America. These are not the end of days. We are still only looking at having 152 possible cases and 2 deaths in Arizona. Trust in God. Live what life God has given. I still get up every morning and go to work you should do the same.
  14. But never forget that if this was a Biological Weapon it was easy for China to sacrifice a million people to infect the world in the first wave. Hunker down isolate and here comes the second wave an armed invasion. Sure you have toilet paper and bleach but this is the...end of days For crying out loud put your faith in God and be glad of the life he has given you, help- those you can and if this is all a load of crap you are still the man that God put you on this earth to be. You have a one in one chance of dying.
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