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    prospecting useing my keene bellows drywasher<br />rattlesnake canyon,holcomb valley & the dale district areas<br />i use my sluices on the east fork of the san gabriel river ord mountains coolgardie

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  1. just that you can see the riffles! a dry washer just blows the light stuff away and traps the heavy stuff!
  2. what does closed case disposition mean? and can you some how take over the claim if it is closed????? thanks!!!
  3. the name of the claim is red dog, i could be digging where someone else has area has been mined alot for years!
  4. no trains yet! first time at the claim didnt work much kinda looked around more. havent seen much bedrock but some clay layer down there? i was skimming that.i will post in the right section next time!!! THANX FOR THE WATCH!!!!!!!!
  5. check out TREASURE TRAIN EPISODE 001 on youtube

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