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  1. I would vote for the campsite further south. Less traffic no train noise or freeway noise. Hope to see everyone out there. Paul
  2. Mike and I will be there either late friday night or early saturday morning. I am not sure who is putting this together but I would just like to verify The date of the 5th and 6th for sure, because I have to get the days off in advance. This is a great idea and I wouldn't miss it for the world. Jim was very a big help to me and many others. His knowledge seemed endless on the subject of meteorites. I learned so much from Jim and he will surely be missed by many many people. Paul Desilets
  3. thanks Ruben alot of what we do is due to your teaching so thank you for all you do paul
  4. Went out this morning with Mike Morgan to hunt some areas were nothing has been found yet. We were at it about and hour when I came across this little beauty. Hope the pics came out ok. Its amazing to find a meteorite where none have been found before. It took me quite a while to convince myself that it was really happening.
  5. Unfortunately I had to work while theese guys had all the fun. Just remember had I been there some of yours may have been mine lololol Congrats to all of you on your finds. Its really cool to be able to find something that rare. I wish I could have been there to meet Greg and Rob, but there will be time for that in the future. I will post some of my finds when I get home from work. Paul
  6. I also found a 2 pounder (998 grams) on the north side last year. There is nothing better than digging up something you think is only a couple hundred grams and it turns out to be something really nice. good thing no one was around because I jumped around a screamed like a little kid. Congrats on a great find!!!!!!! Paul
  7. Del, Nice work my brother. hope to get out with you again soon. Some day I will be lucky like you and Mike and find a piece of gold out at gold basin. See ya soon, Paul
  8. Well I had a day off to hunt but for some strange reason I had no luck????? got over 1 foot of this strange substance all over the ground any idea what it might be????? :Huh_anim]:
  9. Thanks for the kind words Jason but you know as well as I that you just have to put your coil in the right spot. It is getting pretty thin out there and I think luck has alot more to do with it now. Hope to see ya soon my friend Paul
  10. Ok here we go ............ let me know if you can see theese approx 20 grams small fragment of next piece approx 5 grams just over 100 grams approx 15 grams approx 15 grams approx 20 grams approx 10 grams 150 + grammer in situ 150 + grammer in hand 8 chondrites and 1 iron total
  11. Sorry guys trying to get pics loaded I will post when I get off work today. Sorry Del got tied up the other day couldnt call I will talk to you this evening. I found 7 chondrites and a little iron pics will follow tonight. BYE THE WAY: Big Jeff I would really like the reciepe for the poppers If you can give it out. They were the best I have ever had BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!! :bowdown: :chowtime: Please P.M. me if it is available.
  12. Mike and I will be out Friday evening also cant wait ....................... is it Friday yet. see ya soon Paul
  13. Ok I got the days off lets make it happen. Mike and I should be there Friday night around 8 o-clock save us a spot round the fire. :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen:
  14. Would love to get out in Dec, Got to get off work. when you fellas settle the date post for all so I can work it out. Del, nice to hear from you hope to see you soon. Mike and I went to franconia on Tues. for a one dayer. Had a good time, I came away with 12 chonderites and 3 irons. I think Mike had 4 chonderites and a couple irons. Pictures will follow when I get home from work. Hope to see everyone soon Paul
  15. Isn't anyone with a clue monitoring e-bay to try and stop these yo-yo's from taking advantage of people. Just a thought
  16. Nice work Ruben. My 11 year old son was very impressed. If you can impress an 11 year old you gotta be doing something right. Oh ya I was impressed too :innocent0002: :innocent0009: . Hope to see you soon Paul
  17. Hey Dean, Thanks for the kind words. There are plenty for all of us but you might wana hurry Hope to see ya soon so we can hunt together. Do you think your daughter would be interested in maybe making a ring for my wife if I ever find the right meteorite? Just a thought. Maybe If she gets something out of it I might not get the stink eye when I leave for the weekend. See ya soon Paul
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