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  1. Nice, came out better than myself and spent less calories too. Maybe one day I'll afford myself a nicer detector and try it out with a little more fervor but for the time being I can't stick with detecting for more than an hour and I know that when I'm 10 ft down and the gold bug 2 says it's gold then it is. Were different creatures but at times I envy you detectorists.
  2. I hope the best for your family. I only came out to meet Bob once but I remember thinking when I talked to him on the phone that he was a silly old guy. The truth is we all need to get as excited about the little things as he did. I went out there to learn about prospecting stuff from him. He spent most of the time talking to my daughters about the rocks in his yard. There interest was the fuel for his fire. He was a good man and I am truly sorry I didn't keep in better touch with him.
  3. I was thinking it looked like a starship from star trek but what do I know... Sure would like to look at it up close it's cool looking.
  4. "Bob has rocks in his front yard and each one has a story. From the ones pulled from hard rock mines deep below the surface to ones with sea shells he found on the top of mountains, each one had a tale." I had the pleasure of standing in Bob's yard and hearing stories about those rocks. I asked for some help on the forums and Bob sent me his phone number. I talked to him a few times and took the family for a drive out to meet him. He told me lots of things and sent me home with a detector coil to try on my cheapo detector. He also sent my daughters home with several rocks and told me at a later time that he had some rocks set aside just for them. I regret not getting out there to collect those and chat with him again. I sure hope he thought of us all fondly in his final days. I hope his family get's all the comfort they deserve.
  5. Jeeze I was blown away that was available to the public. Got me.
  6. http://www.lov2xlr8.no/brochures/chevy/70ss.html Ahhh yes this is the one I've always loved.
  7. Boy with that thing your going to stick out like a grain of sand in a sand dune lol. A lot of people were saying qzite was going to have a poor year as far as visitors go but it sure doesn't seem like it. I watched the La Posa visiting area double and then triple in rigs and then double again during one week. When you find out where your staying let us know cause we'll never find you looking for a pickup with a fifth wheel lol. Good luck and I'll try to get out for at least a meet and greet.
  8. Man, sorry to hear your back in there again. Hope it cleans up well and you get around better than ever.
  9. http://www.nuggethunting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6827
  10. That is true AU Seeker, but once you zoom in then the picture is fine.Until you do though, it's all mines. Allen I love Google earth for a bit different reason than these guys. I do use the overlays for research and such but what I like is the detail and ease of navigation. Example, Recently a club added a claim and I was able to zoom in on it with Google earth and tell that one of the washes was pretty deep and had a lot of red material in it. Wow how cool is that. Also I can use it do decide where the gut of a stream might be or look for old tailing piles. It doesn't overwork your computer when your using it, it doesn't bother your computer at all when your not (unless your low on storage space) and it's free. Plus its fun to punch in your address and look at your house. I have no possible idea why anyone would say not to download it. It doesn't have to be your main research tool it's just a harmless program you have on your computer when you want it.
  11. What is number 5 cylinder doing wrong? misfire? smoking? knocking? I would do a compression and leakdown test before you take it apart. You want to take it apart to fix it, not to find the problem. A leakdown test can differentiate between cracked rings/ leaking valves/ hole in piston/ etc. Once you take it apart you will lose the ability to do several tests. The only reason I was concerned was that you mentioned new heads. I would bet on a mis adjusted valve in that case. Any cylinder damage should have been evident when it was taken apart. with a compression test and a leakdown you should be able to be 99% sure of what is wrong. It really sucks to take the heads off of an engine to find out that the valve was adjusted too tight.
  12. In my signature I have a qoute from Bedrock bob. It's my favorite.
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