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  1. Count me in I will be there. I cant tell you how much Jim inspired me,he was always helpful. He will truly me missed. Mike
  2. Way to go Jason. You will get that cold find. You said it time, man if I had more time . You can only hunt so much in a weekend. Mike
  3. Well now I can finally be in the cold find club with Paul and Del. After a long trip with Del out to NM and nothing to show for it, we called Paul and meet him in CA in a place where we have wanted to go hunt for a long time. We got there at 2:00AM, got up to hunt at 7:00AM and with in about 10 minutes I got my first cold find (YES). Del's cold find in NM and Paul's cold find in CA just showed me that it can be done, you just got to get out there and do it with the right attitude. two pieces 6.3g two pieces fit together This little guy has a lip on it Mike Get out there and hunt
  4. Man, first Del gets a cold find. Then Paul's gets one. What about me :wah2: (boo hoo)LOL. Nice job Paul, you have put in the hours, and you made it happen. Cant cry to much, on the way back to the truck I found this guy. 42g Get out there and hunt! Mike
  5. Nice job nate, looks like your might pair with one of mine.I think mine pair with Jims too. Mike
  6. Ruben that is a great find, just goes to show the more you hunt the more your odds increase. Del, way to go on beating me to a cold find.And just to boot your meteorite is bigger than mine LOL Hats off to you my friend, you have earned it. Now lets get back out there and find the big ones. 3.4g Mike
  7. Sorry we missed you guys out there Sunday, that would had been fun to hunt with you both. You guys always kick butt out there, nice job. Fish the mud puddles i like it, going to have to try that. here are some more pics Mike
  8. The big one of the day 42.5g I was pumped to find this one YES!! Del or Ruben can tell it better so have at it Great hunt you guys, fun stuff Mike
  9. I don't tell stories real good, and don't like to brag. It was Friday about 4:00PM and Ruben called, where are you guys going to hunt this weekend? I said me and Del are on the way to Gold Basin. Its going to be hot out there. Ruben looked at the weather and said Holbrook looks nice and cool. At 1:30AM we meet him and Jr. at Winslow AZ. Wouldn't you know it, it rained all night in Holbrook, mud puddles everywhere. We didn't let that stop us, we hunted all day and we all found some nice Holbrooks. I just got a little lucky and found the biggest of the day. some pics I had to fight these guys for this big one LOL 0.3g Here is a 4.2g one I was happy to find
  10. Great to get out there and hunt with you guys, and nice to have meet Rob Matson. Ben, I knew that some have been found out there and new pretty much what they looked like. I set out to find some. When I found my first one I just knew that I had found one, it look right (not like a OC) had nice pull and looked like the ones Ive seen in pics. I called Paul and said I just found a CK4, Paul said are you sure. Ya I think so, cool he said. It was funny because I found another one and called him back,"I found another one." He said, well there not then, to rare LOL. It felt real good when Rob Id them for me, in the back of my mind I had a little doubt not much, but a little :confused0013: I have some at UCLA getting classified right now. Paul missed the hunt, but dont feel sorry for him LOL, he has found some nice ones. here are some pics
  11. Still works after 3yr,WOW nice. Always up for a hunt, just let me know and we will do it. Mike
  12. Thanks for all the nice comments, always fun to go hunt Franconia. Harry your keys will be in the mail tomorrow, sorry I didn't find them 3 years ago LOL Mike
  13. Really happy to find some little L's on the south side with the GMT. 3.3g L 10.0g L Mike
  14. Found a set of keys last time out at franconia, north side. If they are yours let me know I will send them out to you. here are some of my finds, last couple times out. 203g 648g Mike
  15. The GMT is great. I love mine and will never sale it. you made a good choice. Mike
  16. Nice job Nate, now you got Holbrook under your belt, way to go. Mike
  17. Way to go Del, very nice job!!. I like to give a big thanks to Ruben also, he has been like my Jedi Master and I his young padawan LOL. and to Steve Arnold a big thanks I just got back from Texas last night(what a hunt of a life time). The only down fall was I only had a day and a half to hunt it but so what. (Big Dog) Del is a good hunter that guy can find them :bowdown: . I was able to find one nice little stone. I will leave it at that for now, a bunch of really good guys are still out there hunting, good luck to them. Mike
  18. Erik, sound like fun to me. One of my goals is to have a cold find or be a part of one. lets do it. Mike
  19. Nice find, that close to Glorieta (jealous jealous jealous). Hats off to you, I know that is some hard hunting up there. Mike
  20. That was a very fun hunt out there. I have to say that was one of the coldest night I spent out camping. It sure makes for a good hunt when everyone finds one. Ruben Jr definitely got the nicest one,(leave him at home next time LOL!) :bowdown: Nice job Jr you got the eye. Hot dogs for breakfast never tasted so good. Here are some pic
  21. Looks good,I have found that if I use some wet dry sand paper on the window it helps out a lot. After I put a window in it i like to use 220 wet and then some 600 wet. Give that a try, it clears up the window nicely. Mike
  22. Hats off to you my Friend (Congrats!!!) see all this time all you had to do was have your wife show you how its done LOL! But really congrats to both of you, it feels good to find a meteorite by eye alone. If ever you want to hunt a CA dry lake bed give a call, will do it. Mike
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