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  1. Thanks guys for all the work. I thought I would have time to get some names on the meteorites found but found myself really busy. Dave I changed the info for US wide. Will try to help with this when I can. I can't think of Bob's last name from Tucson but thought he has quite a few himself. Wayne
  2. Thanks Dave thought this might go to Sonny in Nev but who knows for sure interesting subject anyway. Nobody wants to blow their horn so it would up to us. Wayne
  3. Lets try since Harvey's passing. Maybe someone has this data to include the US. This would be single Cold finds or fields. Great time to break out the pic. Wayne
  4. Who has found the most meteorite finds/fields in the west. Wayne
  5. In 2007 while in the Basin a small storm cell moved in and turned nasty. After about 2 inches fell on me at the north end I knew it was time to bale. On the way out 3 inches or better had fallen and all washes were running with the big water to follow. 2 trucks were in tribs on the east side of the Hualapai with water to there windows. I stopped to talk to grader operators and they said lets get the hell out. We got out that day and were very lucky, many residents had to hike out on the south end when the flows receded. The Hideout was closed at Pierce Ferry for 5 days and some subdivision roads have still not been repaired. 5+ inches that day. Wayne
  6. Karl!! I think you made it out in the nick of time in Meadview or hope you are not mad about breakfast or dinner. http://www.mohavedailynews.com/articles/2014/01/15/news/local/doc52d6369ab27a1716333835.txt
  7. You have a very nice find. Keep up the hunt. Wayne
  8. Todd found a 903 gram specimen yesterday close to the 944 gram main mass piece found on the 12th. Check out the color compared to the natural soil on my site below. Again Congrats to Todd.
  9. Todd says thanks for the replies. Rimshot. You got the credit for the ET call and I changed the web site. Thanks Wayne
  10. Todd Parker found a 944 gram new main mass yesterday in one of his Strewnfields. Check out the pictures on meteoritesrock.com. Congrats to Todd
  11. Mike. You are right!!!! Congrats to Jim on a great find. Hope he finds many more.
  12. Jim You are a mere pimple on a big boys as%$. .When!!!!!!! you find a piece over 500 grams in Gold Basin and an iron over 14 grams in Franconia then talk to me about leached and profited off the backs of others. You want to be the the big next thing????. Well prove it and walk the fields . You make me sick with your. Way’s and means!!! Wayne Fred the name is Mobileholmes and is because I can travel to hunt where I want in the fields or where ever. The last name is Holmes.
  13. Fred don't even go there!! The width of the field in Gold Basin is longer that the length of Franconia. and I can prove this on any given day. Yes I like Jim's map but when did he last talk to Larry Sloan and John Wolfe about coords and what data is missing!!! Not So!!! And I would like to see this new Yucca come up with all the finds in the field and be compared to them. I love newbie's that try to make a mark and take it all away from the rest. In my DVD there where 54 people that gave there coords to make a map of Franconia and it still exists. Thanks to Jim.
  14. The pictures are perfect. You need to have the specimen checked out by a source at an university with the tools to find the answer. The basalt question is weird as to what gets trapped in the flow. Thought I had an arrowhead and reached down and found this specimen a few years ago. Go figure.
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