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  1. In 2007 while in the Basin a small storm cell moved in and turned nasty. After about 2 inches fell on me at the north end I knew it was time to bale. On the way out 3 inches or better had fallen and all washes were running with the big water to follow. 2 trucks were in tribs on the east side of the Hualapai with water to there windows. I stopped to talk to grader operators and they said lets get the hell out. We got out that day and were very lucky, many residents had to hike out on the south end when the flows receded. The Hideout was closed at Pierce Ferry for 5 days and some subdivision roads have still not been repaired. 5+ inches that day. Wayne
  2. Hi all. Just in case this issue comes up, in over filings on the claims on the Hassayampa in my area. You had better know your business. I as a young man carried the chains and poles to survey land and also did the brush cuts to facilitate laying them down. Worked the transit and this is not my first round-up. Now we have G.P.S and this is a real battle over which will work on claims and what will survive in court. Yes we will settle for feet but not 200 yards in the interpretation on serious Gold bearing geology. Just a warning for those with wishes to over claim and scam the public with land locked claims in the Prescott National Forest and do not describe this to their potential buyers. And yes we have the resources to send you packing. Love Wayne P.S. Thanks to all that sent info on the forum and email that goes back in time on this issue.
  3. Thanks guys! All info is appreciated! Need more. Wayne
  4. Can anyone share some info on this person selling this claim. He believes he is on BLM which the claim is on FS. Makes no mention to this fact. Looks as if the goofyness is heading up the river and very close to a claim I have for sale. Thanks Wayne. http://www.atlasmini...for-sale/?ID=58
  5. I was in a bar and gold came up. Lucky as I called him was on the stool next to me and we were hunting meteorites. The subject of gold came up and Lucky said I should be finding gold as well. He said that gold was in the areas we were hunting in and should find AU as well. Lucky left the bar and came back with nuggets in both hands. The one larger nugget I shot was the dandy and I wish I had shot all of them. Does anyone know this man and can share his story??? Lucky has passed and would like to know his story. Wayne
  6. Hello Unc

    If he was a big cowboy looking outfit it was probably Jason Burch. If he tried to sell you a horse I know it was. Jas could tell you some real stories about our past in Anza Ca. Not many would believe it these days.

    You might want to check on the homestead we had a real gully washer come through your area and beat the heck out of Prescott about 2hrs ago.

    Thanks for the ...

  7. Hi Wayne...I'm up in Yreka Visiting family and was in the Rex Club where my step daughter bar tends..Couple hours ago I met your cousin, Nathan, I think,...His daughter came in also and met her also...I hope to get out to do some beeping in some of my old stomping grounds here...cheers, Unc

  8. Hangtown

    Do not believe all you hear on this forum. I have found several meteorites laying in washes. The specimems may have fallen off the edges or been thrown there by prospectors. But I still have found at least 3. Your specimen looks good but need better pics.


  9. Hi Terry any word on the Hassayampa claims.



  10. Thanks for the good words, MH. That's so cool to meet someone like Fred and have that experience to relate to others. thanks for sharing.

  11. Terry Here's a little machine to get more adventures in the field so you can save up. Wayne
  12. Thanks for the reminder. That's always great!!! :twocents: Wayne
  13. Terry Here is the local club info on the river. Great club. I hunted with them for a few years. Good bunch of folks. They had there hunts at Davis Camp. COLORADO RIVER VALLEY TREASURE SEEKERS City: Needles Location: P. O. Box 1132 Bullhead City, AZ. 86430 USA Contact/Phone: email: crvtreasureseeker@lycos.com Membership: $20.00 per year per person or $25.00 per year per family Website: http://crvtreasureseeker.tripod.com/ Comments: Meetings held at the Bullhead City Library at 1170 E. Hancock Road on the first Sunday of each month from October thru April at 1:00 P.M. Also covering Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona Wayne
  14. Hi Unc Thats a great find. Have never seen an artifact like it in this area. Could be very primative in nature. Here is one found just recently in your area. Maybe 10.000 years old and maybe Clovis. What a great find in the southwest you have there. And worth a fortune. The one on the right is the find in question, and have you ever found one like it. We are breaking new ground here and maybe on to the great finds in the Southwest. Wayne
  15. Terry Check this link out. Thought you might be interested. http://www.dcourier.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=77016&TM=50906.55 Wayne
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