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  1. 2007 sportsman 500 HO limited edition 3750 1900 miles Lon
  2. who brought everyone and their dog in there, and so forth...if you know who I mean, and I think you do! Mike did you take your dog out there I heard that's the best place to take someone if they are buying a used detector Lon
  3. I know. I sure could use one right about now
  4. Yes she was running in discrimination. That's what makes it so easy .
  5. Me and the wife meet up with a few good friends on Saturday at rich hill. Got Lisa setup and running in no time. It wasn’t long before she found her first Rich Hill nugget.0.8 gram with the monster There was very little falsing from the little coil not bad at all. I must say this is a very easy and light gold detector that don’t take a lot to get going. The bad part was i had to hear how her detector cost less then mine and how she found the biggest piece of gold for the day. I did find a Crumb at 0.2 gram with the 5000 and 12 coil. Yes she still has a smile on her face today. Lon
  6. Bill it all depends on what you want ? more power,better ride,the list goes on and on so do the dollars my friend. here a look at mine
  7. Shep Did you get your 4500 back .Time is getting close see you guys soon Lon
  8. LOL i think i will pay 1500 Lon
  9. Ok Here it goes 1500 bucks for a coil =30% more depth 8000 bucks for the newest detector = 40% more depth. So that 9500 for a detector that will have a 70% increase over my 5000 come on.Sorry guys I don't cry much and yes I like upgrading to the newest detector.But thank god I passed on this one. I would need a lot more time in life and a backhoe. I just cant get over 1500 for a coil.But I do hope they leave me a few crumbs lol. Good luck to all Lon
  10. Mike no SP here don't want to get beat down just some settings for some flakes with a 14. $13 you cant count the 10 you fool. pen pointer is in your man purse.Thats holds up that belly. Show some gold .You do know that this is a gold forum right. Lon ps. come on i know its on the way
  11. Just thought I might share some settings with the 5000 with the new coiltek 14 mono elite.Gain of 3 stabilizer 18 give it a try you just might spend a few hours trying to find these little guys.Hope you have a pen pointer.I know for sure I walked away from 2 lol but I did get the dollar at the end of the day. Thx Mike Lon
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