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  1. Good video , There still are patches left out there.
  2. What is the dates, you are planning the trip for ? It's starting to get hot out.
  3. Congrats ! Did you eyeball them or do detectors work at Stv ?
  4. Nice one, Congrats ! How hot was it while you were there ?
  5. Great nugget ! Good to see you got out before the heat sets in.
  6. It's best to Just send your Finds off to a reliable University to get them classified.
  7. Great picture ! Any luck with the space rocks ?
  8. LoL, Frank, the Iorn's with Marvin were my finds, Mitch added them in his post with my blessings. Mitch congrats again on the 58.5 g chondrite that was a great find and it was a awesome day to hunt that area !
  9. Try different spots with it , you might of just been effected by EMF. Some play areas can be difficult with some machines and work fine with others.
  10. You know most of the North side is a Wilderness area and Wheeled Vehicles' of any kind are NOT allowed. Might as well just leave the side x side at home.
  11. Way to go, That is some tuff , hot soil to find targets in ,
  12. Congrats , every time I see your finds It makes me want a ctx 3030.
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