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  1. Madonna in Buenos Aires http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahaGFxOTx6A
  2. Back in November I ordered a pair of these non-metallic New Balance boots. They are great, I just ordered a second pair. Light weight and comfortable ! I also picked up a pair of their Bates E29502 USMC RAT Boots for work, great price and a good fit .
  3. That is a fantastic nugget, thanks for showing it to us.
  4. DolanDave Any metal in the Wellco T178 boots ?
  5. Well I ordered a pair of these last week , and they just showed up at the door ! Woot ! Woot ! light weight and the fit good. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. I have used non metal Bates boots for years, and like then a lot.
  7. I use long sleve cotton t shits and a Camelbak Mule.
  8. great book :coffeetime: I had it ,loaned it to a friend and he loaned it to a friend and that guy loaned it to someone, and so on. Now my olny hope is someone will loan me my book back to read.
  9. Beginners luck is on your side :icon_mrgreen:
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