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  1. You're welcome Bob, and when I make my trip down to AZ to do some hunting in a few months, we do have to travel through N.M., so I may just have to stop and swing a coil with ya for a bit. I know from family and friends that N.M. is beautiful, and it has a lot of dry lakes that I would like to hunt anyway. So if I am not having much luck with Holbrook and G.B., I may cut that part of the trip short and look for some dry lakes. Keep in touch and maybe I could link up with ya, it would help me out as I don't know any good camping spots anyway, and that's how my buddy and I will be living during
  2. Thank you very much, I am contacting them as we speak.
  3. I too would like some info on Gold Basin as I am just now getting together research data and ideas for my trip with a friend. We plan on roughing it for about a week to 10 days, stopping at Holbrook and then on to G.B. The date is not set yet but is looking to be late March/Early April. If anyone would like to join us on the hunt, or could provide me with any data on G.B. please PM me. If necessary I will E-Mail the claim holders, and I do not mind paying a small fee to join any association that will assist me in hunting without breaking any laws or morals. I appreciate all the help/input I ha
  4. Fred, the third find pictured was never returned. I thought he was referring to the first picture that I am also quite sure is a meteorite. I too would like to know the Holbrook date, as a friend and I are planning to hit Holbrook, then Gold Basin. Afterward we may travel back through N.M. for some dry lake hunting.
  5. They DID screw me over with a 20% rating. When is the Holbrook hunt? I may adjust my schedule accordingly.
  6. Thanks for the input everyone! I am familiar with the Met Bulletin, and I have already been researching for years. I guess what my original post was intended to do was to ask folks on here if they would be willing to hunt with me or assist me in gaining an idea of which places to hunt before I drive down. I'd love to make a find, surely, but I wouldn't even mind just heading to some dry lakes where nothing has been found. For me it's all about the hunt and finding is just a bonus. I will maintain contact with those interested parties here, and as it gets closer to the time I'd like to hunt I w
  7. So we are clear though, I am not saying that this is an Iraqi coin, just that most of the Iraqi coins I have seen do have palm trees on them. So Middle Eastern is a good guess on the coin extractor found. EDIT : I have found several Israeli coins online that look similar to your palm tree coin, and I found a website with the coin I found on it as well. http://www.worldcoin...tails.php?id=94. extractor, can you post the backside of the palm tree coin as well? It looks almost Israeli, but I can't find anything really close to it. If you could put the backside up it may help us ID it.
  8. Iraqi coins prominently feature palm trees, and I myself have dug up several silver Iraqi coins while building up our former Patrol Base in Baghdad. (I did manage to bring one I dug up home with me.) I am not sure of the date. I will post pictures shortly.
  9. That is an absolutely beautiful and amazing find! I have hunted points in several states and found that each state has it's own different types. For instance in Indiana you will most likely find flint or chert points although I have found a really weird granite spear head that is over 10,000 years old (conservative estimate) and was probably deposited there by glacial movement. But here in the Carolinas most of the points I find are made from the 'sugar' quartz that is common in the area. I have yet to find any metal tools although I know up in Indiana they have been found near high-trade area
  10. Wow you really did a beautiful job preparing that piece! I have yet to head out to Franconia or Gold Basin, so you're a few steps ahead of me. I look forward to heading out that way in the near future, unless I can find a few hunters willing to hunt with me a touch closer. Cheers.
  11. I forgot to attach this photo. I had this one tested by a friend, and I never got it back. He claimed it was not a meteorite, although it passed all home testing to include the presence of nickel as well as an etch, So if I end up seeing that he has a newly classified iron to his name I will know where it came from... But even if this is not a meteorite, it just goes to show you how difficult the hobby can be when trying to locate a 'cold find'. http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k261/GlassJAw667/1stMeteorite4.jpg
  12. That is a beautiful meteor-wrong, and I would add that to my actual meteorite collection just because of it's aesthetic value. Not only is it beautiful, but you have an amazing story to go with it. Keep hunting brother, I have over 7 years hunting and I have yet to find an actual confirmed meteorite. Then again I haven't been able to hunt a strewnfield location yet, but I have gotten the chance to hunt the deserts of Kuwait while training which is rare in itself. The only find I have that I am quite positive is a meteorite is only a 10g iron, and if it is a meteorite, it would be one of the we
  13. I am finally getting discharged from the Army after 7 years (Blew two disks, being discharged with disability) and I now have the time and funding to make a trip around March/April of 2012 I am looking at Texas or Arizona as my hunting grounds, but I am willing to head out as far as Nevada if necessary. My injuries prevent me from doing any serious mountain hiking, but as long as the pain clinic can toss me some low-dose Percocet or Vicodin I am still able to walk, dig, and magnet-cane my way across some hardpan. I am looking for any of those I have spoken to on here or any other site to inclu
  14. Not a meteorite, but it is a fine specimen of magnetite though! If you're ever bored you could always cut it open just to make a prettier addition to your wrong collection.
  15. I agree with Ed. I am just finishing up a 7-year military career, and have a decent amount of experience when it comes to anti-aircraft as well as actual aircraft rounds, and it is most likely a 20mm from the looks. We spent a fair amount of time arresting nomads who were digging up aircraft rounds such as those from an old ammo supply point in Western Iraq, although they were only digging them out to get at the larger rounds buried underneath them to harvest the powder/explosives from the rounds/canisters.
  16. My Medical Board should be complete around August of this year, and I will be out of the U.S. Army after 6 years. (Had open back surgery at Walter Reed, and it further aggravated my condition) I couldn't stay Airborne anymore, so I would have had to leave my Unit, my injury was so severe so they wouldn't let me stay in a Combat Arms MOS, and after 2 deployments doing Infantry maneuvers I will be damned if I'm gonna deploy again as a cook or something. So I am planning on heading to Texas, or possibly Nevada to do about a week long dry lake bed hunt once I get all my VA claims settled and my Pu
  17. It would be nice to have a place/person with a nice sized lunar or a lunar yourself that was uncut or cleaned to study personally for hunting purposes. Same goes for Martians. I know when I went to the Smithsonian I spent way too much time staring at the meteorite exhibit and my wife was getting fairly pissed off, so I made her take a few photos of me posing with them for my own personal stock. I did however take a few high resolution photos to view later, and I save photos off the internet and study them as much as possible but there is only so much you can get from a picture. And my personal
  18. As a current artilleryman for the US Army I can tell you two things. #1. The way the round is angled, it was placed there that way, hence the bullet dents from target practice. So it's most likely inert. #2. Although it is most likely inert, listen to what's being said here and stay the hell away from it. The Iraqis made IEDs with lots of old munitions and you can never be too sure what's inert and what's live. Also that's not a round I recognize, so who the hell knows what's in it? HE, White Phosphorus, could even be mustard gas (Which I have seen made into IEDs in Iraq) so you cannot be too
  19. Thanks again Dave. Yeah, the pay makes me wish I would've went to college instead... hahaha. On the bright side, I got to hunt the deserts of Kuwait, and got 3 stones being looked at from those deserts. Yeah I can't wait for the weather to get better, there were quite a few skirmish sites here, and Fayetteville(Where Fort Bragg is located)was founded by the Dutch in either the late 1600's or 1700's, can't remember. Also, the major roads here were actually paved over the old indian trade routes, so the hunting is fairly prime. I'd like to head up to the older portions of Virginia where alot of
  20. Anyone I know who cares about meteorites (which is like 2 other people, hahaha) will be watching for sure. I thought tonight's episode was already aired a few weeks back? It's the West, Texas fall right?
  21. Thanks Dave! I will give that a shot, couldn't afford the GMT on an Army salary with a wife, 2 kids, bills, a cat, and a dog. I got the whole MXT package with the two coils, a carrying case, headphones, and other accessories in darn near new condition for a little less than $500, and I always wanted one for relic hunting here in NC. Meteorites are my favorite things to hunt, but the ground here is mineralized, and relic hunting is pretty good here.
  22. Is it on testing grounds for equipment and training or is it an impact zone for artillery?
  23. I tried setting my new White's MXT in prospecting mode with some tips on another forum, and couldn't even get it to detect a fairly high metal content NWA. Any help on settings for this detector to find meteorites? I have the standard coil, and a deep elliptical coil. Help please? Rocco
  24. This is the reason that I own several pre-1898 handguns that fire cartridges, under Federal Law, (I will have to look up the exact portion of said law) pre-1898 firearms are not considered a concealed carry firearm, and I know in Indiana and North Carolina I can freely carry these weapons pretty much where ever I want without getting in any trouble. I've been shot at alot while deployed, and have had guns pulled on me several times in the States. There is a 99.9% chance a ghetto-ass gang type won't shoot you in that situation, they just want to scare you. Now if you stumbled upon a methlab th
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