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  1. I wish I had a bigger throwdown for G.B. My current Gold Basin in my collection is a .5g slice. I don't even have a Franconia throwdown to test my detector. Hopefully whoever decides to hunt with me will be able to bring down a piece of each so I can see what my detector reads them as/at.
  2. Looks like there are two meteorites in that photo, correct? Congrats! I hope I can pick up a piece a 1/4 that size when I head to Franconia in April. Was it a surface find, or was it buried? If so, how deep was it?
  3. I know that you can buy this type of glass at mineral shows all over the country. Or at least you used to be able to. I have a few pieces of dark purple glass that can almost pass for obsidian unless you hold them up to the sunlight and check the color.
  4. These are Franconia pieces, correct? (If I'm asking a stupid question, bear with me. I have never hunted G.B. or Franconia and have yet to find my first 'right', so I can't identify either strewnfield's pieces from pictures)
  5. I look forward to finding pieces in the 3-20g range, and you're speaking in kilos Frank! Haha
  6. Frank your finds never cease to amaze me! Awesome brother! I really hope we can link up with one another when I head out to G.B. , Franconia, and Holbrook in April, I need a mentor!
  7. I have a throwdown chondrite meteorite, a throwdown Canyon Diablo iron meteorite, a bronze Iraqi throwdown coin, a silver throwdown, a white-gold chain throwdown, a worn zinc penny throwdown, a worn wheat throwdown, and brass slug throwdown. Before I really get swinging I am going to bury each of my throwdowns at a depth of 3-4 inches, and write down the numbers/target ID's in my handheld notepad to give me a rough idea of what I may or may not be digging. Once this is finished I should have my detector 'calibrated' how I want it for the day, and I still plan on digging EVERY target I find, an
  8. I can make one promise. And that promise is I will NOT sell anything I find out there. If it is a very significant find, I will donate it to the Averasboro Museum. You all have my word. But if it is a common, but valuable item (IE I find 3 coins worth a couple hundred or more) I may sell one of them (NEVER will I sell the first of ANYTHING I find) simply to fund more trips to other hunting grounds. Being a young father of two, who is now being medically retired and permanently disabled, I will need all the money I can get until I can find work and start school. My VA compensation is VERY low.
  9. I may have written my post wrong. I know it's not virgin ground, and it has been hunted a lot. But it is privately owned land, and not considered part of the federally-owned 'monument' and museum, etc. What I meant was as far as I know it has not been heavily excavated by an archaeological team. Does that make sense? (Not being rude or sarcastic, I'm seriously asking if you understand my meaning) I would love to have you with me as well! I have little experience with a detector, and it is mostly due to not having a hunting buddy around here. I like doing outdoor stuff alone, such as hiking, b
  10. I'm going to give it a look. I haven't spoken with the man who contacted me in person yet, just via E-Mail, so I don't know exactly where his buddies' land is. I am just honored to be able to detect this place after being so close to it for almost 7 years. I know the battle consisted of more than 25,000 soldiers with over 1,500 casualties. So this place is literally going to be littered with relics. Let's just hope I can learn my detector well enough to dig some good targets, but even if I go out there without knowing my machine I look at it as I will be digging pretty much everything which sh
  11. I got a response after several posts on local threads about the Averasboro battlefield here in Cumberland county N.C., and a local man who has a friend who owns private land on a decent portion of the battlefield has agreed to bring me along this weekend to hunt the battlefield! I have been here on Fort Bragg for almost 7 years now waiting to hunt an area even close to this spectacular, and I have finally gotten a chance at one of the greatest Civil War battlefields in N.C. I will post many pictures of my finds, and if I don't have much luck, I will still provide photos of the landscape itself
  12. To my understanding, without even having to look at the maps, a friend of mine's family owns some of the land surrounding Bostick bridge, and there was a large camp there for at least 50 years that they know about. It may have been a reservation, but it may have just been a former trading site that the Natives stayed on until moving to reservation land. I will look into the research you have provided, and it is much appreciated! I will be back in Fort Wayne for good around February, and all this data will more than help me in my hunting.
  13. I'm pretty sure Geoff said Nate couldn't return the next day, but I would assume it was a work-related or previous engagement that kept him from coming out the following day. I don't know Geoff or Nate, that's just what I got from watching. I really enjoyed the episode because it gave me an idea of what I will be up against on my first strewnfield hunt as I will be heading to G.B., Franconia, and Holbrook in a 10 day period. If I am lucky, and my eyes are keen enough, I will come out with something. No matter what I find I will treasure my first meteorite, although I wouldn't mind a bit of gol
  14. I once again would like to throw my apologies in there as well. It was wrong of me to jump in the forum while not a 'regular' member and get involved in a disagreement. I only wanted to point out that relics can be random and you never know what you will find. kuger @ Bob you are both respectable men for putting aside your differences, and I am proud to converse with you both. I got my discharge date from the Army, and it is set at March 5th, meaning I could be home with terminal leave by the end of January. My severance pay should be in around the beginning of April, so I am almost 100% certa
  15. @kuger, like I said man, no offense. I wasn't trying to ruffle your feathers, I was just pointing out how random artifacts can be, and you never know what you will find or what it is made from. You're all good brother, and I am checking that link as we speak. @Red-desert, I don't know if you can cross-reference it well, but the area is found most of my Indiana artifacts was near the river where the Bostick Road bridge is as well as where Anthony Rd. Extended ends up. http://www.historicbridges.org/truss/bostick/ If you look at the photo and see the field on the other side of the bridge on the
  16. It was probably Chief Little Turtle, he was buried in Fort Wayne. In theory you could dig just about anywhere near the rivers and find relics.
  17. I consider myself to be an excellent hunter as I can find something of value no matter where you put me and give me time, but I have yet to find a substantial nugget or a meteorite. (Although I have found plenty of tiny flecks of gold in quartz throughout my years of eyes to the ground) Seeing things like this just makes me even more excited to finally make my way out to Gold Basin in the early spring! If there's gold and meteorites to be found there, I have at least 4 days to kill there, enough drive and good attitude to hunt like crazy, and many years of teaching myself the art of patience!
  18. That jade is gorgeous, and I for one and very jealous! Keep the pictures like that one comin! Rocco EDIT : I see that a particular type of Chinese jade is INSANELY expensive now. Just looking at this link I've provided, if your jade is even close to the quality they are speaking of you could quite possibly have a large chunk of cash in your hand! http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/usa/epaper/2011-07/25/content_12976111.htm
  19. I forgot to mention the VA rated me 10% for head injuries incurred from two IED blasts which I am still taking medications for and battling headaches and mood shifts, but my Brigade is still holding, and will not forward my Purple Heart packet up to Division and up to HRC. These injuries are from 2007. It doesn't make sense that my records of treatment all indicate a substantial head injury, but my Purple Heart award has yet to move from it's stand-still at Brigade.
  20. Red_desert, I see you're from Northern Indiana, most of the finds I've posted in the first picture on this page were found around the old Bostick Bridge area of Fort Wayne, Indiana. It wouldn't surprise me to know that there are metal tools/points in the area, but depending on the metal content they may have deteriorated to the point where you can't identify exactly what they are. I know family members of mine who have found metal points back in the 70's in this area, but they could have just been blowing smoke. You know how the Indiana weather treats iron and similar metals, but it's no stret
  21. Kuger I meant no offense at all. I was just pointing out that you never know what the Natives may have used to make their tools, and you never know what random assortment of items will be found together from totally different eras in time. I wasn't trying to be rude, I just got a little upset when you basically laughed at the original post. Don't take it to heart, I am quite rude at times by nature. Merry Christmas!
  22. Will do az. I will PM you when I know the exact dates.
  23. Here's photos of one of the coins I dug up in Iraq. http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k261/GlassJAw667/DSCF2984.jpg http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k261/GlassJAw667/DSCF2987.jpg
  24. Here are a few examples of artifacts found in the same locations that are very different from each other. I found these in Fort Wayne in the same area of field. From left to right, 1800's German coin with two hand glazed marbles, two pretty chert points, one very crudely made point that seems to be made of a softer stone such as limestone, and a piece of musket shot from the late 1700's. So basically there are bullets and coins from the 1700's-1800's right along side a crude point from the early 20th century when the Native Americans from the area switched to mostly metal tools and the camp wa
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