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  1. I was told that the white in the last specimen appears to be plagioclase. So I think I should have this piece looked into a litter further. No thoughts anyone? Rocco
  2. Recently enjoyed a nice long leave before my upcoming deployment back in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and I came across a couple possible meteorites while relic hunting. (I always look for meteorites no matter where I go, even in parking lots!) I was out hunting for points mostly, but meteorites are my passion. I just don't have any deserts to hunt, but I try and make do here in North Carolina, and indiana when I am there. This first one is littered with olivine, and almost appears to have a shiny black crust. Any rockhounds out here with thoughts? I doubt it is a meteorite, but the white matrix with
  3. I'd check if I lived closer that's for sure! darn Sonny, i just checked out your page, and all i gotta say is, :bowdown: . You're the man! I need to come hunt with you! I don't have any dry lakes near me, but they sure do seem to make excellent hunting grounds. Rocco
  4. They are both between 10 and 12g, I didn't take a picture of them with my scale cube, but I did take some up close, over-all pics for you. I will try a density test when I have time, but the oolitic stone with all the 'chondrules' isn't very heavy, the one with the visible single chondrule and olivine is pretty heavy. Rocco
  5. No nickel test, con't have a kit, but I am sending these for testing sometime this week.
  6. Are these oolitic stones, or could they be meteorites? The first is littered with chondrules, and is slightly magnetic. The second is highly magnetic, and littered with olivine. The 'veins' look like dirt in this picture, but through the loupe they are actually green and yellowish-orange olivine. Rocco
  7. Saw most of these on SkyRock, congrats guys! I will definately link up with you guys if i'm ever out that way, you can show me how it's done right! Rocco
  8. I'm looking for someone to hunt with in the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area. Anyone interested can PM here, or E-Mail me at Godforbid667@aol.com Rocco
  9. Amen to that. I don't know many people on here, but anyone who's a respected friend of a forum such as this is well worth praying for. I don't know him, but God bless him, and I know he will make it through just fine. Good luck 29, you'll be back in the field in no time! Rocco
  10. All pieces tested positive using ALLERtest. Joe from SkyRock has tested two for me and they were positive. He also etched a small 'oriented' piece, and it is in the 'possible new finds' section of his website. I've sent him an end cut of the largest one and I am waiting for him to post pictures of the etch, if it indeed has one. I can't find any place to buy etchant here, and I'm always too broke to make internet purchases, scared I might overdraft myself, so I wanna buy somewith cash.
  11. I'm sure you're all sick of my obvious wrongs, but i think I may have something here. Found these in a farmer's field here in N.C., so far I have around 200g in a total of 15 pieces. They show a somewhat 'holographic' etch, tested positive with an Allertest nickel kit, and most present the appearance of iron meteorites. i have sent a few specimens to friends on the SkyRock forums at www.illinoismeteorites.com for study, and one nice piece to Dr. Korotev for testing. Let me know what you think, I'm a newbie, but I love the hobby. Enjoy. Rocco
  12. Wow that is one pretty little specimen right there! I wish I had some prime dry lake beds or deserts where I'm located, because so far, I have found nothing concrete, except, well, concrete! Congrats Dean!
  13. Well, I know all the basics. I have no Nickle test kit, and I will send the specimens in, but I wanted to get some feedback from people who are really into meteorites, and have seen many different types first hand, so I would get an idea of whether it's a good idea or wasting my time to send my specimens. So what do you think? I know they are just pictures, but I'd love any feedback. Rocco Thanks guys!
  14. As a matter of fact I did. Neither left a streak, they just scratched the porcelain. :confused0013: I'm thinking of cutting and etching the iron to get a better idea on what I'm dealing with. I'll get back to you all on that. :innocent0002: Rocco
  15. I found these bad boys in fayetteville not really tryin but more or less startin at the ground while on my cellphone. An Iron and a chondrite i believe. You be the judges. Here it is with my set-up. A 9 Grammer. Here's the Chondrite(?) It Weighed 9.3 Grams Any thoughts? Rocco
  16. Ouch! I used to get them just like that from cheaper Military boots, but Bates, and Belleville don't do that, and if they do, not nearly as bad. And as for what Kaimi said, I used to turn my socks inside out in Iraq when breaking in new boots, and it worked almost everytime. Rocco
  17. I'm fairly certain I haven't said, or done anything to offend anyone. And telling me I'm wrong just from looking at a picture, and thinking to yourself, "He's just a newbie, it's not possible he could've gotten lucky" is kinda unfair. I mean were you an expert the first time you found yours? Or did someone with experience take you somewhere and guide you? As faras you last comment Mr-Meteorite, was that supposed to be some type of threat? I wasn't aware my internet forum demeanor was considered hostile enough to warrant loose threats. i didn't come here to offend or bother anyone. I can here
  18. Expert advice or not, I wasn't replying to be rude. I was just saying that in my hopes they are real, and have been seen by Dr. Korotev who is fairly sure they are real. So i am sending him samples. i mean, why not keep hope alive when clearly all that's been seen by anyone here are my photos only? I've been reading this forum for quite a while before i joined, and i also spent quite a few hours milling over Rueben's site and was impressed by his knowledge and finds. So don't try to make me sound like i was being a know-it-all noob, when I already have respect for those who have offered opini
  19. Well tomorrow i am sending my samples i've cut to Dr. Korotev. If you'd still like me to send you a slice if they are genuine I will, being that they would probably be rare. I will stillpostpictures of them once they are cut.
  20. Both magnetic, both metallic inside. both unusually heavy. What makes you so sure I can add all of them to the 'wrong' pile?
  21. See we are supposed to bleach rocks, sand, dirt, etc. But the new rules say asolutely no rocks. So I stuck them in my tough-box in the Connex and somehow Customs either didn't see em, or didn't care and let them go through. I have a picture of the end cut I made on the small specimen up-close, but I lack the tools to properly file it down to get a good idea of the insides. Where the grinding wheel polished a bit they both are metallic inside. The larger specimen looks like glass until I got about a millimeter in. As soon as a get some better wheels for my dremel (probably diamond) I will cont
  22. My name is SPC Daniel R. Ames from Fort Bragg, N.C. I recently returned from a deployment to Iraq. I had been researching meteorites right up until my deployment, and while we were training in Kuwait, our bus got stuck in the desert. I found quite a few suspect specimens, two of which I've pictured below, and sent (the photos) to Dr. Korotev. He believes them to be genuine. I have sliced one (As shown in the photos) and sttempted the slice the larger one. It burned out the dremel blades. Let me know what you think. I've been waiting 3 days to post on this Forum. I've also included some of my
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