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  1. Yes Fred it is magnetic, and I determined it to be metal and not magnetite but viewing it at 10X and 60X. Under 60X magnification, after leaving a small drop of water on some of the metal areas it developed a slight amount of rusting. Chances are it is not a meteorite. I just want everyone to be clear that I don't really think it is. It is too 'funny-looking', and the whitish material inside is shaped wrong. But it could be, so i was asking if you seasoned hunters/dealers/collectors think I should give it a shot at professional testing. I am not holding my breath or bragging to buddies that I
  2. There is nothing on the surface of this piece that I would consider to be a fusion crust at all, although the blackish portions do look basaltic in nature, and there are only a few spots of visible metal when viewed at 10X, so the magnetism is very slight and I almost dismissed it as being completely non-magnetic. I'd like to cut it straight in half and polish it for my shelf of beautiful wrongs, especially if I get it tested and it i for sure terrestrial. I don't hold high hopes for any of the 3 specimens I have posted here with the exception of the iron piece. I just want everyone to know th
  3. Thanks for the read an info Johnno! What I was referring to as a 'crust' is the bottom of this piece. It has a think layer of yellowish melted glass, but it is only on the side that was still imbedded in the sand. here is one spot of melt glass on the top left of the pitted side, and I admit they do not look like regmaglypts to me either. There is visible metal inside, and the interior is gret as is the outer portions with the exception of the layer of melt glass.
  4. I agree with the statement about the white clasts being more milk-like. The stone itself is not quartz, but is some grey material that is almost like glass with metal dispersed throughout. But the white portions inside do seem like some type of quartz. I don't know what it is, and the 'crusted' side is the only reason I reconsidered this particular piece. That side obviously melted somehow, and there are no volcanoes over there.
  5. Jay, the last photo is a rounded, polished window. Take your time Boss, but I will be moving out of this house in about 2-3 weeks, so if you're going to send it soon, it needs to be this week. Thanks again brother! It sanded it from rough to 1200 grit sand paper, and I didn't want to cut it just in case it might be a Lunar. I will rely on whatever University I send it to to do the cutting to reduce loss. I may cut it in half beforehand, to save the best-looking half for myself, and the rest to go to institutions/classification. (That's IF it is a meteorite, which I know is 99% unlikely, but a
  6. In the last photo, it almost appears to be volcanic. I have never seen a meteorite that looks like it has eye sockets! Haha. But it does have white clasts in it, one of which can be seen on the top, center, of the last photo as well. The glassy 'crust' on the underside of the stone is what gets me. That was the side that was facing the desert floor, and there is only one spot of 'crust' on the top left, which is visible, in the last picture as well.
  7. Thanks for the input fellas. On some edges it appears to have slight rollover lips when viewed at 10X, as well as flow lines. I have a $40 camera, so I can't take photos too much better than what I have provided. I have been holding on to this piece for several years mostly out of fear I will get my hopes crushed (Haha) and also because I have had 6 specimens kept by those who were helping me get them looked at. But with this one I will take a chance. There is a ground window on ones of the edges, and it is 100% metallic, and will rust without treatment after 15 days or so.
  8. You want me to actually scroll through the chemical compositions of each Dhofar XXXX that it resembles and paste the data here? All I am asking is (and I have done years of research) do those of you with a decent Lunar collection or experience in handling them think it is a waste of time to get this checked? I realize it is impossible to tell, but clast size, external and internal compositions can tell you a lot. So visually, does it seem worth my time?
  9. I found this one in 2008 in the Kuwaiti desert. It bears good resemblance to Dhofar 1085 and it's pairings. It is only slightly magnetic in a couple of places, and looks pretty good to me. I realize that the chances of finding a Lunar a slim-to-none, but there's still a chance. Especially in the dry desert I was hunting.
  10. I am still debating on testing this one. It's all metal, no streak, and tests positive for nickel.
  11. This is a picture of Kalahari 008 & 009 next to my grey Kuwaiti stone that I found. They both have the 'glassy' crust, as well as the white clasts on the outside. I need to send this in for classification. (Picture of Kalahari 009 borrowed from http://meteorites.wustl.edu/lunar/stones/kalahari008.htm) I doubt it is a Lunar, but it's external and internal similarities are pretty close to identical. It's only slightly magnetic, and was very difficult to cut due to it's 'glassy' nature. So the questions I have are, what are your thoughts, and should I get it looked at by a professional?
  12. Does anyone have any information of the button I found at Averasboro, or the Colombian button? It's drivin me nuts!
  13. This is a great piece of knowledge, and is news to me. Very interesting, I have never heard of silver shot before, unless you count stories of people using silver bullets for werewolves...
  14. Hey, it's silver and it seems to be in great shape, nice find! It's always funny what you can find in the most random of places. Like I posted previously, I found a Colombian Army button from the 1860's here in Fayetteville, N.C. So you never know.
  15. No one on any of the forums I have posted on the photos can ID the button. It's still not ad cool as the 1861 Republic of Colombia button I found near Fort Bragg by eye when I was scouting locations to hunt. I wonder if this button was put on a Confederate uniform. I know they used what was available, and the time period fits. It has survived well for being a surface find. This picture has the button, a bus token (I don't know how old it is), and two hide scrapers including one made from pottery.
  16. The are cute little guys aren't they! Folks such as myself who have neither the time, nor the cash to drive and hunt are envious of even the small nuggets. Keep up the hunt, and keep postin photos to keep my desire alive. In a few months I will get my shot at hunting AZ, so this keeps my eye on the prize, and if I could come home with even one of those little beauties I would be proud. I just hope my MXT can pick up small nuggets when I arrive.
  17. darn frank I would honestly say 70% of my desire to visit this forum is to check out your posts! You're killin it lately, keep it up!
  18. Here are a couple of shots of the back of the button to help ID it.
  19. Jay, are those cold finds? You really did clean up for it being a random lake bed! Congrats brother! Until I can get out hat way I am living through you guys. Your picture and stories are keeping me motivated an entertained, just make sure you save some out at G.B. and Fraconia for me bud!
  20. Does anyone have any idea what any of the unidentified items are?
  21. I went out to the private property on the battlefield, but only came away with a few small finds. The landowner said his farmland has been heavily hunted with detectors for about 20 years. It is one of the only places on the battlefield site that is not protected. Oh well, I had fun, and I took a few nice pictures. Enjoy! My finds from Averasboro Battlefield, on private property. From left to right, and unidentified copper plate, unidentified copper item, unidentified copper brad (?), a copper button, a Confederate Enfield 51 caliber bullet, 2 pieces of copper - unknown purpose, two pieces of
  22. No no. I won't be down to AZ until around April. I am still stuck at Fort Bragg awaiting discharge. Once I am out, I am moving back to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and will plan my trip from there. It is almost guaranteed that I will leave to head down in April, and will give exact dates once it gets a bit closer.
  23. Jay, which iron fall were you hunting? I don't know how well my detector will do looking for chondrites, and so far I am setting up to hit Franconia, G.B. and Holbrook. If there's a good place for irons near there I would love to hit it up.
  24. @fredmason, I know they aren't worth much, unless I pull a Lunar, Martian, Diogenite, etc. What I meant by selling a few to fund another trip is I will need to sell a few to have extra cash TOWARDS my next trip... I know all about values, locations, types, etc. I have researched them for years, and my collection is probably 50-60 pieces strong. I just haven't had to privilege of hunting a known strewnfield, or the American Southwest for that matter. I have done hundreds of hours of hunting, but this includes relics, meteorites, mushrooms, and anything else I find exciting. I would say out of
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