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  1. I noticed in Australia revealed a lot big gold nuggets. Lucky him!
  2. I was busy in panning area and GPAA booth last weekend at Gold Show. I missed to meet you Bill. Hopefully seeing you soon
  3. I will be volunteered at GPAP and GPAA booths since 2007. Bill, I will speak with you in person this weekend. Save our necks! ?
  4. Hi Bill, I cannot wait to see you there this weekend.
  5. Nice huge nugget! Save it to invest until up to 20 years worthy huge value. If I find huge ones and hide it to avoid greedy IRS!!!
  6. Hi Robert, you were right about last year! We will see this year hopefully better more vendors. After one week on Mesa Convention Center, there will be another show in Quartzsite, AZ. MB
  7. Hi all NuggetShooter Forums, There will be GPAA Gold & Treasure Expo, starting on February 9th and 10th at Mesa Convention Center. If you want more info and go down click this. http://www.goldprosp...62/Default.aspx I will be there and hope to see you guys! MB
  8. That's right! They still are armed with machine guns especially MineLabs bullets! Anyway, it would be great for prospectors to go there! It is very risk as very dangerous adventures around terrorism activities.
  9. I will attend RR General Meeting tomorrow regarding to discuss about BumbleBee claim. Of course, it is a new claim under RRPC. Make sure you must be member of it to attend those event this Saturday. The weather would be much warmer under 95 degrees. Hopefully you guys enjoying there.
  10. Hey Unc Ron...You maybe get your new pet, Mongoose or roadrunner to attack rattlers. It helps you not to worry about more venomous snakes around the house. But King snakes are my best friends! :wink2: WHOOOO!
  11. Good job Ebonbetta! I just bought a new GMT last March during GPAA show in Phoenix. I used it to detect the gold but nothing was happening. I found alot junkies and hot rocks near Wickenburg. I took training with my friends to understand how the sound of frequencies from GMT. I will continue to find it. Get Challenge not giving up! Good luck!! :icon_mrgreen:
  12. Hi Frank...In future, I would like to meet you in person. So we might work together to determine more understanding through our different sounds from White GMT. We should be the same deafness culture. Sure! I will try to test Black Widow headphone when my time is permitted. Please which website did you find with the Head Hunter Company? I would be appreciated. Thank you for info about it. :icon_mrgreen:
  13. Hey Frank C...I am hearing impaired and just bought a brand new GMT with my regular headphone last week from GPAA Treasure show in Phoenix. But I will plan to buy a new vibraphone 250 to help me as well. Minelab Eureka did not work with it. My headphone is still good enough for me to hear because of my cochlear implant. I tested it. It easily made me very good frequencies and high pitching from GMT. It's very helpful to me! My some friends recommended me to use it. :headphones: MB
  14. Hi all...I advise you to look up the warning of possible eruption of Reboubt Volcano in Alaska. It would happen in hours and days. In Anchorage, it will positively affect ashfall over the airport. The volcanic eruption plumes and subsequent drifting ash clouds from any North Pacific volcanoes have caused delays in flight operations nationwide and substantial damage to aircraft and equipment. Volcanic ash also has caused difficulties in Alaskan communities, ranging from property damage to health hazards. This operating plan provides an overview of multiple agency integrated operations in response to the threat of volcanic ash affecting Alaska, and an agency-by-agency description of roles and responsibilities in such events. A cohesive, well coordinated response will result in the flow of timely and consistent information to those at risk. In January 23, the level of seismic activity increased markedly, and on Sunday AVO raised the Aviation Color Code to ORANGE and the Volcano Alert Level to WATCH. Please be aware of your future trip to Alaska for gold prospecting. Please also check with Ted Stevens-Archorage International Airport to determine the flight status.
  15. I will plan to buy Black widow cuz of my hearing impaired. It fits me. I am managed to hear it well. MB :icon_mrgreen: :headphones:
  16. :rofl2: Happy Birthday Bravo Prospecting Boys!!!!!!!!!!! :bowdown: :whoopie:
  17. Yes, AZ will be next but we will see!! I did aware of Proposition 103 English in 2006. I missed to vote it due to my overwelming political issues in AZ. :hmmmmmm:
  18. It also helps some gold prospectors to check before entering the claims. I always used it to assist my GPAA members and Boards for updatings. The Geocommunicator program usually updates every 2 or 3 weeks. The new claims will be added or are approved by BLM to name them.
  19. Whoa! My wife and I just came home last night from the Common Dig "Lucky Linda" Claim. We passed Wickenburg not see the snow that time. But this morning I saw snow on top of the Black Canyon Mountain farther north view from my hometown, Peoria. I read on this forum especially the weather channel that I believe the snow weather already hit Wickenburg and Congress. That's interest!
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