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  1. I noticed in Australia revealed a lot big gold nuggets. Lucky him!
  2. I was busy in panning area and GPAA booth last weekend at Gold Show. I missed to meet you Bill. Hopefully seeing you soon
  3. I will be volunteered at GPAP and GPAA booths since 2007. Bill, I will speak with you in person this weekend. Save our necks! ?
  4. Hi Bill, I cannot wait to see you there this weekend.
  5. Nice huge nugget! Save it to invest until up to 20 years worthy huge value. If I find huge ones and hide it to avoid greedy IRS!!!
  6. Hi Robert, you were right about last year! We will see this year hopefully better more vendors. After one week on Mesa Convention Center, there will be another show in Quartzsite, AZ. MB
  7. Hi all NuggetShooter Forums, There will be GPAA Gold & Treasure Expo, starting on February 9th and 10th at Mesa Convention Center. If you want more info and go down click this. http://www.goldprosp...62/Default.aspx I will be there and hope to see you guys! MB
  8. That's right! They still are armed with machine guns especially MineLabs bullets! Anyway, it would be great for prospectors to go there! It is very risk as very dangerous adventures around terrorism activities.
  9. I will attend RR General Meeting tomorrow regarding to discuss about BumbleBee claim. Of course, it is a new claim under RRPC. Make sure you must be member of it to attend those event this Saturday. The weather would be much warmer under 95 degrees. Hopefully you guys enjoying there.
  10. Hey Unc Ron...You maybe get your new pet, Mongoose or roadrunner to attack rattlers. It helps you not to worry about more venomous snakes around the house. But King snakes are my best friends! :wink2: WHOOOO!
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