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  1. I'm having a bit of technical difficulties uploading my photo
  2. I had Monday off and wanted to hit a rather large drainage that I had attempted to detect years ago. Basically all those years ago I went up a 100 feet and said, no gold here... I walked way up there this time and detected a very promising stretch with lots of exposing jagged bedrock. Now I like to brake for bedrock so I turned on and nailed my first one rather quickly. Within a foot was another target which turned out to be gold then another after that until I had 6 nuggets. Right up stream from this dropout bedrock stretch the gradient becomes rather steep, fast, and has lots of large angular boulders. Above these boulders it finally started to level out. First turn I approach was a nice sweeping exposed bedrock bend, which gave me my larger piece of the day and 3 smaller pieces. Moving forward the wash became rather to deep for my vlf for approximately 200 feet. Then bedrock all over the place!!! Except no more gold targets in all that bedrock. I personally think it's shedding some place along the 200 foot of deep ground. It was 3pm and I was trying to leave around 6pm. Running out of time I went back to a place I'd found lots of nuggets and done above average drywashing in the past. I headed to a stretch I'd pulled 24 grams of handsome placer gold from about 5 to 6 years ago. Well wasn't I surprised when a nice little nugget poped out in a place I vacuumed very well all those years ago. Checking my hole again and still another target.... gold. I was seeing fine gold small pickers and nuggets as though it had never been worked. Managed 16 more in 3 hours.
  3. see what happens!!! good perseverance!
  4. I use an Ridged electric 5hp wet dry vac. Remove the air filter is a must. I never have problems with much material being stuck in the hose with such strong suction. After more oz than I can count have been sucked up I strongly recommend.
  5. You posted in the detecting section.. Was it your glasses you detected?
  6. I ended up with 7 nuggets. 5 were found Saturday afternoon in old hillside rake down hillside area. I raked about 15ft square and nuggets were popping out quite a bit. This hillside patch had more dig holes than I could count. The area was quite large and without a doubt has many more. Just because someone has detected an area doesn't mean they get them all. Had a great time detecting with Adam, thanks for all the laughs and I brake for bedrock shirts.
  7. thanks for posting pictures Tom.
  8. Idaho has mega gold!! Fact!!
  9. Detecting is the best....way to go dudes.
  10. Dudes well done.. Nice slugs!! Keep the dream alive.
  11. Agree with Bill. Nice gold is still there to be found.
  12. Ok I personally used this product and will tell you it does work as advertised. Anyone who wants a simple fast way that can eliminate some recovery methods this is it. Recovery was very high as advertised. Good luck
  13. Here is a few pieces from recent hunts. Working on an equipment trade so I took a picture.
  14. Just detect anywhere and everywhere
  15. I remember that day well. Boulder dash lessons.... See what happens
  16. Thanks for buying a shirt and supporting the local gold finders.
  17. I just detect in the dead of summer. Too hot for snakes.
  18. I can't wait to wear mine. I know I'll find more gold with it.
  19. I'd definitely need to work on my personality. The problem with finding treasure is where to dig.
  20. Another bargain from the Vulture mine is a Action Mining Wave Table. This table was being used 2 month's ago and is in working condition. Priced to move fast at 1500$
  21. The Vulture mine is selling off some used equipment for some excellent prices. A good opportunity to flip some equipment. Whomever used this last didn't clean up and I personally panned color from inside mill. Stutenroth impact mill hammer mill with Deutz diesel motor & revolving screen to regrind oversized material back inside mill. A small 1000lb per HR ball mill on a stand. 1 feed conveyer Everything for 4000$
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