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  1. Some hunky chunky there!!! Night hunts rock!
  2. 1543$ is what I just saw.. Time to go back mining it seems.
  3. I had a mining friend pass away very recently and felt I needed to head to the area I ended up meeting him out in the desert all those years ago. Arrived a bit after dark and started night detecting an area the mining friend had turned me onto. I managed 6 small pieces by 11pm. First thing in the morning I headed over to where the big gold had been found... not much luck with all the hot volcanics driving me crazy looking for a source... Someone had drywashed a part of the area and didn't vaccum very well as I scored 7 small bits off bedrock they missed. Around 2pm I headed back to another wash I had found many hundreds of small nuggets in. Boy howdy was I happy I moved as I was picking up piece after piece for about 2 1/2 hours till I had to drive home. Ended up with 34 small pieces with no shortage of targets. So 47 small fun to recover pieces ...total 2.5 grams
  4. I could probably make a winterized bird house out of that... I'll think on it.
  5. That is one gold finding machine!!!
  6. I thought this was about small detector finds? This was from my last trip.... Small but not the smallest I've found..just showing possibility.
  7. All this just seems so complicated.. I carry an extra battery that I never use.
  8. I'm sure in time you will find even smaller pieces... Probably half that size. I've found them many times before just have to listen for that crackle in the detector.
  9. Just saw this post. I'm going to give you the answer you have been looking for.. The answer is yes you can find 100$ a day in gold assuming the weather is in your favor and you have mastered the basics of finding gold... If you haven't earned many oz s of gold in your mining from trial and error and just expect success look someplace else.
  10. Dang some serious eye candy!! That was definitely a good day of beeping.
  11. You must be hard core... I was literally pouring sweat as there was little to no breeze.
  12. Detected after work last night.. It rained right before dark and cooled things off some but kicked the humidity way up.. I was pouring sweat like the monsoons and basically put sweat lines on my new hat. It was amazing all the wildlife and critters I was seeing.. I saw 2 different deer, some strange night bird that looked like a small owl and a sparrow made a new species. Lots of crickets covering the ground.. At least 10 black widows and more other random spiders. I detected for 4 hours total and found 5 pieces during the night. Slept extremely well and bailed before the heat set in.
  13. Those are some nice pieces of gold.
  14. Detect only exposed bedrock.. Stay out of the banks. Use good quality headphones like nugget busters..
  15. Wow that's a lot of trash for that area. Very surprised you didn't stumble upon a multiple gram slug... sure wish I could of made it.
  16. Yea tough going with all that hiking we did. I'm a bit sore still, need to detect more often. We also ran into a busy bee hive in the side of the gully... very scary
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