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  1. That sounds like an excellent trip. Looking forward to the Icmj article.
  2. That truly is never ending wash. That place must of been mega rich back in the day.
  3. I miss those camp outs Toms. When is the next one? Don't forget to invite Boulder Dash.👍
  4. Yup crush and pan that stuff. I don't see anything close to gold.. When I went mining in Virginia all gold was in the quarts.
  5. Man I miss the outings too. So much fun every year.. I liked the picture of Hog Leg Tommy..
  6. that is some nice color
  7. Is it a small pick? Like a burro made by bunk? I lost one but there was no magnet.
  8. I miss stuff all the time. Don't give up just because someone was in the area.
  9. I don't keep track of the months but this was 2 trips from one patch ..scale isn't near by but probably around 7 grams.
  10. Good on you Tom... A very interesting area over there..I took Mrs Boulder dash for a hike back in there last month.. I wasn't detecting but flower gazing.. I couldn't help but notice some new areas exposed from the floods..Bet there's lots more over there.
  11. Time to start your jack hammer...
  12. Excellent going Luke!!! I'm glad your still getting out . Some nice pieces there sir..
  13. Better claims than many of the club's out there.
  14. Definitely a fun trip... can't wait to go back.
  15. I did, it's a bit better overall.. Still wish I had a gb2, it is better on specimen pieces I think.. The monster is a easy machine to use. Most of if is the user, I may of jumped right in as the gold bug 2 is so noisy and chattery just like the monster.. Sure finding more small stuff.
  16. You just made me laugh out loud Luke..
  17. Finally was able to get out and detect for a weekend with a fellow forum member. He was only able to make it for one day verses my 2 days. We focused on hitting new areas looking for leader nuggets.. He was able to find one really nice piece. After that I spent many hard hours with no luck finding a patch. My first night by headlamp I headed to a old Bonevolent patch that we thought was worked out. Turns out we missed 3 chunky pieces. 2nd night hunt went to a different worked out patch and found 5 more chunky bits.. All the small stuff was just the gold monster 1000 being an amazing sensitive machine. 3 grams was my tally for the weekend.
  18. Now that's how it's done.. great to see your still at it cowkiller.
  19. Do you need more missiles for your bazooka?
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