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  1. boulder dash

    Some gold on an ugly quarter

    Those are some nice ones you scored sir
  2. boulder dash

    Sunday morning hunt

    Hopefully it's starting to get easier now with all this experience
  3. boulder dash

    Challenging Day

    Your drywasher looks a bit crooked.
  4. boulder dash

    "One for Wednesday"

    Man what a wash. I wish they all looked like that.
  5. boulder dash


    Nice bits sir.
  6. boulder dash

    5000 Settings Wickenburg

    That 5000 sure sounds complicated. Turns out I've been detecting all wrong this entire time. No wonder ...
  7. boulder dash

    Heat wave....

    You should try wearing gloves. I've heard it helps with excessive heat on your hands. Nice skunk busters there.
  8. boulder dash

    Newcomers beware

    Thanks dude. Can't believe I gave my super secret up.
  9. boulder dash

    Newcomers beware

    Try swinging with the other hand. The one you're using isn't working. Good luck have a better attitude.
  10. boulder dash

    Made it in the magazine!!

    You should give lessons now that your famous theace115.
  11. boulder dash

    Hillside fine gold

    Pm me alwaysdirty
  12. boulder dash

    Coarse Hillside Specimens

    Yes steep is right. I ended up with 2 falls lucky my heavy pi detector broke my fall 2 times in a row.
  13. boulder dash

    Went North, there was cool air and GOLD

    The look of that gold is making me drool. Nice looking gold.
  14. boulder dash

    Worked hard today

    Nice sized nuggets.
  15. boulder dash

    Glove Stealing Fox

    So the fox will wear the glove on its bad foot? I don't get it.