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  1. That was an epic weekend!!
  2. Do you need more missiles for your bazooka?
  3. Be patient as it's not exactly Drywasher season.
  4. Excellent drywasher and better price. If I didn't have 3 of these already can't beat the price.
  5. I bet everyone of those finds is a great memory👍
  6. Oh yea I forgot Adams was a mind boggling epic find of 1.7 grams. I'm happy multiple people were able to go home with gold.
  7. Nice nuggets alwaysdirty. I think you when 1st place for largest piece detected during the outing. 10 gold stars sir..
  8. I hope someone's leaving good clear signs for the people who won't see this post..
  9. Thanks for the positive edification of I brake for bedrock.. I know I always score gold when I where my I brake for bedrock shirt, so there must be something too it.. probably the more cat claw holes the more gold is released? Impressive amount found by the 2 of ya.
  10. That owl wash sure has been kind over the years. Glad you found something Tom.
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