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  1. boulder dash

    Isn't this a Gold Forum??,..

    Here is a few pieces from recent hunts. Working on an equipment trade so I took a picture.
  2. boulder dash

    GPX4500 on the way!

    Just detect anywhere and everywhere
  3. boulder dash

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    I remember that day well. Boulder dash lessons.... See what happens
  4. boulder dash

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Some nice sized pieces there sir.
  5. boulder dash

    Thanks for the shirt ADAM

    Thanks for buying a shirt and supporting the local gold finders.
  6. boulder dash

    Snakes and headphones

    I just detect in the dead of summer. Too hot for snakes.
  7. boulder dash


    I can't wait to wear mine. I know I'll find more gold with it.
  8. boulder dash

    Clanton Gang Loot/Hideouts/Skeleton Canyon Treasure

    I'd definitely need to work on my personality. The problem with finding treasure is where to dig.
  9. boulder dash

    Action mining wave table

    Another bargain from the Vulture mine is a Action Mining Wave Table. This table was being used 2 month's ago and is in working condition. Priced to move fast at 1500$
  10. The Vulture mine is selling off some used equipment for some excellent prices. A good opportunity to flip some equipment. Whomever used this last didn't clean up and I personally panned color from inside mill. Stutenroth impact mill hammer mill with Deutz diesel motor & revolving screen to regrind oversized material back inside mill. A small 1000lb per HR ball mill on a stand. 1 feed conveyer Everything for 4000$
  11. boulder dash

    Good day for screwing around

  12. boulder dash

    Winter Prospecting on the Feather

    Bet those gloves on your hands are nice
  13. boulder dash

    Another Before & After !

    Thanks for that Adam that brought back some good time memories. Sure found some nice gold there too.
  14. http://www.goldstrikemicrongold.com/live/products/videos/ Looking for anyone who has used one of these or has seen one being used. Thanks
  15. boulder dash

    panning cons

    Gold cube works very well to make a smaller consentrate. Then use quicksilver for amalgamation in just a few minutes. Forget panning