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  1. I had a nice fold up job, used a honda 2hp engine (hard to get now for reasonable rates). it was a puffer made of wood and canvas. wore it out and built another one, same setup. wore it out and built a steel framed one and put it on wheels. has a 3 hp briggs i got from Jackssmallengines.com. I use a 1/2 belt and swamp cooler pulleys. not exactly light, but still manageable. puffers are pro and con rigs, but I feel that I get better recovery using it. My grizzly is 3/4" raised expanded metal (as opposed to 1/2" flat that most commercial prefabs use). The riffle tray uses double knit
  2. no matter what or how or where, we regular guys all lose. Goldfield Nevada, town of 50,000, and satellite towns of another 20,000, 7 fires and 2 floods. no municipal garbage dump (then), yet take a sifter and work some of them, and soon a ranger will show up to write a ticket. in town, out of town, on a mine dump, placer ground, below the old cabin or homestead. That's why I applauded that George W was going to allow mining in some national parks, and shrink some of those parks back to a reasonable size. Clinton closed up alot, and the feinstein and cranston shut off the western Calif d
  3. as for blm restrictions, what you have here are layers and concepts. The blm, using endangered species act, can curtail the use of any tract by any vehicle if the 'traffic' threatens plants and animal life. It may also be a wilderness area or being studied as such. A guzzler may be nearby and your intrusion may affect wildlife and water access. there are any number of pretenses that can be used. If you have a mining claim, you have to furnish a land use summary, environmental impact statements, and how you will mitigate land damage after you are through with a given phase. BLM may requ
  4. You're going to the wrong set. go to the county commissioners and planniing commission. anyone who buys and develops vacant land has to 'donate' land to public roadways, usually along the section lines or parcel lines. Your property taxes pay for this, and easements are used by everyone. see what they say about it
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