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  1. Sean in AZ

    Is it dry enough? Quartzite area

    I understand the addiction Chrisski. if I don't find anything with the GB2 I can almost always get a little color with the dry washer.
  2. Heading to Quartzite this week and just wondering if it's dry enough to dry wash or if it rained bunches there? am taking my GB2 also, but thought just maybe I could use both. any comments are much appreciated. sean in AZ
  3. Sean in AZ

    Selling Gold

    Thank you to everyone for the recommendations. You guys continue to be awesome!
  4. Sean in AZ

    Selling Gold

    Hi gang, have a buddy that wants to sell 4 or 5 grams of fines. He is in Mesa AZ. Any suggestions would be helpful. I suggested eBay, however, he is looking for quick turn around time without getting mugged. An early thank you to you guys.
  5. Good luck Dusty, I hope you get to see some yeller metal! : )
  6. I thought about digging a hole but there isn't enough dirt to make a hole big enough. Lol
  7. Hi Tom, yeah, your right. Would have to give it the special camo job if I did leave it there. I'm apprehensive for exactly the reasons you mention.
  8. Hey Bill, no, not a chance to work the one you and I were discussing. There is still water in that drainage. Will have to wait for summer to dry it up enough for that. I must say though, you've definately got my thoughts going that way!
  9. Hi all, thanks. Spending time to sample random places definately doesn't hurt. This one is definately out there and a pain in the tukas to get to. But it's already been well worth the effort. I'm on the fence tho. Seriously thinking about leaving the drywasher and pick and shovel there, rather than hiking several trips to get everything.
  10. Sean in AZ

    A few little specks, But

    Nice specimens man!
  11. I only worked about 10 feet of the wash so I'm hoping for a couple more good days in this wash.
  12. Sean in AZ


    Grey ghost comes with a spare cord and I love the headphones! Good luck!
  13. Out in the desert yesterday driving around, passing hundreds of random washes, when one in particular pulled me to it. I parked the truck, set my drywasher up,"thank you Bill S.", and shoveled for about a half hour. I emptied the riffle tray out, and panned the contents and to my surprise, there were several pickers and some fines. Back at it I went with that gusto of knowing there is gold in every shovel full, and then vacuumed the remainder of the area I had cleared. Not a bad day at all! Then I got the trusty GB2 out, just to check, you know how it is! Lol. So the detector squealed 5 times in the spot so, I start digging. With much delight, the larger 4 chucks were wedged in bedrock and of course the last target was bird shot, but all in all, a darn good day. I can't wait to get back out again!
  14. Sean in AZ

    LSD Outing...

    I wanted to be in some sort of trouble or other on Sat night with you guys and gals, I really did! Hey beer man saw me getting dragged of to the RV by my ear! Janelle said bed time and so it was! Lol.
  15. Sean in AZ

    LSD Weekend Gold

    Nice Job lads! I managed to sqweek one dinker out on Sat morning and then my girlfriend advised me she was using the detector now! Lol. I tried to get her over another dink but it just wasn't meant to be this time.